SuperCoach Star Wars Episode I – The Rebel Defence

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 19 2018


** Please note that these are based more on character traits than anything else.  Any resemblance between footy player and Star Wars character is purely coincidental 😉 **



Leia Organa – Alex Rance (RIC) 

Hails from a strong Jedi Family (father Murray), Rance is one who rarely uses the Force, trusting instead on his natural intercept abilities.  He is however, always on the last line of defence for the Rebel Alliance as is General Organa, barking out orders to his foot soldiers.    Constantly thwarting the Empire in its efforts to destroy the Rebel Alliance.

Who better to lead The Rebel Defence?


C-3PO – Robbie Tarrant (NTH)

Smart, reliable, loyal & underrated…………….both of these characters fit the mould.  No matter how the odds seem stacked against him, Tarrant prevails mostly with a robotic sense of routine.  Unfortunately for SuperCoaches , he doesn’t often get rewarded as hoped. FUN FACT: Tarrant is not fluent in over six million forms of communication 😉

Consistently underrated yet always makes a solid appearance


Qui-Gon Jinn – Heath Shaw (GWS)

A wise old Jedi who looked to be on his last legs.  Qui-Gonn is sure to make an appearance in the upcoming ‘Kenobi’ movie.  Heater looks to have been given another chance to shine with the trade of Wilson to Freo and the long-term injury to Zac Williams.  This old Jedi might be worth one more chance……….

Thanks to a re-write in the new script, we’ll see these old characters shine again


Grand Moff Tarkin – Luke Hodge (BRL) 

Tough, unrelenting, ruthless…….He’s been the General behind many famous victories for the Empire (Hawthorn).  Recently he was given another breath of life due to the wonders of modern CGI Technology in “Rogue One” (or in Hodge’s case: a lifeline from Brisbane).

The battle-hardened Generals


Jabba The Hutt – Liam Jones (CAR)

By no means am I having a dig at Jones’ weight!  Ever since his move to defence, Jones has been expected to line up against the biggest opposition Forward……the ‘Jabba’ of the opposing team, if you will……..big, menacing and not too keen to move outside of his territory.  Remarkable transformation from Jones and we wish him the best of luck against the ‘Jabbas’ of the AFL!

How many big fellas will Jonesy shut down this year?


Boba Fett – Jeremy Howe (COL)

An impressive figure and possesses an amazing leap.  Can shut down opponents of any size and is an accurate shot (I mean, kick).  Although being a fan favorite, he can be closed down too easily on occasion (cast your minds back to the Sarlacc Pit in ‘Return Of The Jedi’) and there are queries on his consistency.

Impressive on occasion but questions on their consistency

Next Instalment: Episode II – The Midfield Strikes Back



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11 thoughts on “SuperCoach Star Wars Episode I – The Rebel Defence”

  1. Great article Schwarz! Honestly, I’m not the biggest of Star Wars but this was a great read and should be a great week of articles. Keep it up Schwarz!


  2. The soundtrack wasn’t in the draft you sent me Schwarz – great touch! Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


    1. Haven’t included Jar Jar in this Series……there’s no player that I hate with a passion like Jar Jar……it’d just be trolling for the sake of trolling 😉


      1. Surely Relton Roberts is Jar Jar. Sounds like a good idea at first but pretty quickly we all realise he’s superfluous and a complete waste of time.



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