SuperCoach Star Wars Episode II – The Midfield Strikes Back

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 21 2018



** Please note that these are based more on character traits than anything else.  Any resemblance between footy player and Star Wars character is purely coincidental 😉 **



Darth Vader – Dustin Martin (RIC)

‘The Force is strong with this one’.  The only player to win the Premiership, Norm Smith & Brownlow Medals all in the same season.  Add to that numerous Players & Coaches Awards and you have a very powerful Jedi  indeed (I mean, footy player).  It was prophesised that such a player would bring balance to the Force (win a flag for the Tigers) and Dusty delivered.  Possesses the Vader-like ability to fend off opponents using the Force, making him almost untouchable.


Any excuse to see the bad-arse Vader scene again from ‘Rogue One’ (says the Fan Boy here)

I’m not saying Dusty uses the Force…..but Dusty uses the Force 😉


Luke Skywalker – Gary Ablett Jnr (GEE) 

His father was one of the most powerful Jedis in living memory.  Possesses all the ability of his Father at ground-level and the same uncanny power to score from impossible situations.  Has returned a jaded man from the Dark Side (Gold Coast) to spend his remaining days at his Home Temple (Kardinia Park).

Luke……..Gary……..and then there’s ‘The Forgotten Skywalker’ below………


Obi Wan Kenobi – Patrick Dangerfield (GEE)

In his final duel with Darth Vader, Obi Wan states that ‚if you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine’.  Hawthorn found that out when Dangerfield looked to have a game-ending injury in Rd17, 2017.  Not only did he return but it was more powerful than anyone could possibly have imagined.  A bag of goals and another 141 SC pts simply added more to the legend of Obi Wan Dangerfield 😉

Always shines in the midst of battle



The Emperor (Palpatine) – Shaun Higgins (NTH) 

The villain hiding in plain sight.  Higgins is on the top of many Coaches ‘Never Again’ list after displaying plenty of promise in his career only to be struck down by crippling injuries.  Just as the Emperor all but wiped out the Jedi with his Order 66, Higgins has wiped out many promising Supercoaches in one swoop.

Make no mistake… are looking at pure evil


Lando Calrissian – Shaun Burgoyne (HAW)

Becoming a major player in Sky City, you get the feeling that Calrissian let his fast-thinking and smooth moves get him to where he is.  Speaking of fast-thinking & smooth moves……….Shaun ‘Silk’ Burgoyne.  One of the greatest Candy Salesmen in the known universe………

Whether you’re blowing up the Death Star or winning another Premiership, that’s cause for celebration!


Yoda – Caleb Daniel (WBD)

A two foot tall alien with a walking stick and a poor grasp of basic grammar and sentence structure…….basically it’s just Daniels’ height that I’m trying to poke fun at here 😉  He does have a wise old head on those young shoulders of his though.  At some stage, I can foresee Daniels becoming a very powerful force in Supercoach.

These wise tiny Jedis share a similar pattern of head-gear


Poe Dameron – Ollie Wines (PTA)

Brilliant yet flawed Fighter Pilot, one of the best in the galaxy apparently.  Dameron’s weakness can be his ‘over-confidence’.  Wines is one of the best ‘in-&-under’ midfielders in the game but his weakness in Supercoach lies with a high clangers count and low Efficiency rate.  Could be elite if not for those flaws………

Can Wines make the leap from Padawan Learner to Jedi Master as we’ve predicted for so long?


Admiral Ackbar – Jaeger O’Meara (HAW)

As the Rebel fleet comes out of hyperspace at the Battle Of Endor, Admiral Ackbar shouts out those three words that have made him oddly iconic……’It’s a trap!’  O’Meara continually readies himself for battle only for his troublesome knees to set him back once again.  O’Meara has also become oddly iconic in Supercoach circles for similar reasons to Ackbar in Star Wars……those three famous words…………..

You will experience moments of weakness over the pre-season but just remember…….’It’s a trap!’


Next Instalment: Episode III – The Forward Line Awakens


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9 thoughts on “SuperCoach Star Wars Episode II – The Midfield Strikes Back”

  1. Love it!
    Literally laughed out loud when I saw Higgins as the villian hiding in plain sight…. been burned by that man so many times…
    My wife who isn’t into Star Wars or SuperCoach then asked me what was so funny….. how do I answer that??!!

    Cheers Schwarz



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