SuperCoach Strategy

Written by Motts on March 9 2011

How many players from the one team are you prepared to start with in any given position in 2011?

What should the TEAM do with Ryan Davis (GCS)?

  • TRADE (93%, 69 Votes)
  • HOLD (7%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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5 thoughts on “SuperCoach Strategy”

  1. I think it equally relevant to consider the multi-team byes in this equation.
    If you have Chapman/Buddy/Pav & Deliious on your F/L, then R6 is worse than having Swan/Pendlebury in your mids. If you are using Mzungu, & or, I.Smith as your DPP cover it gets even worse.
    I know, if you are only going for the league win it ‘doesn’t matter’, but, a donut is still a donut i.m.o, because, irrespective of whether or not it ‘counts’ in the league, it still counts in your weekly and overall score, and, I suspect the winner of the whole shebang might just sneak home in their league as well. I think how we handle these rounds will prove to be as important as how we manage our trading.
    Personally, I’ve been treating players involved in the multi-team byes as if they are from one club and have looked to eradicate them as much as possible. To that I’ve succeded with the exception of 1 gun/mid-pricer in my backline and 2 guns in my forward line -if delicious is defined as a gun.
    I am confident that my DPP’s will cover my defennsive line, not so certain about my forwards, but, as I’ve said before, options for replacing either of my two Hawkers are a little thin a.t.m.


  2. I’m not including GC rookies on the bench. Other than that, I have no starters from the same team…



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