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Written by Father Dougal on August 9 2018

Hi Everybody!

One of the best ways to get your sports fix in the off season it the Fantasy Premier League. We have had a league there for a long time. This year I’ve set it up.ย  The league code isย 261888-723047.

Since there is no rolling lockout, the time zone issue is not much of an issue.ย  Late outs maybe, but I sleep through those.ย  The lockout for the first week is 19:00 10 August English time. That’s 14:00 10 August for me and Oh-Dark-Thirty 11 August in Australia. I think. On the 11th, I mean, I’m sure about the middle of the night thing.

There is more helpful stuff online than I can possibly replicate so I will just point out that “Fantasy Football Scout” is the best known site, while “Who Got the Assist” is my favorite, with lots of useful numbers and strategy.

(I actually like the fantasy BBL better than the FPL, but the BBL is too short and far away! I can’t wait that long.)

I have thoughts about posting about FPL and our league in place of Cow Talk over the off season, but don’t hold me to that! If I do, the useful content to random crap ratio is likely to be lower than when I write about SuperCoach. If that’s possible.

I cancelled the draft league do to lack of interest. Maybe next year when we have more people who have played before, and more notice!

See you all there & here!


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20 thoughts on “SuperCoach Talk Fantasy Premier League League!”

  1. is this the official FA premier league fantasy, or something completely different?!

    any chance of a link to the specific fantasy comp you are talking about.

    many thanks in advance


      1. thanks Father. While an expert in Premier League knowledge I have NO IDEA about Fantasy Football ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I may have a few pointers on who/what are good choices from a results perspective but don’t even know how the scoring works!! I do know a bit about the promoted clubs and some of their players so will write something up here later, but don;t blame me if they go wrong!!

        Played for Man City juniors. Was a season ticket holder there from 1978-2002, tragically going to EVERY home & away game for a few years in the ’80s!

        Enough but my sad history. Will sign up and join the league.

        Many thanks gain FD. For now …


    1. Hmm, ok, quick advice for the totally new. Here’s a very quick fast team builder.

      Take Mo Salah in midfield and make him captain. For sure. Few serious players won’t do this. Not doing this is sort of like not starting with Gawn this season.

      Start your defense with Mendy from Man City, who will have a rough week one but great fixtures a while after.
      Also start defense with Robinson from Liverpool.
      Take Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace in defense and you can even start him this week.

      Some teams have great starts. Everton, Man City, Liverpool, Crystal Palace. Arsenal have a tough first two for defense but will probably be ok in offense from the start.

      Everton will have a bad defense. Take at least one of Richarlison & Siggerdsson in mids.

      Most of Man Cities Mids were in the world cup. We have no idea which ones to take. Many will not play this week, maybe longer. Sergio Aguero is a good premo option up front though. The other good premo option up front is Aubameyang from Arsenal. If you take both, which is a lot up front, take Kamara from Fullham and bench him.

      Other good forward options much cheaper are Zaha, King, Tosun, and Arnautovic

      Kane, Varady and Lukaku may not play thanks to world cup. Do not start with them.

      Mid options I considered are Mane, Mkhitaryan, Milivojevic, Gross, Jota, Stevens (As a bench player and not if you have Kamara up front) There are others these just off the top of my head. Pogaba may not play.

      No Man U defenders are sure to play.

      Ederson is probably the best set and forget keeper.

      Best cheap keepers are Probably Fabianski, Patrico, and Ryan.

      No more than 4.5 for a second keeper.

      Feel free to ask questions! Warning, I am not an expert! But I can help you with basics.


      1. Thanks Father. Done some reading this morning and looking at above, looks like I’m in the right direction. Currently running a 3-4-3 structure.

        I’ve opted cheaply for Patrico as my GK hoping for good bang for my buck. It’s allowed for Robertson, Mendy in DEF along with Aguero, Firmino and King as 3 starting forwards.

        I’m definitely on the start Salah train.

        The only thing I’m not quite sure on is my 4th on field MID. Only have 5M and currently have BSilva. Something may have to give.


  2. You are a legend for all that info FD!

    Made my team using a few of your team builder players and joined the league. Love premier league but first time for the fantasy comp so should be good!


    1. 10:30pm AEST on the 10th. See above for details

      May be hard to get enough people, but I though it worth a try.


  3. Always wished i could watch more premier league but bugger getting up early hours of the morning when im not even guaranteed to see a goal (especially considering i follow united and mourinho doesn’t attack).

    Also doesn’t help that the only way to watch it is through Optus TV since Foxtel lost the rights a few years back ๐Ÿ™


  4. Big follower of the Premier League (having been born in England) but never played Fantasy Football until now, Cheers FD


  5. OK, I have joined and my team is obviously allsaints

    GK: De Gea (MUN) Captain
    DEF: Boly (WOL), Cedric (SOT), Valencia (MUN), van Aanholt (CYP)
    MID: Sane(MCY), Seri(FUL), De Bruyne (MCY) Vice-Captain, Sessegnon(FUL)
    FWD: Aguero (MCY), Rashford (MUN)
    SUBS: Ryan (BGT), Wilshere (WHU), Wan-Bissaka (CPY), Mitrovic (FUL)

    There are a few players from Wolves that should be considered and they are (in no particular order):
    Traore, Patricio, Jimenez and Moutinho – I may jiggle one or two of these in. Another that could surprise is Schurle (Fulham). Was a gun at Chelsea a few years back and won the WC with Germany in Brazil. Coming to the salad days of his career, but don;t be surprised if he does well for a Fulham outfit full of promise.

    I have gone for United players at the back as Mourinho’s game is based on defence and they are the meanest side to leak goals in the Premier League. Valencia MAY be injured but is expected to play this weekend. When he is fit, he will be the first name on the team sheet so JS is great. Mourinho (manager) is still unsure about the rest of his back four and is still looking for signings before the deadline tonight, so check what happens. They might not do that well this year, but defensively I have no doubt, they will be best. I have picked Rashford up front as he has been given the no.10 shirt this year. That is a bold statement from Mourinho and suggests he will get a lot more game time. He is seriously cheap if he plays every week.

    On the other hand Man City look better than ever, but be careful as they will chop and change which such depth in their squad. Aguero has shown up pre-season in great physical form. Is expected to play a full season this year after the last two with significant injury interruptions. I expect him to score 30+ in the Premier League alone this season (40+ in all comps). I’ve picked De Bruyne and Sane because they are involved in EVERYTHING Man City do (assist and score) with David Silva expected to take a lesser role in his latter years. The concern is Bernardo Silva taking game time away from them. But I’ll live with that as a City fan

    Sorry FD, but I disagree with you on Mo Salah. Sturridge is in great form pre-season and Salah may be ‘managed’ with a keen focus being on Champions League games. Liverpool don’t have quite the depth of City and will need to rest him when the fixture schedule piles up in late September. We will see, but while he had a fantastic season last year I don’t expect him to back it up. He struggled against Man City’s under-18 defence in the pre-season and while he scored, he missed a number of clear opportunities. He has one of the lowest conversion rates of ANY premier league striker but he does get bundles of chances, so will still score plenty. I see him as a target as and when he drops in price.

    I’ve picked Wilshere from West Ham as he is an undoubted talent. Arnautovic also of West Ham could go HUGE this year. West Ham have spent more than anyone, bar Liverpool in the off-season and should be serious improvers. Of the promoted clubs, both Fulham and Wolves are predicted to finish top 10. Newcastle and Cardiff could be relegated.

    That’ll do for now. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

    Hope it proves useful/

    Cheers and good luck all


    1. I think I read somewhere that Valencia will miss GW 1, however that could be wrong, he was my second premium defender in a draft league so hopefully I am wrong.

      Also, as much as it pains me to say it (Everton fan) I think you need to at least start with Salah, he’s easy to move later on because of his price but much harder to bring in. Liverpool also have strong early fixtures and commonly bang goals in right from the start. Lastly, his ownership % is outrageous, not starting with him could derail your season before it has even started.

      It’s also a lot easier for me to start with him because I am planning to use my wildcard in GW 4 anyway.


      1. Everton picked up a couple of good ones on deadline day. With your new boss, Iโ€™m expecting a better season from The Toffees. Letโ€™s hope so. Kinda my second team as I used to go to Goodison a fair bit as a kid.



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