Table For Two – Rd10

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 25 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been pondering all week.

Dusty or Joelwood?  Bont or Sloane?  Hibberd or Harbrow?  Pizza or Pasta?  Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help.  Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Go nuts, Coaches!


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46 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd10”

  1. Who to trade out for J. Selwood – either
    TU: SPP – handy to keep over byes but will need his cash to do it, or
    TD: Otten – if Jenkins is back in, can’t see him doing much


    1. I feel like if you still have both in your team at this point, its worth just keeping them for coverage (if you are struggling for coverage, if not then by all means)


  2. So have decided I will be upgrading Williamson this weekend for either;

    T/U: Hibberd
    T/D: Harbrow


      1. Settle down mate, you have until 4:30pm Saturday afternoon to make your decision anyway before the Melbourne & Gold Coast game begins. Meanwhile sit back, relax and let the thumbs do their work until then.

        You’ll be hard pressed finding an SC community that is as helpful as this one so give everyone the respect they deserve and maybe you’ll get some in return.


  3. top of the afternoon lads..

    Sandilands Out – Ryder In
    Marchbank Out – Adams In

    T/U Yes
    T/D No

    cheers lads..


  4. Who is a better downgrade option in the *forward* line:

    TU) McInnes | WCE | D/F | $155k | BE -41
    Scores: 67 vs. WBD, 66 vs. ESS
    Next: GWS, GCS, Bye, GEE

    TD) J.Stewart | ESS | Fwd | $170k | BE -42
    Scores: 91 vs. GEE, 51 vs. WCE
    Next: RIC, GWS, PTA, Bye

    What are people’s thoughts on job security for these two guys?


  5. Best upgrade option in defence in D5

    TU) Michael Hibberd | $437k | Avg. 98.6 from 5 | BE 35
    Has bye round 11

    TD) Jarrod Harbrow | $472k | Avg. 98.33 from 6 | BE 71
    Already had bye in round 9

    Both are pretty consistent, having only one score below 90 out of the 5/6 games they’ve played. I feel like Hibberd has a supercoach history and might score more for the rest of the season and he is significantly cheaper than Harbrow.


    1. depends on your bye structure, Harbrow plays all rounds while Hibberd misses next week however will go up roughly 30k this week


  6. TU: Keep Sandi (Injury risk in the future?) but save ‘luxury trade’
    TD: Go Sandi to Goldy this week (originally planned after his bye if sandi broke down) – Goldy looking to go up by 20-25k by next week

    Is Goldy back?


  7. Is McInnes a priority or can I afford to miss?

    T/U – Marchbank > McInnes
    T/D – Save trades & wait till next week (Greenwood & Bolton)


  8. sitting at 526 ranking so looking for a few PODs to move up a bit.
    my current forward line is Yeo, Dahl, Steele, Nank, Buddy and am looking to upgrade Butler to F6 either this week or after rd 11 bye.
    alot of people are saying Macrae is a must have but Im not sure if I should rush to bring him in now or whether I bring in a POD with a bigger ceiling and use a luxury trade later in the year for steele to macrae.

    T/U Bring in Macrae as F6 after rd11 bye
    T/D bring in a POD this week and upgrade Steele to macrae later in season


  9. Already have Goldy and Sandi. My R3 Preuss seems to have disappeared into the wilderness… so for bye/injury coverage, do i:

    T/U: Upgrade Preuss to Ryder
    T/D: Upgrade Preuss to Witts


    1. obvs. Ryder has the advantage of DPP, but is he worth hanging into in the forward line after the byes? I don’t have another RUC/FWD to swap him with.


  10. Vice for tonight
    TU Jelwood
    TD Danger
    Most will be going danger so is it worth going a bit more unique?


  11. Getting rid of:
    TU: Pickett
    TD: Eddy
    Which of these guys are we most likely to never see again??


  12. I need a forward/ruck link as Sandi is out.
    My final F6 position.

    T/U Ryder… has a great finals rounds later in the year. 3 homes games out of 4. Traveling well.

    T/D Nankervis… Lone ruckman at Tigers, travelling well too.



  13. Also thinking Ryder – Already have Nank so can swap them in and out as needed


    It might be time to have a regular loophole option….
    (I only have 17 trades left, almost locked the midfield, little way to go on fwd and def, Martin and Sandi ruck, pruess getting offloaded)

    TU – Ryder (points and flexibility)
    TD – Strnadica (war chest for a prem next week)


  14. TU marchbank to greenwood hoskin elliot to ryder

    TD marchbank to hibberd (melb) just the 1 trade


  15. t/up S Martin 528K / Aver = 109 / L3 = 108 / L5 = 100 / BE = 78

    t / down Goldy 519K / Aver = 96 / L3 = 118 / L5 = 103 / BE = 63


  16. Going Marchbank to Laird, then who to trade in for Balic

    T/u Lloyd
    T/d Greenwood

    Not overly keen on going early on Greenwood but Lloyd would lose my midfield dpp link. Could always bring greenwood in next week though.

    Thoughts? Cheers


  17. Current defence is Doc, Laird, Rance, Otten, Hampton, Williamson, (Stewart (E), Mitch Hibberd)
    Obviously I want to take Stewart’s 91, but I have two options:

    TU Leave as is, play Williamson on the field this week
    TD Trade Hampton (eg for Harbrow), swap Williamson and Hibberd


      1. I can, but I’m trying to avoid players who haven’t had a bye yet unless they are outstanding; I don’t think either of the players you mentioned qualify IMO


  18. Eddy has been traded to Greenwood and I’m unsure whether to trade C McCarthy this week.

    TU: Bring in J Stewart to increase funds to 200,000
    TD: Wait for B Ainsworth or W Rioli


  19. Currently looking at a FWD donut this week, with Nank covering Sandi in the ruck and Bowes & Balic both not playing. Which is my best option:

    TU: Go a week early on Greenwood
    TD: Cop the donut and wait til Greenwood is on the bubble next week

    Other option of course is to trade Sandi (probably to Goldy) and move Nank back to FWD….thoughts??? – thanks!


  20. TU- loophole Stewart’s 91 by putting marchbank on the bench and itch hibbard on the field

    TD- take punt on marchbank to better a 91


  21. Looking at trading out sandi to stop me receiving a doughnut so
    TU Jacobs
    TD Mumford
    I have Goldy and Preuss on the pine and i have thought about Martin but with a 2nd ruck being named i think this will impact his scoring
    Comment if you have any other suggestions



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