Table For Two – Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 15 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been losing sleep over all week.

Fyfe out or in?  Scott or Joel Selwood?  Hold Newman for another week?  Big Joe D or the Big Texan?  Pipe or cigars?  Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help.  Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Good luck, Coaches!


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43 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd13”

    1. Not as if Steele is a premium. Also no guarantee he will be back next week.

      Steele has made 100k so if you have the Trades pull the trigger as i doubt you would want him at Finals time anyway , except as a loophole.

      Steele to Yeo for me.


      1. yeah thats what I figure. At start of year I selected him as a stepping stone. I considered keeping him when there werent any clear stand outs in forward line and he was averaging around 90.
        But if he isnt getting games then there is no point keeping him.
        To be honest I have watched a few saints games this year and was surprised he has scored so well to date, he hasn’t looked that great, seems to go missing for large chunks of the game, he needs to work on his engine.


  1. TU-
    Out – Steele and Taranto
    In – Dusty and Ryan

    Gives me enough cash to do one more upgrade next week

    TD –
    Out – Taranto and EVW
    In- Dusty and Ryan
    hardly any cash left for upgrade next week.


  2. Stewart and Barrett -> Ryan and Neale is locked for next week, but do I take the opportunity this week to do Fyfe -> Bont?


  3. with steele out will cop a donut if I dont trade him out. I am currently sitting 247 with 9 trades. was planning to bring in Lloyd next week once he bottomed out so would have no rookies on field and 7 trades for rest of year. I was also considering steele to macrae/heeney in the near future too once my team was complete.

    Question is based on my current situation do I:

    T/U get rid of steele for lloyd this week then in coming weeks use two trade to bring in heeney/macrae and complete team. this ensures I am still thereabouts with ranking

    T/D keep steele this week and cop donut, stick to one up one down with rookies next week. This saves me a trade in short term but may see me drop in rankings / lose league games this week.


  4. Cannot decide between Ablett and Rockliff for the final mid spot. Head says Rocky due his previous post bye form but heart/gut says Ablett as this could be the last year he is supercoach relevant and with their favourable upcoming draw he could easily average 120+ for the remainder of the season. With leagues/rankings out of the picture I would thoroughly enjoy owning Ablett 1 last time.

    TU: G Ablett
    TD: T Rockliff


      1. Traditionally yes, but for whatever reason Ablett has averaged less in SC than DT this year – 115 as opposed to 121


  5. Who to trade out? Trading out EVW and Myers this week, but need another player of value as I don’t think there will be 3 playing rookies this week to downgrade to (otherwise I’d trade out eddy)

    T/U: Sandi – (to a fwd, swing Ryder into rucks and trade in Gawn at price drop)
    T/D: Steele – (current F6, was hoping to use as F7 – M9 coverage).

    Thanks !


  6. I have 20 playing if i go with these trades this week
    Myers > Brown
    Steele > T.Lynch

    Then next week go
    Hibberd (NTH) > L.Ryan
    T.Stewart > Lloyd

    T/U – Good trades
    T/D – Re-evaluate


      1. yeah I’m aware brown isnt playing this week, but i need to make the funds so i can get both ryan & Lloyd next week, otherwise ill miss out


        1. Kennedy Brown is not on the bubble until after Round 14 so you might end up in the same pickle as you are with Hibberd.

          Surely you have another back rookie to trade to Ryan or even Berry where you could trade Myers to Ryan and swing Berry to the Mids and still trade Stewart to Lloyd which would open up DPP mid – back link.

          I think you are better to just use Hibberd as a loophole now rather than sideways to another rookie. You are better off saving that Trade for another upgrade or to Trade an LTI premium.

          If you have not got another back rookie just hold off on Myers to Brown trade until next week when Brown is named for his 2nd game and you can still trade Stewart to Lloyd. Will have to pass on Ryan , but at least you save a trade.

          Earlier in the year or before the Byes it might have been worth sidways trading a rookie , but probably a bit late now IMO if you have 1 player on the bench as cover.


          1. Ok man, well my DEF line is:
            Doc,Laird,Hibberd,Howe,Newman,T.Stewart (Scharenberg, Hibberd (NTH)

            So i could go Newman or T.Stewart to Lloyd next week & do Myers > Brown next week also. Miss out on Ryan and keep Hibberd (NTH). And do the Steele > T.Lynch this week as my only trade. Does that seem better mate?


  7. Dismissing bye rounds & for the last FWD spot who’s the better T.Lynch to bring in?

    T.U – Gold Coast Lynch
    T.D – Adelaide Lynch


  8. Now with no Steele, I’m down to 16 on field players this week.
    Was already going to do Taranto to Yeo this week. I don’t want to play with a donut (fingers crossed there’s no other surprises at team announcements tonight) so I’m considering trading out Steele for either S Selwood or L Parker, as I can’t find any playing cheap rookies to bring in – would have considered Ryan except he’s got the bye.

    TU : Taranto to Yeo and do the 2nd trade, hopefully have 18 players
    TD: Taranto to Yeo only and take the donut


  9. Out goes Roughy this week

    In comes
    TU Macrae
    TD Heeney

    FWD line will be Dahlhaus, Franklin, Greene, Yeo, JJK and then one of these

    Holding JJK just one more week, don’t want to waste my trades


  10. When to go newman to lloyd (cash isnt an issue)

    T/U – This week as it means i can get full premo next week by going pepper – pendles

    T/D- Next week however full premo waits an extra week with pepper – pendles occuring in 2 weeks


  11. I am offloading Steele , but i have a delimma with only 41.6k in the bank.

    T – U 1 trade to Franklin who has burnt me before

    T – D 2 Trades to get Yeo who i have never owned so i have not been burnt by him. Yet!


  12. I am stuck on 3 choices here after these teams were named
    Mcgrath and Myers are certain outs the other is Fyfe or Roughy

    However if i want 18 players this week with Mountford coming in for Myers

    Roughy —> T.Lynch (GC)
    Fyfe —> Bont

    I could also take 17 and bring in Heeney for Roughy but then i am stuck with a Basement rookie that will never play

    TU Roughy —> Lynch
    TD Fyfe —> Bont
    Comment Take 17 this week and a rookie that will never play


  13. Thanks to Steele and EVW I’m down to 18 this week (I know, pretty lucky compared to some – but that was planned), however I have an important league game which I need to win. So my dilemma is:

    TU: Roughy out
    TD: Steele out


    1. If they will be on your field for the whole season (i.e no plan to loophole later), Buddy as least has a lower floor (70) compared to Lynch (30)


      1. Good point Hutta, 70 is a good low floor.

        I generally steer clear of kpp so am leaning to Buddy. Having said that I do like a bargain and Lynch has a nice price.


        1. I have both and have got 100+ average from both since they’ve graced my side so happy with both (for now). I grab Buddy every year at some point but Lynch was a bargain too (especially given their run) and I’ll loophole him for the hard games later.

          Don’t think you can go too wrong with overall points but Buddy will offer more consistency for the extra money.


  14. Hold your trades on Steele until the final teams are announced for tonights game. I’m fairly certain that Carlisle won’t play.

    It will then be a choice between Steele and Bailey Rice (son of Dean) to replace him.



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