Table For Two Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 13 2019

Lunch time on Thursday…….time for a Table For Two!

Following on from 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two gives you the chance to split those 50/50 decisions you’ve been mulling over all week.

If you can’t split two players for that next trade-in, enter their names into the comments below.ย  The SCT Coaches will help out with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function……..


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41 thoughts on “Table For Two Rd13”

    1. Can somebody please explain why Sicily over Ryan? I am in the same boat and see a lot of thumbs for Ryan but no explanations as to why…


  1. Since TrooRoo seems to be having an issue with Rocky, what would you guys do with him? Would you trade or hold him?
    I never had him in my team for this exact reason but he was almost set to play 2 weeks ago in China, but is worse after 2 weeks.
    TU Hold
    TD Trade


  2. If I hold Rocky, it suits my structure and allows me to make the trades I want. However this leaves me with 17-19 depending on selection. Thus, should I…

    Trade Rocky and field 18 T/U

    Hold Rocky, cop the donut and field 22 best week due to executing my deserted plan this week of Stack, Balta and Answerth our for Boak, Sicily and Naish. T/D

    Also no guarantee he will play next week, Iโ€™d say 70-30.


  3. TU:
    Lockhart-RGray (DPP)
    18 on field this week but lose D/M and F/M swing

    Stocker-JJ (DPP)
    17 on field this week but keep D/M and F/M swing


  4. Which combination would you rather have for the rest of the year?

    TU: Goldstein, one of Gawn/Grundy, Fyfe, and Sicily
    TD: Both of Gawn and Grundy, Matt Crouch, and Hore

    The number of trades used for both combinations is identical, so no issue there. As far as the byes go, the TU option gives me an extra two players over the TD option this week, with the numbers next week being identical.


    1. Sicily gives you 10ppg over Hore, Fyfe 10 over Crouch and Goldy you lose 25ppg. So youโ€™re down 50 points for the rest of the season, yet you do gain most likely 100 points this week from your 2 extra players. Thus, option 1 is the option you should take.


    2. Similar problem here as a Goldy starter. Hasn’t been overly disappointing with only 2 scores below 90 and with current prices and breakevens will likely cost 180,000+ next week. My preference is/would be to keep him as hopefully the points differential can be compensated on other lines and I’d expect less than a 27.8 differential for the 2nd half of the season (129.4-101.6).


    3. Not to worry, I’ve found a compromise option that nets me Fyfe, Grundy, swinging fwd/mid cover, and saves a trade โ€“ย plus leaves me with the option of getting Gawn in a couple of weeks later (hopefully by round 17 when he plays the Bulldogs).


  5. Hore:

    TU – trade, and bring in Bont
    TD – hold, and bring in RGray

    Other trades being made – the above is essentially what it comes down to though


  6. Hey all.

    I have 13 trades left and have yet to complete my team.
    If you were in my shoes, would you trade Whitfield or keep him in hopes he comes back in that 203 week time frame?

    Had Whitfield stayed healthy:
    DEF would be set
    MID needs 3 more premos
    RUCK is set
    FWD needs 2 more premos

    Bank is currently $66K.


    1. With GWS’ injury reporting 1 week can mean 6, so who knows what 2 to 3 really means…

      Normally, I’d say trade, but 5 upgrades with only 13 trades left does seem a tad precarious.


      1. Yeh, hence why I have turned to the SC community for their thoughts.
        Also wanting to allow 2-3 trades in case of injuries so I’m in quite the conundrum.

        Thanks for your opinion.


        1. Tough one, Tambino.

          I was hoping to hold Whitfield as well but I needed to trade him to make sure I’d have 18 for this bye and the next. I get why it seems tough with him listed as “2 – 3”, but I don’t see them rushing him back- especially with “them” being GWS.

          Perhaps do what I did and go Whitfield -> Sicily? Plays the byes out, nice run coming up and will net you 73k to help with those remaining upgrades.


          1. Yeh, I’d be on 18 players without Whitfield.

            Currently my DEF is: Hurn, Lloyd, Laird, Sicily, Z. Williams & Whitfield
            Bench: Burgess and Answerth.

            If I did trade Whitfield, it would be:
            T/U: B. Houli
            T/D: L. Ryan


  7. Should I keep Balta for another week considering his role tonight will be mainly in the ruck I would imagine?


  8. Cripps.. His price is set to jump.
    Worth bringing him in this round?

    TU: Yes
    TD: No

    Thanks all!


  9. B.Smith > Dunkley via Gardner.

    Would finish off my fwd line but leave me with Answerth and Gardner on field until I can upgrade them.


  10. Trading one, keeping one for dpp with Duursma. Both have the bye. Which one to TRADE.

    TU: Answerth. 237k, BE 37, has been playing, but bad last week, may get dropped next week?

    TD: Lockhart. 259,500k, BE 71. Has been out for a while, but fit now, chance of playing next week? Wonโ€™t make much more cash.


  11. Looking at my league match up I should win either way, but this is supercoach after all! So with the rookie outs in the team drops, trade out..
    TU: Moore and cop the $ loss from Balta
    TD: Balta and cop the donut



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