Table For Two – Rd14

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 22 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been pondering all week.

Lloyd as D7/M9 Swingman?  Selwood or Danger as Captain at Kardinia Park?  Hold Newman for another week?  Mitchell or Mitchell?  Tom Lynch or Tom Lynch?  Long shorts or short longs?  Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help.  Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Best of luck with a full team this week, Coaches!


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21 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd14”

  1. With JJK ruling himself out for this week i am stuck on who to trade out for Heeney

    Choosing Roughy will mean parsons will have to cover and i am also relying on JJK to play the week after because next weeks trades are already done

    TU – Roughy
    TD – JJK


  2. If Steele is not named, I will be moving him on. Will trade him as a MID instead of a FWD as the final FWD spot can go to Nankervis when I swing him back after hopefully trading in Gawn in a week or two. SO, for Steele out –

    TU – D Martin
    TD – Neale or Zorko as a POD

    This will complete my MIDS.


  3. With Myers being dropped should I trade him instead of Barrett. If Myers isn’t traded this week he will be traded next week to bring in T Adams.

    TU: Yes
    TD: No (next week)


  4. TU: OUT – SPP & Ainsworth, IN – Heeney & L Ryan
    TD: OUT – SPP & Myers, IN – J Lloyd & Mountford/C Brown


    1. TU – IN – Mountford – on the bubble but mid only
      TD – IN – C Brown – one game only but Mid/Fwd is handy


    1. Goldy by far, as Grundy relies on amassing a large amount of disposals to compensate for his poor Hitout to advantage rate. Also Goldstein has only dipped below 80 9 times in his past 121 games with 78 100+ and 43 120+.


  5. T/U: Stewart -> Lloyd and English -> Darcy
    T/D: Sandi -> Ryder

    Basically I’ll either have Lloyd and Darcy on field of Ryder and Stewart on field.


  6. Hey there! I have some trade questions for you guys if that’s ok.

    I have $292.5K 10 trades remaining and my side is:

    S. Docherty R. Laird (VC) M. Hibberd J. Howe J. Harbrow A. Rance T. Stewart J. Berry

    Dangerfield (C) T. Mitchell A. Treloar T. Rockliff E. Yeo M. Crouch N. Fyfe J. Barrett S. Selwood Z. Fisher J. Cousins

    B. Grundy P. Ryder L. Strnadica

    L. Franklin L. Dahlhaus T. Nankervis T. Lynch H. Greenwood J. Beech J. Pardons C. Brown

    T/U Downgrade J. Berry/T. Stewart – L. Ryan. Upgrade S. Selwood – D. Martin/Z. Merrett.

    T/D Downgrade J. Berry/T. Stewart – L. Ryan. Upgrade J. Parsons – I. Heeney/J. Macrae/T. Greene.

    Please reply and let me know which way you would go!



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