Table For Two – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 20 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been contemplating all week.

Bring in Nyhuis this week?  Will Danger get up for the game tomorrow?  Will Sloane get up for the game tomorrow?  Which Dual Position Player is best to bring in for the last six weeks?  Roberton or Robertson?  Hurley or Houli?  Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help.  Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Good luck on the weekend, Coaches!


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27 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd18”

  1. Plenty of talk of Goldy being dropped this week which will force me to trade him;

    T/U: Ryder
    T/D: Mumford


    1. Seems very unlikely as Preuss is still injured and Goldstein out would leave Daw as the sole ruckman.

      This is what Brad Scott had to say regarding Goldstein in his presser via NM Twitter.

      Scott: Goldstein sets really high standards for self, and so do we for him. I’ve got to get him back to his best.

      Scott: Goldstein a fantastic athlete with great attributes. Good players go through rough patches.


      1. I hope you’re right but Brett Thomas and Julian De Stoop both reported that Goldstein a big chance to be dropped and leaving Daw as sole ruckman. Hope for my sake that you’re right but just wanting to explore the opportunities in case it is correct.


        1. I attended last week’s match and T Goldstein spent large stints of the 2nd half up forward and looked uncomfortable and a bit lethargic.

          A stint in the VFL will not help as with the qualities/attributes and achievements he possesses he should be able to dominate on a weekly basis.

          I’d expect B Scott to persevere with T Goldstein as his form has being heavily over exaggerated/ harshly critiqued and the only way for him to return to form is to continue playing as the primary ruck.


  2. Have held Jack Steele until finals (it’s now finals as I need to win at least one, probly both, of the remaining games to make finals in my main cash league). Not unhappy that I did this BTW as I also held Fyfe and Shaw until finals when others were sacking them and they have both worked out, especially Fyfe.

    Anyways I have boiled it down to 2 horrible options, the fist guy I despise and is on my never-ever list (nothing personal, but it’s personal), and the second guy has burnt me enough times before to be on my never-again list. Which of these horrible options do I go with?
    TU: Never-ever Toby Green
    TD: Never-again Buddy Franklin

    Comment for Gawn/Mumford swinging Nank fwd (can’t afford Kreuzer).
    The problem I have with those 2 is Gawn is battling big time and his remaining match-ups are tough, Mummify never plays a full season surely he can’t do it this year either.

    Wrecking my head this trade.


    1. My advice is to flip a coin, and go in with low expectations. That way you won’t be disappointed….
      I’d pick Buddy, but only because your other option is Toby Greene.


  3. With only 6 trades left and $245,000 in the bank, im wanting to trade out J.Harbrow and bring in a premium defender. Who do you think is the best option?

    T/U: Docherty
    T/D: Hurley
    Comment: Other


  4. TU: C Wingard in this week and I Heeney replacing J Steele at a later stage of the season.

    TD: I Heeney this week and E Yeo replacing J Steele at a later stage of the season.


  5. Looking to trade in my final premo with about $500k this week. Which is the better option for the rest of the year:

    T/U – Wingard (moving Nank into R2 with Witts)
    T/D – Gawn (leaving Nank in the fwds)



  6. Thinking of trading Pendles and only have under 550k and already have Selwood, JPK and Treloar:
    TU: Neale
    TD: Fyfe/Hannebery


  7. T/U- Ryan>Nyhuis and Mountford> Selwood with Rocky/Sloane/ Witherdan as m9/m8

    2 trades left

    T/D- Rocky/Sloane> Selwood with Witherden as m8 and mountford m9

    3 trades left


      1. Or if Danger is out tonight swing Yeo or Macrae to mids, field all 4 and have Greenwood as fwd emergency…?

        My final query, cheers community.


  8. I’m benching Sloane with the E tonight.

    I dont trust him on field especially after a concussion.

    Who to V/C tonight.

    T/D P. Danger. Will he play forward ? Will he kick 5+ again ?

    T/D J. Selwood. Loves the pressure of everyone trading him in this week. 🙂



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