Table For Two – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 19 2018

Lunchtime on Thursday………Time for a Table For Two! In the spirit of Thommo’s 2UP, Table For Two helps you make those 50/50 decisions. If you’re struggling to seperate two players (or a combination of players) then enter them into the Comments below. Our SCT Coaches will sort things out using the Thumbs Up/Down function………


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25 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd18”

  1. In case Ahern scores well Saturday arvo, who should I bench for a non-player?

    TU: Menegola
    TD: Walters



  2. Hi coaches! I’m in a sticky situation with Keefe & Heron being my defensive cover who rarely play. Sicily is my forward and Mundy on my bench as F7, should I:

    TU: Trade Sicily to McDonald in forward line keeping everything as is with Mundy as F7/M9 loop. This keeps the DEF/FWD loop but creates a potential donut if theres a late defensive out on a Sunday if my loops have played already and can’t swing McDonald back.

    TD: Trade Sicily to someone as permanent D7 via Keefe that plays early most weeks (Howe) as a D7 to loop with Ryan. This makes Mundy F6 permanent and Ahern F7 but looses Def/Fwd loop and a strong Mid/Fwd loop.

    Hopefully that makes sense!! TU is stronger but a little riskier


  3. To give some context :
    Playing for cash league only. Currently first with a game clear and even if I loose next 2, will finish second. Currently have 6 trades with $100K in bank.

    TU : Use 2 trades

    Trade Sicily out (def) and Llyod in
    Trade Nic Nat out and Lycett in

    TD : Use 1 trade

    Trade Sicily out Trade Llyod in
    Field McInerney for Nic Nat and use 2 trades next week or week after to get a proper ruck.

    Please comment if you have other ideas


    1. In a similar position with 2 cash leagues, 2 losses see me still finish top 4.
      If I was you , Sicily – Hurley / LLoyd, then a cash trade. Upgrade Nic Nat 1st week of finals. Good luck.


  4. 3 trades left. Hit with nic nat and sicily injuries 🙁
    Wanting to keep enough cash left over as emergency for the final trade when i need it.
    So do i:
    T/u grundy and brayshaw
    T/d martin and crisp


    1. having the exact same dilemma – will Wingard go back into the FWD line if Gray misses? I’d rather him over Westhoff but am scared


      1. Planning to go for Westhoff at this stage. He has been very consistent this season and I hope it continues.


  5. T/U Crisp Macrae & cheap m/f + $150k 3 trades left ,no def reserve

    T/D Hurley ,Macrae ,O’Riordin +$ 10k 3 trades left , reserves on all lines except ruck

    Full Premo with both options


  6. Can only have a VC on one of two players due to loophole reasons it’s either

    T/U – Dusty (I kinda think he’s due)
    T/D – Goldstein (vs Grundy)


  7. Preparing for finals in cash leagues and hearing Fyfe not due back til Rd 21-22, so moving him on. Most of my opposition has Oliver. None have Sloane.
    Should i…

    TU Sloane + 100k POD

    TD Oliver + 30k Cover

    Leaves 3 trades



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