Table For Two – Rd19

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 26 2018

In the tradition of Thommo’s 2UP, Table For Two gives you the chance to split those line-ball decisions ahead of the first rolling lockout. So which players are giving you headaches this week?

Martin vs Martin? Selwood vs Selwood? Higgins vs Higgins? Whatever your issue, we’re here to help. Enter the names in the Forum below and we’ll help out with the Thumbs UP/DOWN option……..


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48 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd19”

  1. 2 Trades left – (injury + a heavy trigger finger)

    Ahern on field. 296k in the Bank

    T/U Upgrade him!

    T/D Hodl for dear life


  2. who to loophole in the Fwd line if Higgins scores another ton
    TU – BILLINGS ………. ( GWS v Saints in Sydney )
    TD – KENNEDY ………. ( Nth v WCE in Tasmania )


    1. Great question, I am in the same boat. I was all over Macrae but he had an average score last week and Dusty looks ominous. I might wait to see how they go this week and trade one in for finals wk1.


      1. Yeah, might do the same, top 4 in all my leagues so guess waiting a week to decide isn’t the end of the world. I worry about Richmond resting Dusty, I worry that Macrae or Neale’s scores might suffer if the AFL introduce trial rule changes in the next few weeks, & I worry that J Kelly will re-injure his groin. Supercoach makes me just a little bit crazy.


        1. Yep, drives me a little crazy sometimes too! I did not think about trial rules tgough … that will be a new curve ball for supercoachers to deal with. Great thinking.


  3. Captains choices win and loose you games.

    Most people will have Titch as their Captain as he’s playing Sunday and has been going bananas.
    FURL / Freo at home will not let Titch get 50 this week.
    I still think he is good for 120.

    Thats why I feel V/C is soooooo important this week.

    Who scores more this week?

    T/U Dusty.

    T D Danger.

    Cripps is my back up v’s GCS.


  4. Rule changes to the bottom team games –
    TU – will have a negative impact on the top ranked fantasy teams
    TD – wont have a negative impact on the top ranked fantasy teams


    1. good to see everyone is laughing at just how farcical this whole idea is. surely the kid running the sweet-shop will come to a wiser, more considered conclusion during term-time!? if not, i hope the door whacks him in the ass on the way out. it should.


  5. a few might bring in Dusty after his decent scores against the bottom dwellers –
    TU – he’s value for money & will finish with a 110+ average
    TD – still just a flat track spud that will screw his owners when it counts


    1. Dusty is building into the finals and is the real deal. Having said that, I am keen to see one more game before jumping on.


  6. I have Sam Jacobs in the ruck killing me. I have 2 trades left and will need to use both to bring in Grundy.

    Tu do it
    Td hold onto the 2 trades.


  7. would be a waisted trade
    only 2 trades left
    not worth trading in less than a premo now
    will score btw 60 & 130
    I have a full team with no onfield rooks
    mihocek , ahern , Holman , spargo & Higgins as loopholes
    would have to trade walters , billings or kennedy for him & they are all capable of out scoring him over the last 6 weeks
    still recon he might get a rest for the SC grandfinal ..


  8. replacement for sicily

    TU: T.McDonald ( nxt 2 opponents adel & GCS)

    TD: T.Greene ( nxt 2 opponents : st kilda & carlton )


  9. Smashed by injuries and down to last trade.
    Defence is full premo but I have no bench cover.
    Forwards I am fielding both Billings & Petracca. Ahern is F7

    My options:
    T/U sort some bench cover for Defence & continue to field Petracca & Billings
    T/D trade in Gray and loophole Petracca/Billings…and pray for no injuries in defence


  10. Should I let go of Fritsch and two trades or not
    I currently have seven
    Fritsch is on field

    The trade would be


    Good TU
    or nah TD


    1. 7 left!! that’s awesome. i’d grab it now. O’Riordan looks decent and if you don’t do it this week, you’ll miss the boat whatever happens to Lloyd’s price!


      1. 7 left looks good but my team is still not as good as it can be
        I’ve got 7 left as I didn’t really bother with trades during two of the buys
        But now I’ve got full premo and 5 left for injury and upgrading bad performing premo


  11. option 1 TU:
    webster -> Short
    Sicily -> McDonald

    option 2 TD:
    naughton -> o’riordan (better bench cover & cash) webster 1 week away i hope
    sicily -> bruest/McDonald


  12. would love to see some of these so called full premo teams
    recon there would be a few 400k or less players in their starting line ups ..
    if you really have a full premo team
    with all starting players over 500k & season rank attached , prove it
    would be a good post ..


    1. I agree with your point that “Full premo” isn’t really full premo
      but what you said about every player has to be 500K plus to be full premo is impossible

      For the defenders If you want to have ALL 6 defenders be 500K plus then you would need 1 of your defenders to be either Sam Docherty (Not playing) Zac Williams (Not playing) or Sicily (Recently not playing) so I’m guessing that not many people have a defensive line full of 500K plus

      As for the forwards there are only 3 500K plus forwards One of which is Sicily and the other two Breust and Hawkins (Unlikely Premos)

      So while I agree and think your point is valid it is still impossible

      This is why I believe a Premium should be decided on averages (For example)

      95+ for FWDS and DEFS
      110+ for MIDS
      100+ for RUCKS
      (Averages can change just a quick guess)

      If all players in each position have a average higher then their respective numbers then they are a premo

      Again I agree with your point and it is very valid but it is unfortunately impossible

      Just my opinion


      1. My team is as follows: Ranked 1091, 3 trades left and valued at 13.4 million with 80k in the bank

        DEF: Yeo, Simpson, Laird, Hurn, Hurley, Ryan (Smith, Ridley)
        MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Beams, Macrae, Coniglio, Martin (Parker, Phillips, Wilson)
        RUCK: Gawn, Goldstein (Olango)
        FWD: Smith, Westhoff, Wingard, Gray, McLean, Heeney (Ahern, Battle)

        Traded in Ryan last week for Sicily, should have been McDonald…


  13. Need to emergency loop one and field the other
    TU: Emergency Loop Zerret (Hewett Tag)
    TD: Emergency Loop Dusty


  14. Who to VC? Can be anyone playing before the Port v Dogs game.
    C is on Titch
    T/U – Danger
    T/D – Cripps
    Comment – Other options like Gawn, Oliver, Laird

    Got the usual popular premos.



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