Table For Two – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 9 2018

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two! Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been contemplating all week.

Time to get The Bont back into the team? Best value replacement for Gaff? Time to get Billings back in? Should we play Mihocek at D6 or D7? Hold onto Parker? Time to put Dusty at M8/M9? Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help. Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function. Good luck on the weekend, Coaches!


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23 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd21”

  1. Thinking of trading Josh Kennedy to Joel Selwood? The Swans and Kennedy seem to have hit a rough patch and the Cats have got a good run home, it’s last trade saloon time and need to win this week to continue in the finals. Can afford up about $530k.

    T/U – Do the trade
    T/D – Save trade, not worth the difference


  2. Ahern on field in my FWD line.
    Best upgrade option:

    TU Menegola (DPP flexibilty)
    TD Hawkins (could kick a bag against Freo and GCS in last 2 weeks)


  3. Still doing some research around other players but at this stage I’ve narrowed my Gaff replacement down to two POD’s I quite like the look of for the fixture over the last three rounds:

    TU: Zorko
    TD: Bont


    1. Bont been playing forward a lot last couple of weeks B-harvs, before his 4 goal third quarter last week he was sitting on about 19sc points at half time. Then he scratched his way to only 100 for the entire game, even after kicking 4 goals…..

      Take Zorko all day….

      But Bont could be a good pickup in 2019


  4. Last trade & in a dilemma

    T/U – Savage > Westhoff/Franklin but makes Ahern my M8 for the year
    T/D – Gaff >> Macrae but makes Mihocek my D8 for the year


  5. FWD – Smith, Heeney, Gray, McLean, Menegola, Fritsch/Ahern

    Is it worth using my last trade this week to avoid fielding Fritsch/Ahern.
    Will have $488,100 left and look at bringing in McDonald.

    T/U – Trade and pray
    T/D – Hold on for dear life


    1. I reckon Dusty is back in top form…just had a few extra clangers last few weeks stopping him from going massive in a couple games.


  6. Got 3 trades left and 25k, going for league

    Gaff to Selwood/Crouch and play ahern on field TU or
    use 2 trades
    Gaff to Macrae
    Ahern to A Kennedy from giants TD


  7. Don’t have Grundy……

    Won my 3 leagues last we so have double chance and not playing this week.

    I have 3 trades

    Was thinking of going Grundy this week for Martin …..bc will be cheaper this week than next. Leaves me 2 trades still have $180k in the bank. To upgrade Walters, dusty or McLean.

    Thumbs up trade Grundy this week
    Thumbs down hold and trade next week but only leaves me one other up grade in sudden death……

    Any help appreciated…….thanks


  8. Help, need advice.
    I have 1 trade left and have Nankervis and gaff. Not sure who to trade of the two.

    I am in 2 cash leagues and in prelim final next week and elim final this week in the other. Want to win at least one premiership.

    Do I trade gaff for McRae and cop donut fron Nankervis this week. OR

    Trade Nankervis and bring in grundy which and avoid a donut.

    Decision will depend on how long Nankervis will be out. Is it only a 1 week injury?. I will most likely lose this weeks elim final if I cop the donut but win if I get in grundy.

    If I trade gaff I do have bench cover in Giro, spargo.

    Have to consider next weeks prelim game also. Can’t afford a donut next week as next weeks game will be tougher

    Feedback appreciated


  9. Full premo. Have Rockliff at M9, Ahern at F7, TMac at F6 to cover D. 2 trades left. Goldy/Gawn Combo. Sudden death game.

    T/U: get Grundy in
    T/D: trust the process, stick fat and use the trades for injuries
    Comment: Upgrade Ahern to Menegola.




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