Table For Two – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 13 2017

In the spirit of the wildly successful “Thommo’s 2Up” over the pre-season, we’d like to offer the SCT Coaches a Table For Two on this Thursday afternoon.

Who do I take as VC loophole? Do I bring in Nic Newman at all costs? Should I trade out Hibberd? Do I need Jarrod Witts?  David Swallow?  Who starts at M8? Whatever your question, enter it into the Forum. Our Coaches will help out with the “Thumbs Up/Down” function……


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56 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd4”

  1. T/U Keep eddy and have SPP, Butler, Houston on field

    T/D use my 4th trade for season to swap Eddy for Swallow and only have two of SPP, Butler and houston on ground


        1. Seen the light.

          In 2014 they scored relatively similarly. Hawthorn can’t be that bad again and GC won’t have as free a run anytime soon. Backing them to be similar from here on. It’s basically a sideways mid-pricer madness trade.


          1. Or just for you RB

            T/U – Taranto to Swallow
            T/D – Taranto to WHE

            Or comment neither option a good one get Newman and Martin for Gawn!!


  2. Who to play down back

    TU – Hampton
    TD – Marchbank

    Comment – play both and bench one of Mills, Otten or Newman


  3. TU: VC: M Priddis (2016 Avg at DS: 120.45 from 11, low of 75 and a high of 159, 1/11 below 100, 6/11 120+, 2/11 140+)

    TD: VC: A Sandilands (Gawn-less demons, in 2015 averaged 147.5 from 2, low of 145 and a high of 150, when Nic Nat and Mumford missed and rucked against 2nd tier rucks)


      1. At the moment (apart from a pre-season) Steele is unproven and not setting the world on fire….. Oliver is smashing it


        1. Steele will be fine. They have a good run at Ethiad now, where he is averaging 100 from 2 games. Let him increase his price and then you can offload him if he doesn’t look like being a top 10 FWD around the byes.


            1. My question would be why did you start him then?

              He’s playing and making money, let him do his job until no longer. He has had 1 bad game from 3. I can guarantee you won’t want Oliver in your final team and you’ll have to trade him out again. We don’t have enough do be doing than in SuperCoach.

              You don’t trade out JJK either, he’s a KPP so will always have low games but he’ll still have an average good enough by the end of the season.


  4. Hannan to swallow TU
    Eddy to swallow TD
    Comment for neither and save trade.

    Trading via steele allowing huston to come off field for swallow on.


    1. Source:

      “Mitchell Hibberd returned to VFL level and impressed playing off half-back in terrible conditions at Casey Fields. If North opts for another ball-winner in the defensive half, Hibberd will be in the mix for a recall.

      Ed Vickers-Willis has been around the mark for several weeks as an emergency, and could be in the mix to become Shinboner #1001 in the coming weeks.”

      In other words, they’re both pushing hard for a spot. Watch the teams tonight, and assuming they’re not picked, pay attention to the emergencies to see if either of them feature.


  5. I’m Trading JOM to Newman via Hibberd, but undecided on my next move.

    Question is:

    T/U: Taranto to Marc Murphy (27 trades left, $9,000)

    T/D: Eddy to Swallow (27 trades left, $140,000)



  6. A question for loophole dummies (I stuffed up last week). If Strnadica is my only non-player then to use him in the loophole my VC has to be in a game before his? Do you start him as emergency or on the field?


    1. Yes, start them on field and make sure you put the (E) on your cover. Especially in the rucks as if they both play before he does, you can’t move him to the field.

      And yes, the person you want as the (VC) has to play before the (E). Ideally you want the game to finish or at least be 3/4s in so you can get an idea of what they are scoring.


  7. Afternoon coaches…
    I am not sure if I should go ahead with this trade or not….
    Taranto > Newman then Prestia > Dusty
    T / U = Trade away
    T / D = Save those trades


  8. Trades this week:

    Smith -> Newman
    Taranto -> Swallow

    Just reckon Swallow will rack in the $$$ – could easily peak circa 500K. If he stays healthy he’ll average around 100-105 which is good enough for M8/M9.

    Taranto, on the other hand, will struggle to pump out any big scores in that GWS side and will struggle to crack 300-350K.

    Left with 26 trades and a solid team. Hopefully won’t need to trade while the cows fatten up.

    The only question now is who to field? At the moment I am going:
    Otten, Marchbank, Newman (Hampton [E], Stewart)
    Swallow, O’Meara (SPS [E], Barrett, Hibberd)
    Butler (Houston [E], Eddy)

    Bring on round 4.


  9. Can’t decide between the potential cash generation and 100k cheaper price of Marc Murphy compared to the benefit of the more durable player & VC loophole benefits of the Bont (WB seem to have quite a few Friday night games this season)

    T/U: JOM to Marc Murphy

    T/D: JOM to Marcus Bontempelli



    1. Bont for sure.

      Not sure M.Murphy can keep up this early form.

      Doggies should win quite a few more games than Carlton this year.

      Motts might disagree .

      Go with the Thumbs

      Bont will be top5 Mid this year.

      Will Murph make top 10?


    1. Neither, check out the rookie review. Need a good 5 weeks from either for good cash generation and both would be unlikely to last with Rohan, Papley, Heeney all coming back in the next few weeks.


    1. Banksy

      Stewart will probably be named on extended interchange. Sunday game.

      We may not know if he is playing until friday evening?

      Teams should be named in the next hour or so.

      If he’s named on ground. You’re pretty safe he will play.

      If not…. Cross your fingers till friday.


  10. TU-Stewart to Newman even if he’s playing.
    TD-If Stewart is playing hold the trade.

    Comment: Hold regardless.

    No other way to get Newman in.
    I’ve already used 4 trades.



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