Table For Two – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 14 2016

During the pre-season, ‘Thommo’s 2-UP’ was a wildly popular thread on SCT.  Seeing as our Thumbs Function is working (splendidly!) again, we’ll open it up to you, the SCT Community.

Which two players are you mulling over?  Which two players can you simply not seperate?  Type their names into the comments below and the SCT Community will point you in the right direction with the Thumbs UP / DOWN.


Just a few things to keep in mind before posting:

Gray or Parker?  This was already put to a poll this morning in the ‘Burning Question’ thread.  Please check there first! (HERE)

– What to do with Brad Crouch?  Who to replace him with?  This was also put to a poll on Tuesday.  Please check that thread first! (HERE)


Otherwise……..which possible trade is doing your head in?  Which two players are keeping you up at night?


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50 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd4”

  1. If both named, who to bring in this week:

    TU – Ruggles – potential higher scoring but only played one
    TD – Hartley – on the bubble but job security is debatable


  2. Need to trade one of these def mid pricers out so that I can afford to trade Crouch to a Premo. Both haven’t set the world a light as I would have hoped for, and have BE that are 70-80.

    T/U – Trade out Lonergan (GC)
    T/D – Trade out Sheridan



        1. I also have Rich and I think he has the capacity to average 95+ so I would hold him over Lonergan. I’d also choose Ward over Gray but I think you can’t go wrong with either.


          1. Rich’s SC averages over the years.
            2009 – 85.6
            2010 – 78.1
            2011 – 84.8
            2012 – 90.3
            2013 – 85.9
            2014 – 81
            2015 – 80.5

            I’d get off the wagon before you fall into the ravine.


            1. If you’ve selected him this year you are backing him in to be a top 6 defender, so i think if named, you’ve gotta hold him. No use making rash decisions off one game this season.


  3. Hello everyone,
    Would love your thoughts on the below:
    T/U : Trade M Brown out for Ruggles and with the cash trade Crouch out for B Smith.
    T/D : Don’t trade for Crouch yet.


  4. Hi All,

    I just want to make one trade for this round.

    My playing backs are- Bartel, Adams, Yeo, Lonergan, Weitering, AMT

    Mids – Parker, Danger, Gazza, Fyfe, Gray, Wines, Libba and Mills

    I have Rocky on bench and I am hoping to trade him for either Zorko or Houli

    TU – Zorko
    TD – Houli via DPP

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Thats a ripper of a Midfield HB, considering you still have Rocky on the bench O.o ! Hope I’m not playing against you in any leagues any time soon. T/U, Zorko.


      1. Thanks Huttabito….

        Midfield is sorted after I got Zorko in…. but FWD is my concern…. Will look in to it from next week onwards


  5. T/U Brodie Smith
    T/D Jason Johannisen

    Comment for Boris, Rance, or other premium defender (besides Heater, Laird and Houli)


  6. Is trading Brad Crouch to Tom Ruggles (Kerridge to mid, Adams to forward) a good option. Otherwise have to play Hewet or davis on the field. Would free up $$$ to upgrade to a fallen premium in coming weeks. Could also wait to do this next week before ruggles goes up.

    T/U- Good Idea
    T/D- Hold Brad Crouch


  7. Trading B.Crouch and only want to use one trade. Have $576k to spend so just short of getting to Parker. Looking to get a keeper so not sold on Zaharakis (although should make $$).

    T/U – Zorko (can move fwd later)
    T/D – Selwood


  8. Have decided to trade J Lonergan out for T Ruggles and then B Crouch to one of Zorko, Dalhaus and Montagna. They will then be switched to the forward line and Ben Kennedy will be moved to the midfield. Zorko averaged 110+ after Round 15 2015 and his form has continued this year. This week his price changes and will move to approximately 570,000 and has a breakeven of 60. Should be a top 10 and top 6 forward by years end. Also a POD due to his suspension in Round 1. Dalhaus is currently averaging about 15 contested possesions and 8 tackles a game. Is averaging 113 with a 150 last week and the first 2 rounds had sub 100 games due to 11 kicks and 30 handballs out of 41 disposals and 24 were contested. Breakeven of 93 and his next four games are at Eithiad where he has a good record. Next 5 matches are Carlton, Brisbane, North, Adelaide and Melbourne and averaged 110+ in 8 games last year against those 5 opponents. Should be a top 10 and top 6 forward by years end. Montagna is consistent and capable of a 110 average. Will be a top 10 forward and should be top 6 and could even be the highest scoring forward. Only problem is he needs a lot of the ball to post of a high score and is expensive. My plan if I get L Dalhaus or D Zorko is it frees up between 31,000 and 55,000 and wait for DeGoey to rise over 350,000, Mills or another rookie to rise over 300,000 so I can upgrade DeGoey via dpp or Mills/other rookie to Matt Priddis when he decreases in price. I am leaning towards Dalhaus but would like an opinion on these options.
    Thumbs up- L Dalhaus
    Thumbs down- D Zorko
    Reply/Comment- L Montagna.
    Feedback is appreciated as I’m having a lot of trouble deciding on only one player.


    1. Depends.

      If this is Brad Scott under a pseudonym on an AFL recruiting question, i’d like the man child Fyfe at NMFC but i feel this is an unlikely possibility.

      If this is Tom the humble SC coach asking the question for his SC team then my vote is Gary Junior.


  9. Hi folk, Tech league question. Is it worth trading Greene for Hall before he goes up some more to get a bit of an edge, or hold because trades are gold.

    TU – Trade to get the potential edge
    TD – Hold and wait till things unfold.


  10. Should I trade rich or Sam Gray for Hall or leave as is
    TU-trade Gray
    TD-trade Rich
    Comment-leave as is

    Or comment other suggestions


  11. Thinking about bringing in Hall, who should I do it for?

    DEF: Shaw, Rich, J.Lonergan, Weitering, Dea, Adams

    MID: Danger, Fyfe, Ablett, Parker, Adams, Liberatore, B.Kennedy, Mills

    RUCK: Martin, Gawn

    FWD: Martin, Barlow, S.Gray, Wells, Kerridge, Papley


  12. Will definitely bring in Gray, but for who and how with $263k in bank?

    T/U: Rich to Gray – just the 1 trade this week, or;
    T/D: Hewett to Hartley, and Crouch to Gray.

    Your thumbs are much appreciated, as are any alternatives/opinions!


  13. I am considering moving lobbe on but can’t decide what to do
    T/u trade in goldy now
    T/d trade in blicavs with a plan to move him into the mids later in the year and get goldy then
    Nicnat is my other ruck


  14. I am considering trading both B.Crouch and Lonergan for Ruggles/Hartley and Parker/Zorko

    TU) Good trade
    TD) Bad trade keep lonergan


  15. First trades of the year to avoid donut. With DPP going Hewett to Ruggles.
    Who would you trade Crouch to:

    They’re all on the same bye line and price isn’t an issue.



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