Table For Two – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 20 2017

Lunch-time on Thursday……time to grab a Table For Two!ย  If you’re struggling to split two players, let the SCT Coaches help you out (Thumbs UP/DOWN).ย  Enter your players into the Forum and we’ll steer you in the right direction……….


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33 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd5”

  1. Which should be the priority for this week?

    TU – Hibberd-Williamson
    TD – TMiles-Balic

    Can’t do Hibberd-Balic I’m afraid.


  2. O’Meara to Balic is locked in and leaves me with 233,700 remaining.

    Should I
    TU: Trade Roughead to Dahlhaus/Hannebery.
    TD: Keep Roughead and trade Taranto to Franklin next week.


    1. I was thinking along the same lines about Taranto to Balic, I can do one of the following….perhaps…

      T/U Roughead to Macrae (he’s a keeper)
      T/D O’Meara to Yeo (am I chasing points or has he come good?)


        1. Yeo is facing two dramas.

          Already expensive – getting into the price where next week you could buy a fallen premo instead.


          Coaches won’t keep letting him run loose so he will likely come down with a thud.

          On the other side – who else can we trade to?


  3. With Newman dropped, I’ll now have no playing bench players in the defence this week.
    Was going to go Roughy to Macrae, but due to my defence, I was thinking of bringing in Docherty instead (via a lot of DPP). But I’m not a fan of paying nearly $600k for a defender, especially when I expect both he and Macrae to average the same this year.

    TU: Roll with no emergencies and bring in Macrae
    TD: Pay out the nose for Docherty


  4. With Balic not being selected, Taranto (managed), Florent (omitted), Hannan (potentially omitted), to avoid a donut in the forward line should I:

    TU: Out: J O’Meara and M Hannan, In: Z Fisher and J Steele
    TD: Out: O Florent, In: B Parfitt

    Heavily leaning towards the Steele option due to his record at Etihad and the Saints upcoming draw as well as removing the disastrous selections of Hannan and O’Meara.


  5. Until the teams came out, i had one option for VC and that’s Dahlhaus, not a bad option i know, but……

    With Kreuzer out, 1% of me wants to VC Ryder

    T/U Its only a VC you have Danger as backup try it, it could be a genius move
    T/D Your insane, Dahlhaus is your best option


  6. Who goes on the ground and who gets loopholed with Parfitt?

    T/U – SPP on the pitch, Fisher as the loophole
    T/D – Fisher on the pitch, SPP as the loophole


  7. Given the chronic shortage of rooks, and with Mitch McGovern a long-term out, is Troy Menzel worth considering?
    $183K fwd, BE of -23 this week, scores of 81 and 50 so far. Next three games are Suns, Tigers and North. Adelaide are currently ranked number 1 for scoring.

    TU Do it
    TD Desperation will drive a man crazy


    1. I think he is just hanging in there. He’s not a similar type to Josh Jenkins but he could be the one to go when Jenkins returns. Jenkins could still be out next week but I’d expect him back by round 7.



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