Table For Two – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 19 2018

In the tradition of Thommo’s 2UP, Table For Two helps you make those difficult decisions with the help of the SCT Coaches.

Having trouble splitting two players?  Or a combination of players?  Enter them into the Comments below and our Coaches will help out with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function……….



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58 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd5”

  1. Coaching brotherhood, probably been posted a lot in other forums but asking again for final answer:

    T/U: Coffield for Brayshaw
    T/D: Save the trade you perennial battler

    Have downgrade targets for both Mirra and Guelfi next week as well so waiting for these two isn’t a concern. Still have Barry sitting there as well but hoping he might get a call up down the track and will use as loophole in the meantime.

    Cheers coaches


        1. I honestly reckon keep Brayshaw for this week
          I’m doing that and hoping for him to make his break even this week
          I believe that one of Bonner or Fisher will score highly and keep their place in your team so next week you can trade Brayshaw and one of them
          That”s what I’m going to do


      1. Murphy if not selected, or Doedee if he is average again…good cash for Doedee. O’Connor for Guelfi, but maybe Holman also for cash, and keep O’Connor as 2nd loop option


    1. Reckon if you plan all getting all three of Coffield, Mirra and Guelfi, you’ll be losing a lot of potential cash. Unless Holman has another shocker, there’s not really any rookies that have maxed out, and the underperforming rooks (Brayshaw, LDU, Dow, Barry, Murphy etc.) haven’t earned anything.

      Naughton to Yeo is likely to be a popular trade next week. Even though Yeo will start going up in price, if he averages 105 over the next three rounds, he’ll make 18K on his current price. If Naughton averages 70 in that time, he’ll make 69K.

      Obviously the points make a big difference, but you can’t get all the rookies that come up, and going early on too many will severely impact your cash generation.


      1. But there’s also no reason to milk cows dry too. Sometimes you need to get rid of then 1-2 weeks early, otherwise you miss a downgrade opportunity and get stuck with them. Fair enough if you expect a $25k + increase, but if you’re hanging on for a $10-15k price rise, then perhaps offload them when you can.

        And then there’s the rookies with the potential but are absolutely spudding it up (Brayshaw). They come out and smash out 100 the week most people trade out. The ones that keep him get 3 price rises


    1. Why Oliver
      I had my mind set on Macrae and I only did the poll to see what everyone else thought and why

      I also put Oliver as T/U as I wanted to see whether that influenced results as I put him ahead of Macrae even though I prefer Macrae,


      1. I picked up Macrae last week with Oliver and Danger my final MID targets. If you prefer Macrae (as I did) get him first. Yes, always ask for opinions on here because you will always get brilliant feedback, but I would still recommend going with what you think is right in the end. BOTH are good options and you may want both come year’s end.
        It’d be great to hear what other people think too, but it seems that SCTers are all convinced that Oliver continues to get better and better and that Macrae may drop slightly (in price) over the next week or so. I guess it’s about prioritising (ie who comes first).
        Voting currently stands at 7/4, it’s not as if it were 11/0. That reaffirms to me taht they are both good options and it is just a matter of opinion.

        Good luck with it 😉


    1. for now. Geary went back and up and back again last week . Savage probably gonna be more consistent with possible changes afoot down at Moorabbin.


  2. Everyone seems obsessed with Gray as a target. Yes he is doing brilliantly, but given his emphatic start, and drop in numbers will see a subsequent drop in price. Given that and unfortunate recent history for the young gun would it not be better to wait and see …
    TU: wait, he will likely flatten or drop in price, or …
    TD: he’s on a roll and will be top 3/4 forwards no doubt.
    Comment: somewhere in the middle

    PS from someone who has just reversed all their trades for this week and will make good for one more. Who knows what’s around the corner?
    PPS I don’t have Kelly


    1. Saints.

      Your query on Gray is sound, but there is historical precedent for his performance over his 10+ year career…

      2011 – 90SC
      2014 – 111SC
      2015 – 110SC
      2016 – 108SC
      2017 – 91SC

      **Dipped last year for personal illness concerns

      Port have a stacked side this year with new recruits and they want to play him in the clearances (listed in the followers/taking more clearances than any teammate). And remember he’s getting these scores without Ryder tapping to him. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t average 100+… Especially in the back-end of the season when Ryder is back and they are basically playing two-man keep-away.

      As far as dropping in price, his BE is currently 65.
      He’s gonna go up before he goes down.

      I think that’s why people are targeting him at the minute.

      The only flag on him is the Round 10 BYE… but what can you do?!


      1. With Gray its all about position. If he plays mid time 110+ but if he plays fwd 80s 🙁 . Last year he saw a lot more fwd time. His big scores last year where when he either kicked a bag or played back in the mid. Otherwise he stunk it up like i think he had a 30 in there from memory. Ouch.

        Now this year with the inclusion of Rocky and maybe Jack Watts (taking his fwd spot from last year) he is seeing more mid time in fact championship data has him at 2nd for center bounce attendances (for port).

        So unless they feel like pushing him back fwd (small injury might do this or just port trying something new) then he will continue to pump out 110 average like days of old. So fingers crossed port keep it the way it is, because if it continues he is a must have ASAP.

        PS. I know people are worried about his bye, you should have at least one good rookie to cover in that period then guess what you get a lock for the other much harder bye rounds 🙂 So unless you have other Suns or Port players in your Fwd line you are golden.


  3. Current premo mids:
    Mitchell, Fyfe, Martin, Merret, J. Kelly

    Trading out Kelly I think…

    T/U – Oliver
    T/D – Macrae
    Comment – Coniglio


    1. Coniglio-
      T/U – Yeah will make the whole season as top 10 with no injuries
      T/D – No, better options this week


  4. This may have already been discussed somewhere on the forum, but it’s been on my mind…

    I’m sticking with Hibberd because… “stubborn”.

    Also, Hibberd has been “under-performing” for the entire season to this point due to being in a SC unfriendly role.

    There have been a couple mentions of Lewis being out for a couple weeks potentially changing his role to being more SC friendly for the next couple of weeks.

    I would have thought that the bigger influence on his improvement would be when Tom MacDonald comes back from injury, so that Hibberd isn’t playing that Key Defender role.


    Otherwise, when is a wise time to move him along, and to which player?


    1. You’ve made some good points as to why he’ll improve. You’ll probably get to find out the Lewis influence this week and McDonald soon enough. So stick to your guns if you’re confident enough.


    2. TMcDonald will likely play forward when he comes back so shouldn’t have any impact on Hibberd. He played up forward most of last year and trained with the forwards all preseason.

      Reckon Hibberd’s struggling due to the current backline structure at the Dees. The whole backline seems confused about what their role is and they haven’t jelled at all. Its had an impact on Lever and Hunt too.

      As a Dees supporter, I’m hoping the Hawks loss forces the coaches to reassess the current backline structure and they let their All Australian half back flanker get back to doing what he does best. Think Lewis out helps that.

      That’s why I’m giving Hibberd another week. But its not with 100% confidence mind you.


      1. Thanks for the thoughts!

        Totally hear what you’re saying about TMac going up front, but after watching the Dees a couple times, I think the forward line is better organised than the defense… hoping Grinter is right about the Hawks loss forcing the coaching staff to reassess structure.

        Holding for now.


    3. I like you am sticking with Hibberd.
      However a word of warning re Tom McDonald, he is more likely to play forward.


    1. Sloane out for me. Not playing this week and will be tagged at least until Crouch is back. I’d go Oliver or Macrae. Dangermouse can wait a couple of weeks at least.


  5. 29 trades left and 130k in the bank
    Trading out J.Kelly. Do I

    TU: Spend an extra 60k for Dusty
    TD: Straight swap for Oliver


  6. Have a trading dilemma this week and hope to crowd-source the answer. Will definitely be trading Billings to Maclean, but who to use the second trade on?

    TU – J Kelly to Coniglio (Kelly’s groin issue seems like an issue requiring ongoing management, even when he does return)
    TD – Brayshaw to Coffield


  7. TU: Brayshaw to Coffield only trade this week (putting coffield on the field over holman and banfield) and next week bonner/cole for mirra and brayshaw/holman for guelfi

    TD: Hold trades and assess who to bring in and out next week


  8. who to play on field?
    tu – naughton
    td – doedee
    is it worth loopholing doedee incase of a bad score? please comment


  9. Nathan Wilson traded to Savage
    T/U: Good move, Savage will be top 10 DEF
    T/D: Waste of a trade, save it

    Thanks coaches!



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