Table For Two – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 21 2016

During the pre-season, ‘Thommo’s 2-UP’ was a wildly popular thread on SCT.  Seeing as our Thumbs Function is working (beautifully!) again, we’ll open it up to you, the SCT Community.

Which two players are trying to force a way into your side?  Which two players can you not seperate right now?  Type their names into the comments below and the SCT Community will point you in the right direction with the Thumbs UP / DOWN.

Just a few things to keep in mind before posting:

**  We already ran a poll about the Byrnes Boys as downgrade options on Monday – Feel The Byrne, CLICK HERE

**  Who to replace Jason Johannissen with was also one of our polls from Tuesday – JJ’s Successor, CLICK HERE


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37 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd5”

  1. This is completely off topic but have you ever had lunch with a member of the fairer sex and spent the ENTIRE lunch talking about footy and fantasy footy?

    Didn’t think so.

    I’ve just returned from lunch with the delightful Fiona. We talked SuperCoach, Draft, AFL Fantasy, her Dees, Johannisen, Crouch, Papley, Viney…… the list goes on and on. Half the lunch was spent comparing our teams on our phones.

    It was awesome.

    Thanks for catching up with me, Fi. It was a pleasure to meet you IRL.


    1. Was great to meet you Motts! You’ll all be very surprised to hear Motts has advised me to bring a Blue bagger into my team!


    2. What a shame I don’t work in the city – my family are sick of hearing the words “supercoach” “trades” “loophole” …….


  2. Just after the views of experienced S/C players, my team seems to be going ok so far but the big hit on Stef Martin has me thinking about trading him out as he’s now dropped about $50k and with a huge b/e of around 150 he’s probably going to drop a fair bit more, do I pay the extra $25k and go to Gawn (or even just 1k more for big Mummy, except his injury record probably answers that question). Gawn has a low b/e of around 60 so his price looks like it’ll continue upward. I know it’s a bit of a sideways trade but think Gawn could end the year with as many points if not more that Martin. Nic Nat is my other ruck.

    T/U – trade
    T/D – hold


    1. Interested to see how the thumbs end up on this dilemma as I’m contemplating the same trade, except I have Gawn so are looking at Martin to NicNac. Decision will be easier to make it Martin doesn’t make tonight’s team.


    2. Unless your getting Goldy its a wasted trade. At worst Martin misses this week, i still have him in top 3/4 preforming rucks for the year. Its not worth trading to save 1 donut unless your going for overall. That trade will come in handy later in the year. Only option i would consider is someone like Cox/Grimley IF named as cover.


  3. TU = Ward
    – Bit of a POD

    TD = Zorko
    – Definite Top 6 Forward

    Comment = Other
    – Cash is not an issue


    1. Both are good options. Zorko WILL be a top 6 forward, and Ward is certainly capable of top 10 mid.

      Zorko will fluctuate in scores, Ward will fade as the Giants fade later in the season, after Mummy gets injured again.


  4. Can i just remind everyone TRADS ARE GOLD! Unless you are going for overall DO NOT SIDEWAYS TRADE YOUR PREMIUMS especially if its only a one week injury. No repeat after me: I WILL NOT TRADE MY PREMIUMS…


  5. TU- Papley-D.Byrne Jones and Barlow-Hannebry
    TD- Milera-D.Byrne Jones and Barlow – Zorko

    Comment for anything else


  6. Option 1: JJ > Docherty, Papley > DBJ (via DPP). This will leave me with no FWD/DEF swing as they’ll all be in the forward line. Will leave me with $285l in the bank.
    Option 2: JJ > Zerrett, Papley > DBJ (via DPP). This lets me keep my FWD/DEF swing, but I’ll have $246k left over.

    If I go with option 2, my worry is that my FWD line will be too stacked for this early in the season. It will contain Hall, Barlow, Robinson, Zerrett and Wells. Essentially only room for one proper upgrade (barring injury), unless I sideways Barlow come seasons end.

    TU: Option 1
    TD: Option 2


    1. Just found a third option, which I’m liking:

      JJ > DBJ, Papley > Ward (via DPP)

      This will allow me to keep my FWD/DEF swing, as well as still having $197k in the bank.

      TU: Good idea
      TD: Dumb, go with one of the previous options of Doch or Zerrett



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