Table For Two – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 25 2019

Lunch time on a Thursday………time for a table for two!

With the Rolling Lockout in place, there are still plenty of moves that could be made in your  line-up (apart from trading in Richmond & Melbourne players).  If you’re having trouble seperating a couple of players (or a combination of players), enter them into the comments below.  Our SCT Coaches will do their best to point you in the right direction using the Thumbs UP/DOWN function………


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28 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd6”

  1. I’ve got some spare cash and was wondering: Collins (currently benched) to Brodie Smith? Already have Whitfield, Hurn, Z Williams, Scrimshaw, Hore and Duursma.


  2. At $580K, are Fyfe’s points worth the inevitable LTI later in the year if you don’t already have him?

    TU: Yes
    TD: No


        1. I’m just a bit over the Hore “jokes’ to be honest.

          I had a little run in with a “Mrs Hore” during last nights game thread.

          Maybe I’m over reacting but it 2019..this site has its own womens / girls league.

          Isn’t it time we dispensed with the casual sexism ?


              1. I was brought up to open the door for women, nowadays if I do it I get a dirty look. SJW’s are doing the same thing, some ppl just want to lighten up the mood by just joking around, they’re no intentionally trying to cause any harm.


    1. That’s the debate I’m having, mrgh33. Gibbons named at deep forward this week, not sure he’ll get the same freedom he enjoyed last week.


  3. So a left field move here a real shark move you may say
    Goldy too Answerth free up around 400k via a couple DPPs
    O’brien would become my R2 hoping to get grundy in a few weeks when ROBs cash gen stalls. 400k would be nice to fix up a few holes in my side

    TU – Great Move

    TD – Don’t be stupid



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