Table For Two – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 4 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……time to get a Table For Two!ย  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, the SCT Coaches are here to steer you in the right direction on those team decisions.

Are you having trouble seperating two players for a trade?ย  Or perhaps a combination of players?ย  Enter their names into the Forum and our Coaches will guide you with the use of the Thumbs UP/DOWN function………


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33 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd7”

  1. Unsure of who to replace Beams with, have 200k in the bank with leaning towards:

    T/U Bring Lloyd into mid then downgrading Beams to Hibberd (melb)

    T/D Splash cash and bring in ripe premium T.Mitchell, Bont, Pendles however this negates my plan to send Lloyd to defence next round and upgrade Marchbank to said premium as (in Bont and Pendles case, their B/E’s are fairly high) i wont have as much cash to do so.


    1. If you’re thinking about bringing Hibberd in, I’d rather have Beams on the pine for two weeks…
      Definitely the second option.


      1. Yea I guess I just feel that if I don’t get hibberd in this week his bubble bursting and price going up will mean I’m missing the boat, it also means I then have the cash to upgrade parfitt to sauce Jacobs which prevents me from copping the donut from nanks. HOWEVER this then means I miss out on black/parsons bubble bursting ARGHHHH haha


  2. I am trading parfitt to parsons this week so I need to know what to do with this 2nd trade
    TU upgrade Hampton to a fallen prem
    TD downgrade Hampton to Mcneice/EVW


  3. upgrade time:
    T/U Sloane
    T/D Pendles

    already have:
    Collingwood- WHE, Adams, Treloar
    Adelaide-Laird, Ottens
    with thoughts of trading out ottens in next couple of weeks,
    and WHE well the way he’s going he might nearly have a permanent gig


  4. Table for 3 this 1

    T/U – Beams to Neale (POD, Scoring well, Fyfe not effecting his scoring)
    T/D – Beams to Bont (Leading scorer, 25% ownership, tougher draw coming up)


    1. T/U – Beams to Pendles (Underpriced, could still be carrying niggles?, high ownership)

      Out of all 3 am tempted by Neale as a POD. Sitting 3500th overall, and happy to take a slightly different approach to most coached.

      Bont will be coming in at some stages, possibly early as next round, and Pendles is a maybe for me with Treloar already in my team


  5. Bit of a complex table for two this week but here goes:

    T/U: Hampton down to EVW, Houston down to Parsons. This gives me some good rookies as the next few weeks look a little sparse in terms of good downgrade options, and gives me 345k in the bank for a double upgrade next week.

    T/D: Hampton down to EVW, and Houston to a forward premo. This gives me instant points but I have no clue what trades I’m going to make next week with very few downgrade options.


  6. Assuming Parsons is named, and I downgrade from Parfitt, do I go:

    T/U: Beams to GAJ (may be his lowest price forthwith, and should certainly gain confidence from that double-century, as well as opposition coaches realising they don’t need to tag him to beat the Suns… only downside is a bye in 2 weeks, which is easily covered) and get Pendlebury next week, or;
    T/D: Beams to Pendlebury (Dependlebury says it all, as well as a very late bye) and get the Bont next week (GAJ’s far too risky)

    Its a happy conundrum to face, having avoided the Nank stink with a SandiWitts combo. Thanks!


  7. Have unfortunate Loopholes this week despite having 5

    TU: Treloar into Bont
    TD: Treloar into Danger


  8. Looking for a rookies with good JS, happy to pay a little more good better JS. Already have Parsons.

    UP – Hardwick
    DN – Black


  9. Parfitt out this week

    T/U Aaron Black
    T/D Parsons

    Leaning towards Parsons due to scores being slightly more consistent.


  10. Not really a table for 2, more like 200:

    I can bring in any player this week, who will score the most points from now until Rd 23? I currently have Danger, Selwood, Fyfe, Titchell and Treloar in mids.


  11. TU) OUT: Parfitt & Beams | IN: Parsons & Selwood ($134.6k rem)
    TD) OUT: Parfitt & Marchbank | IN: Parsons & EVW ($472.9k rem)

    My concern with option 1 is Selwood’s high-ish BE of 132 meaning it may be better to pick him up next week. This doesn’t leave a heap of cash in the bank for future weeks and I fear missing out on the cash from cow’s now may leave my team short later in the season.

    My concern with option 2 is EVW’s job security & potential low-scoring output this week. I’d like him to play all 5 games up until his round 12 bye so I can sell. Holding Beams is no real concern this week as I have the cover and my planned trades next week would be Beams & Swallow OUT for Rockliff & Selwood IN.



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