Table For Two Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 2 2019

Lunchtime on a Thursday…….time for a Table For Two!

Following on from our 2UP threads over the pre-season, Table For Two endeavours to help you with those tough decisions ahead of Rd7.  If you can’t split two players (or two groups of players), enter them into comments.  The SCT Coaches will help out using the Thumbs UP/DOWN function………


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52 thoughts on “Table For Two Rd7”

  1. Current trade situation this week is:

    OUT C. Wagner, Collins
    IN Hayes, DEF

    Didn’t have the money to go up to a premium this week, so 2 downgrades it is.

    Which DEF should I downgrade to – Rotham or Young? Was looking at Rotham if he plays, otherwise Young.

    TU: Rotham
    TD: Young


    1. Which ever is picked, if Rotham can’t get back in after WCs last 2 games geez it doesnt look good for him.


  2. who scores more from here

    T/U fyfe – probably av 120 but very injury prone , might miss another 3-4 games
    T/D caleb daniel – av 100 ish , durable & reliable


  3. blues ,
    no newman simpsot mcgovern ,
    surrounded by kids in the middle ,
    can cripps hold his price
    bleed cash over the next month


  4. Td- Atkins-Hayes
    Scott-Fyfe, leaves $9600 kitty
    Gibbons,Hayes,butters bench

    Tu- Atkins- Hayes
    Butters- Fyfe, leaves $70000 kitty
    Gibbons,Hayes,Scott bench


  5. I have Darling, should I just move him on or he’ll eventually come right?

    TU: Yes
    TD: He’ll come right……eventually, or other areas probably have higher priority to focus on


    1. Really would advise to keep him, he’s already dropped so much. If you trade now you lock in a loss, if you keep him, he can come good or sit at F6/7 until after the bye.


  6. What to do with Simpson?

    TU: Out for too long and form just not up to scratch…..turf him
    TD: Hold him, he’ll come good with the rest


  7. Can’t decide who to trade in. First trade is Atkins > Hayes

    TU: Collins > Sicily/Hurn
    TD: Collins > Daniel (via Moore DPP)

    Already have T Kelly


  8. Is rich worth picking over a laird or Sicily?
    Offers great value will finish top 6 imo

    TU: Yes
    TD: No

    The 60-80k saved could be handy


  9. First trade this week will be Atkins > Hayes but can’t decide on the second..

    T/U: Scrimshaw > Hurn
    T/D: Scrimshaw > Daniel + 100k

    Already have kelly + Sicily, but don’t have heeney.


    1. Depends.

      Who are you bringing in? Atkins can still make some more cash and is nice bench cover in the mean time. Scott just needs to play and he’ll also be bankin’.

      Unless you’re making some big moves this week, I’d hold off on both.


    2. Oh, whoops!

      Didn’t see the top bit that you were bringing in Hayes. Still, maybe offload Butters instead if you have him.


  10. Looking at bringing Hayes in and its out of the two thinner cows unfortunately:

    T/U: Gibbons (might make 30k this week but then 100 is out of the cycle and cant see much more)

    T/D: Scott (wouldnt make much at all and if he does play he makes money, but does he play?)


  11. TU Laird
    TD Sicily
    Basically the same price last week but Sicily’s good game meant he rose 20+k. Laird to hold steady for the next 2 -3 but currently 30k cheaper. Milera’s speedy recovery is also a worry for Laird’s scoring. The only worry for Sicily is his massive brain fades, that can result in suspension.


  12. Hey guys, I have already posted this in the Trade Talk thread and I know this isn’t really a T/U, T/D question, but I am really looking to get some advice on a dilemma that may be affecting others as well before the bounce on Friday!

    Basically, I am looking to trade in N.Fyfe (-55K of starting price & should ave. ~ 120) this week, but am also looking to target J. Macrae (should be around 580K & should ave. ~ 120) in 2 weeks time once his 85 rolls out of his system (barring more sub-100 scores).

    As my team stand right now, I have 4 midfield premiums, 2 midfield mid-pricers (T.Liberatore & B.Crouch), and 2 on-field midfield rookies (S.Walsh & C.Constable). This means if i want to bring BOTH N.Fyfe and J.Macrae pre-byes, I will be left with one of T.Liberatore/B.Crouch/S.Walsh on the bench unless one gets traded, which seems a waste of on-field points due to their increased scoring power over rookies in other lines. However, I definitely feel keeping all these 3 players to at least their bye, and re-assessing then is the right call as they all can make a little more money, have increased scoring power over other rookies and may come keepers or bench cover post-byes (especially if B.Crouch finally begins to convert his raw numbers into SuperCoach scores).

    So, do I be trading in N.Fyfe only this week / J.Macrae only in 2 weeks (and field S.Walsh), both (bench / trade S.Walsh/B.Crouch/T.Liberatore), or trade in N.Fyfe now, and wait to trade Macrae in after his bye in Rd.12 hoping he hovers around 580-600K with a couple more 100-110 odd scores as he seems to be playing slightly more HF?

    Btw, my midfield is: P.Cripps, C.Oliver, M.Crouch, R.Sloane, T.Liberatore, B.Crouch, S.Walsh, C.Constable (Z.Butters, T.Atkins, B.Scott).

    All feedback is much appreciated! 🙂


  13. Trading out Constable and Drew early, figure drew will put up a 50 against the pies and stagnate. Constable omitted. But who to?

    T/U Dunkley don’t field Petrol this week

    T/D Crisp don’t field Lockhart this week

    Comment: Caleb Daniel or Worpel


    1. JP. Kennedy the main man at swans while they are rebuilding there midfield. have a look at his start to the year well n truly flying under the radar! POD


  14. Im planning on trading Collins up to a premo except I’m short on Lloyd who was my main target. I also currently have Moore at forward and can use his dpp with a budget of 540k I’m a bit stuck on who to get that will be top 8 def or fwd for the rest of the year.
    TU: B.Smith
    TD: Caleb Daniel
    Thoughts on other players inside the budget is appreciated


  15. Also what are people’s thoughts on trading in Brodie Smith as a keeper?
    TU: Will be a top 8 defender and continue his form
    TD: He will start to drop off and isnt worth trading in


  16. TU: Caleb Daniel – extremely consistant and friendly bye


    TD: Tim Kelly – easy draw with a bad bye


  17. Need to start generating some cash, so will be bringing in Hayes this week
    TU: Trade out Atkins
    TD: Trade out Butters
    Going to hold Constable, Gibbons & B Scott – he’s a handy loophole whilst on bench


  18. My 2 trade out options to get in will Hayes and t kelly:

    TU collins and constable
    Td butters and moore

    Cash means I can only do one or the other


  19. TU TKelly
    TD JKelly

    I want to end up with both in my team. Tim to eventually be a fwd, his price is so cheap. Josh I think is undervalued and it looks like he is close to putting in some big game performances.


  20. Two trade options this week. I do understand it is early on Moore/Constable but getting Laird in will give me more chance in some crucial leagues this week with Whitfield out and when Whitfield returns my team will be in great shape

    TU: Butters or Atkins to Hayes ($150k or $130k remaining to use next week) – Pred Score 2154
    TD: Moore + Constable to Laird + Hayes – ($20k left) – Pred score 2178

    Essentially the only on-field differece is Laird vs Moore this week


  21. Which rookie to field?

    T/U: T. Atkins
    T/D: M. Gibbons

    Current mids: P. Cripps. M. Crouch, S. Cogniglio, T. Liberatore, D. Sheed, S. Walsh & S. Stack.



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