Tarrant v Krakouer

Written by MJ on April 29 2015

These are the two names on everyone’s lips this week.

Let’s take a quick look at each option before we hit the polling booth:

Robbie Tarrant $144,700: 26 yo, R3: 107 v Port, R4: 121 v Geelong (ave 114), BE -144
Next 5 matches: Haw, Rich, Ess, Frem, Coll


Nathan Krakouer $106,900: 27 yo, R3: 82 v North, R4: 82 v Hawthorn (ave 82), BE -101
Next 5 matches: Adel, WC, Bris, Rich, Melb

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For those expecting the Fallen Premiums to be up this morning, it’s been moved to the Thursday AM timeslot this week. See you tomorrow!


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59 thoughts on “Tarrant v Krakouer”

  1. Krakouer (just), but I personally can’t afford not to get both. Krakouer will come into the MID to open up DPP (likely via Anderson, or Heeney if I want to keep an EMG loophole for a little longer), and Tarrant would be a straight swap for McGrath (long-term injury).

    I’d be nervous about trading out a still-maturing FWD rookie for Tarrant though … won’t be scoring 100s each week, and might only accommodate 2 big prices rises.

    As for Krakouer, the likes of Heeney and Van Berlo would also be good choices, as their earning potential is pretty much gone (or stalled for quite some time).


  2. What annoys me the most about Krakouer and Tarrant is that I had both in my side before teams were announced for Rd1. After his pre-season form, it’s still a mystery to me that Tippett was chosen ahead of Tarrant for Rd1. As Roo Bloke has pointed out, Nathan Grima is out till the bye rounds so Tarrant’s job security is very good till then. Likewise Krakouer in the absence of Wines and Gray.
    Absolute worst-case scenario: both get injured first qtr this week, still make $50k each due to huge BEs.
    Best case: both continue to score 70+ over the next 4-5 weeks and push towards $400k.
    And in both cases, you’ve hopefully been able to use the extra cash on a big upgrade or two.


  3. The other thing to remember is that the high BE’s will only last 2 weeks, and their projected price growth should not be under the assumption that these large / mega scores will continue.

    That being said, even if they only average, say, 70 from here on in:

    Krakouer starting at $107k will increase to about $230k in the next 2 weeks, hitting about $200k growth by Round 9/10

    Tarrant starting at $145k will increase to about $290k in the next 2 weeks, BUT then only just hitting about $200k growth by Round 12/13.

    So, you should take into account (a) Tarrant’s higher starting price, and (b) whether he will continue to outscore Krakouer to get the equivalent growth.


  4. A great thing about these two players is their R13 bye, realistically you’re getting an extra 1/2 weeks of ‘value’ (if playing). I personally will be trading in both these guys this week and holding Newnes for the time being.


  5. now the big question is who to trade out for them…
    I already have krakouer so i am looking to trade in robbie tarrant
    so out of these 3 who should i trade in
    thoughts community?


  6. Both for me, Anderson will not make any coin as he is a high sub choice for the Hawks
    Lambert is out for 2 months


  7. I traded in lamb for krak last week to avoid Ahmed saad’s 5.

    This week thinking of going saad to Tarrant. Good trade?


  8. For me it’s garlett or Salem out for tarrant. They both have similar break evens so maybe I should be getting rid of Salem. Garlett has a higher ceiling but he’s got some tough opponents over the next month. This has been bugging for two days.
    Trade garlett tu
    Trade Salem td


  9. Would it be completely stupid to trade in Tarrant for Daniel Rich (Via Kraks DPP)? I could bring in Tarrant, which also gives me a DPP link, then upgrade Goodes to anyone in the backline or TBC in rucks?
    Other options are trading out Tex Walker for Tarrant, or bite the bullet and trade out Newnes in the backline. Id rather hold Newnes and hope he can rebound, and cull Goodes who is a complete waste of space.

    Shaw, Lamumba NEWNES, Saad, McIntosh, Oxley (GOODES, Brown)
    Fyfe, Sloane, Selwood, Dangerf, Beams, RICH, CEYolmen, Cripps (Heeney, Miller, Smith)
    Goldstein, TBC (Cox)
    Swan, Bennell, TEX, Bont, Gray, Hogan (Krak, Clarke)


  10. Pros for Krakouer
    – DPP Status
    – Cheaper Price
    – Good Job security
    – Easier next 5 games then Tarrant
    – Could go back on the Rookie list eventually

    Pros for Tarrant
    – Good Job security
    – Not on the Rookie list
    – Good intercept marker
    – He is a Key Position Player
    – Has a harder next 5 games then Krakouer
    – Won’t average 114

    Add anything if you like


  11. The DPP is a massive advantage for Krakouer. Even if he isn’t in the team he’s valuable. Tarrant’s injury history is scary, but he could injure himself tripping over the banner and get subbed straight out and still make 70k. He could do the same the next week and make another 30k. Surely after the first incident they would train him during the week on banner run throughs and he will make more than 100k though. Get both!


  12. My options this week are.

    Sandilands out for Goldy
    NVB out for Krak


    Lambert out for Tarrant
    NBV out for Krak


  13. I know this is a Tarrant-Krak thread and most likely everyone will be hitting the trade on these two for some serious $$$ growth. There’s another name i’d like peoples thoughts on this week who is on the bubble and when healthy for a full season averaged 84.7(2013) 61.6(2014 only 10 games) he is currently priced at an average of 36.8 and due for a rise.

    Brendan Whitecross

    He seems to have job security(even more so with Lake now out for a little)


  14. Already traded in Krak last week. Looking at Tarrant to replace either:

    T/U: Ahmed Saad (vests)
    T/D: Nakia Cockatoo (vests and poor scoring in full games)
    Comment: Don’t do it!

    Cockatoo is due to rise a little next week but only around $5k. Seems better to use a trade and make money on Tarrant than let these two fizzle on my bench.


  15. Hi Guys,

    Is it worth burning one trade by trading out NIC NAT to GOLDY, at the moment Goldy looks like a must have Ruckmen…..thoughts would be much appreciated….I am saying this as “burning a trade” because it is actually a sideways trade that I am considering to do with Nic Nat to Goldy…..

    Thinking of below trade options, I have already got Krak in my team….if I do 2 trades this week will be left with 25 trades…

    THUMBS UP: Do one trade and get on Tarrant by trading Tom Bellchambers
    OUT: TBC
    IN: Tarrant
    left with $197k (approx) in the warchest…

    OUT: Nic Nat & TBC
    IN: Goldy & Tarrant
    left with $52,000 (approx) in the warchest…..

    Thoughts would be really appreciated…..



  16. What do you guys think?

    Option 1 (TD): Trade out Anderson for Krakouer, and Lambert for Tarrant
    Option 2 (TU): Trade out Anderson for Hannebery (or simliar priced Premium, and Lambert for Krakouer

    As youve probably notice, i have about 400K in the bank. Not sure if i should tank a little bit for one more week for increase in player value.


  17. Some analysis on the NVB v Heeney debate. On the assumption Heeney averages 66 for the next 3 and 5 weeks respectively his price rise after 3 and 5 weeks will be $33k and $63k respectively. On the assumption NVB averages 80 for the next 3 weeks and 78 for the next 5 weeks his price rise after 3 and 5 weeks will be $39k and $69k respectively. These averages and price rises come straight from the system. My view given that I would say that there is more certainty that Heeney would exceed his predicted average than NVB is to trade NVB.


  18. I only have $10k at the moment, so can’t simply go lamb and lambert to krak and taz

    Assuming I bring both in, I’ll have to cull a rookie, albeit a bit early perhaps. My options are:

    Heeney. Pros- proven scoring ability, probably another $100k to make. Cons- his 7 will hang around like a bad smell for 2 more weeks, possibly injured, positive BE

    Lonie. Pros- looks to have good JS, negative BE, coming off a score of 84. Cons- plays as a small forward which will see his scores yo-yo a bit, poor delivery into his forward line won’t present too many easy stats

    Clark. Pros- will play every week unless injured, looks likely to go huge one week, spending time in the ruck, negative BE. Cons- scores will yo-yo often and significantly, is a KPP who often don’t score well,

    Of the 3, if you had to choose 1 to trade, who would you guys trade?

    Ps- I also have Salem and hogan, but not gonna trade either of those guys yet.


  19. Weighing up whether or not to trade Tarrant in as I don’t want to waste trades
    Will be bringing in Krakouer for McGrath. Can’t decide whether Tarrant will be worth a trade and who I should trade for him out of Ahmed Saad, Heeney, NVB just not sure
    What’s the community thoughts???


  20. Am I the only one here thinking of keeping lamb for the time being? I made the mistake of putting cox as my 3rd ruck with Collingwood playing a lot of Friday night games…this stuffed my ability to use the captain loophole.

    My thoughts this week was to hold lamb and trade out Heaney and NVB for taz and krak. This way I pocket more cash (albeit probably going a bit early on heeney but my thoughts are by the time he starts making cash again there will probably be a few more mid rooks on the bubble) and I have a better option for the loophole for the next 7-8 weeks.

    Please don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m crazy. Holidaying in Europe at the moment so the lack of footy every week could be putting my head out of whack!



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