TEAM League Finals Week Three

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 18 2017

THE TEAM@SCT1 (Ranked at #370 overall)

Not only did benty691 just miss the ‘Perfect9’ last week, he bowed out of the #1 League in straight sets.  Lisa continued her good run with another close win and she’ll meet the Bearded Burbler in this weeks Prelim.


THE TEAM@SCT2 (#210)

The only major Prelim that the TEAM has qualified for……League #2.  It’s going to be tough without Hurley & Neale this week but stranger things have happened.  Jobe Robbed has been in the Top1000 for most of the season and will be hard to beat here.


THE TEAM@SCT3 (#396)

Bumper clash coming up in League #3 with Thommo facing off against Roos Your Daddy who is coming off a massive score from the Qualifying Final.  The winner will be hard to beat in the GF next week.


THE TEAM@SCT4 (#1345)

No Worries from Tim is closing in on the top prize in the SCT Group and he’s gotta be a big chance to take out League #4.  JJ’s Circus is sure to give him a big target to chase though.


THE TEAM@SCT5 (#541)

Shaggi made it through to the Prelims with his Buttslappers.  Ta Chan managed to get there after a big win over Salamander Jack.


THE TEAM @SCT6 (#453)

Forum Regular Don Kevos is still alive and kicking in League #6 but will have to improve on last weeks score to have any realistic chance.


THE TEAM@SCT7 (#508)

Besiktas from Murat is on a roll at the minute after two big scores.  He even eliminated 97 Flamingos from cambeat10, one of the highest ranked SCT Coaches of the season.


THE TEAM@SCT8 (#971)

Scrambled Legs is still in the running for the SCT Group Prize but will have to overcome Dave with Ballsandall in the Prelim Final here in League #8.


THE TEAM@SCT9 (#222)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmThe Death Adder found his way to the Prelim Final but will face some stiff opposition from Jeff in Thailand.  Jeff is a regular in our SCT Abroad League and currently sitting inside the Top1000.


THE TEAM@SCT10 (#588)

If Dependlebury and backtoback can emulate their efforts from last week, they might stand a chance of making the GF in League #10.


Good luck to you all on the weekend, Coaches!  C’mon TEAM!!


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6 thoughts on “TEAM League Finals Week Three”

  1. The Dangerman and the highest ranked player in the Team@SCT9 Hutta is out after some late season trade blunders or just Bad Luck.

    I am up against it a bit with Selwood and Lynch on the bench , but have decent cover even being able to bench Shaw. I will be interested to see if Jeff has any Trades left as he has Ablett and Lynch on his bench joined now with Neale.


    1. Bit of A, bit of B.

      Combine not loopholing Ryan’s 130+ the other week combined with J.Selwood, Z.Merrett, T.Lynch and now Neale, I’ve been sunk.



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