TEAM League Prelim Finals – #1-5

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 15 2018

Here’s a brief overview of the Prelim Finals in all of our TEAM Leagues………..



The Top4 from the regular season have made it through to the Prelim Finals in the strongest TEAM League of the season (#267 overall).  TingerLickingGood is sure to be favorite after his recent 2781 (!!) in the Qualifying Final.  Yiorgakis (The Blundstone Collector) is still there so he’s not to be underestimated.  Keen to see the results here………



The TEAM is in three Prelim Finals, here is the first of them……….After some wise trading during the week, I’m expecting the TEAM to get up in a close one against Grinter.  He’s had a bit of luck in the close ones getting here and I’m hoping his luck (just) runs out.  Our stats man, Adam, had a big week in Qualifying Finals and is placed nicely to make the GF here………..



The TEAM has got its work cut out here.  Will be a tough game against My Cotchin Rules who went over 2600+ in the Qualifying Final.



Massive repercussions from League #4 this week.  Lisa is leading the $500 SCT Group Prize while Jataal’s Peroxide Bombers have skipped clear in Catta’s Comp 2018 Jataal is also just 150-odd pts behind Lisa in the SCT Group Prize after a couple of monster scores.  In the 2nd Prelim, we also have Forum regulars Shaggi against AllSaints.  Expecting some more big scores with both Coaches (from memory) inside the Top2000.



One of the stronger TEAM Leagues, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Jake with his side Footy McFace.  He just eliminated the TEAM in a close one last week.  Best of luck to you all!


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1 thought on “TEAM League Prelim Finals – #1-5”

  1. Sorry about knocking the team out in SCT5 (Jake)
    I will probably get annihalated by Griggsy after his first final score! Though like the team, have two trades up the sleeve which im hoping will come in handy!



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