TEAM League Premiers 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on September 1 2017

All the results from the TEAM League Grand Finals…………



We predicted a really close one last week and that’s what we got.ย  Sean’s Mob just edged out the in-form Lisa and her Amazons.ย  Well played, Sean! A sub-par effort from Gawn probably made the difference between these two sides.ย  In some consolation, Lisa took out the SCT Chicks League and still came away with a pair of Blundstones ๐Ÿ˜‰



This one came right down to the wire with Mollys Allstars just getting over Magnificent by 10pts.ย  The strongest TEAM League also produced one of the closest finishes.ย  It’s hard to blame a loss on one player, but in this case, Dylan Roberton cost Michael the GF win with his effort of 31pts.ย  That’s how easily a big game can swing in Supercoach.ย  Congratulations to Wayne!!



Ryan came out on top against Roos Your Daddy and it can be attributed to 3 PODs on the weekend……Buddy, M.Crouch & Sloane.ย  Those three points of difference made all the difference in this GF.ย  Well done to Ryan!



Grant gambled against Danger as Captain but JJ’s Circus would’ve been too strong either way. James produced one of the highest winning GF scores from last weekend.ย  Well done to JJ for capping off a solid year! (Top 500 finish from memory?).



A bitter pill for Shaggi to swallow with his Buttslappers going down by 19 pts against Snoil.ย  Many excuses could be made for under-performing players but in the end, Shaggi copped a donut up FWD and didn’t have any trades or cover.ย  That’s not Snoil’s fault however and Shane is definitely a deserving winner of League #5!



Murphy’s Law had Buddy Franklin while Don Kevos had Dylan Roberton……and that made all the difference in this GF with just a 70pt margin.ย  Congratulations Ken!



Really tight one here with Purple Hippos just prevailing by 14pts.ย  Both teams had their share of under-performing ‘premiums’ but Merrett & Sloane just made the difference at the end of the Round.ย  Too bad for Control Freak who had been in top form through the Finals.ย  Well done, Jacob!



Ballsandall followed on from last weeks massive Prelim Final victory with another monster score to take out the GF in League #8.ย  Shaw, Bont & Mummy didn’t help the Pingers cause but Dave was simply far too strong on the weekend.ย  Well played, Dave!



Despite carrying Tuohy, Roberton & Ben Ainsworth, Thaitanic proved too strong for Magic Kid thanks to some solid scoring from Buddy (who else?), Goldy & Sloane.ย  A big finish to a solid year, well done Jeff!




This GF win to Kebapi can be traced to four PODs on the weekend……Buddy, Dusty, Fyfe & Sloane.ย  The predictions from last week were fairly accurate and Kebapi was able to back up his massive Prelim Final score of 2673.ย  Bad luck to the Fiddlers but all credit to Jason in this one!


Thank you all for playing and participating in the TEAM experiment!ย  Congratulations again to all our League Premiers and I hope to see you all again next season…………


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2 thoughts on “TEAM League Premiers 2017”

  1. Thanks Schwarz, fantastic job all year, massive commitment and dedication to the site to keep it the best site on the net.

    Sidenote: would’ve liked a top 500 finish but actually landed in at the 661 spot, but thanks for the thought.

    Cheers to all and hope to see you all next season.



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