Team Names – Final Poll

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 18 2016

If you’re reading this then you are already part of THE TEAM.  The first of its kind…….a Supercoach side devised by the greatest minds in football (you, of course!).

First task was to vote on a name.  Our three finalists (at time of writing) are:

The Team@SCT (Phil)

GaryWhyYouLyon@SCT (Joel) &

TheChosenOnes@SCT (Catta)

These three had the most thumbs up on our previous post.  You have until Friday night (8pm) to put in your vote and select your favorite name.

Thank you for all the name suggestions!  Great to see you all getting behind our team!!


Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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15 thoughts on “Team Names – Final Poll”

  1. It’s what goes around comes around I am afraid. Lyon has laid the boots into plenty of players that have had their own personal issues and troubles.

    It is a very delicate situation where I feel for Lyon as well as he battles his demons / mental health issues. I mostly feel for the women / girls involved in the whole sorry saga.


    GaryWhyYouLyon@SCT (44%, 84 Votes)
    The Team@SCT (38%, 71 Votes)
    TheChosenOnes@SCT (18%, 34 Votes)

    Total Voters: 189

    Team name is GaryWhyYouLyon@SCT.

    As I stated above with David J, the decisions may not always be popular but the elected choice will always be implemented. This team name passed all the requirements that I set out and it would be un-democratic of me to change the rules now.

    Thank you all for your input and votes! Next week we’ll determine our Ruck Structure…….


  3. Hi Schwarzwalder
    I think the chosen name is a bit tacky as well. As it stands, 105 voters preferred something different to the 84 whose view prevailed. I say this very gently (because the concept is a great idea and you’ve done great work getting it up), but perhaps it’s a touch ironic that one person established the voting rules and one person is responsible for maintaining the line? If it’s all about democracy, perhaps we could all shoulder the load and vote to vote again on the top two suggestions? Plus I’m feeling a bit damaged – I thought you voted for Macarena.



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