Team of the Week – Round 4

Written by MJ on April 27 2015

Here’s the team of the week for round four. How many did you have?? Any alterations you can see?


Liam Picken 143 (Dogs), Samuel Wright 139 (North), Paul Seedsman 137 (Pies)

Josh Gibson 133 (Haw), Sam Butler 130 (Wce), Harry Taylor 114 (Geel)


Patrick Cripps 172 (Carl), Dyson Heppell 150 (Ess), Isaac Smith 147 (Haw)

Dylan Shiel 146 (Gws), Travis Boak 146 (Port), Nathan Fyfe 145 (Freo)


Todd Goldstein 154 (North), Stefan Martin 140 (Bris)


Tom Bell 143 (Carl), Luke Dalhaus 136 (Dogs), Jake Stringer 128 (Dogs)

Devon Smith 128 (Gws), Cameron McCarthy 124 (Gws), Shane Edwards 122 (Rich)


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32 thoughts on “Team of the Week – Round 4”

  1. Had 5 of those, and ended up with a score of 2236, ranked 1073 for the week and jumped up 27,698 places to be sitting at 9,784 overall – stoked! Sitting 1st and 2nd in my leagues.
    This week looking at trading out either Anderson or Lambert for Tarrant, already brought in Krakoer last week for Lamb.
    TU: Anderson
    TD: Lambert


  2. Goldstein, Cripps and Fyfe spared my blushes this week. Had they not performed so well it would have been disastrous. If only I had Fyfe as captain instead of Sloane. I dropped from 70th to 341 overall this week.


  3. DJ and Deano, sorry you guys don’t get much out of these posts. Not everything we post on this site is going to be relevant – last night’s MRP post where the only punishments handed out this week were fines is another example – but we always try hard to be entertaining. If you’ve got any suggestions for a better post we’re all ears.



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