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Written by Motts on March 12 2018

Before we get into my team, let’s just go through a few of Mottsy’s credentials:

  • – 2017 Season Rank: 2,166
  • – 2017 Average: 2,180
  • – Winner of my cash league: 2015, 2016, 2017 (a league that includes Schwarz, Thommo, MJ, Nath, Rex and Andy B)
  • – Inventor of the “Motts Manoeuvre” – a Round 1 strategic masterstroke in 2017 that saw me in the Top 20 overall by Round 4.
  • – Founder of SuperCoachTalk in 2007 – the undisputed #1 site on the web for SuperCoach advice and banter.


Phew, all that tootling of my own trumpet almost blew my lips off!

Anyways, now that I have your attention, here’s my starting squad (or something very much like it) in 2018:

I could go through justifications for each bloke but I think I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

Usual disclaimers stand regarding all rooks needing to start in Round 1 for them to retain their spot.

Any positive comments regarding my team will be gratefully received if you’d like to pop them into Comments.

Any negative comments can be mailed to GPO Box Not Interested in your capital city ๐Ÿ™‚



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30 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Motts”

  1. Hi mitts if I could make an inexperienced purely speculative and outlandish suggestion. Marchbank was impressive JLT 1 when Weitering wasn’t in the side. No 1 draft pick played out of position last year coming into his third year. I think and I stress it is only my uneducated opinion but I think he’ll be the general down back. He might even be a top 6 – top 10 defender. Yes I’m a Carlton supporter. I’m not suggesting you pick him over Marchbank I’m only saying I’m tempted to take the gamble.
    Best of luck to you.


    1. The mids is where the rookies are this season.

      My big question is Dow. His JTL was kinda blah, so what does Motts know? He’s way more aware of the goings on at the Blues than I am. Loyalty or confidence in him?


      1. Im just guessing but I don’t think he’s based the rookies on JLT yet, I think theyre just place holders. There’s no Brayshaw, Banfield or Kelly etc and there’s a lot of expensive ones which he’s probably just put in to allow flexiblility.


  2. Most of the selections don’t need explaining but I’d love an explanation for these two.

    1. Why Mundy?
    2. Why not C Curnow?


      1. I’m opting for Walters rather than Mundy this year. For the 20k cheaper option, Walters will do just as good if not better.


          1. Walters will be a Roller Coaster.

            He is just as likely to put up 140 as 36.
            Injuries always a worry

            Mundy will pump out 90-1o5 every week.
            rarely misses a game.

            Spend the extra $20k.


  3. Mottsy, Iโ€™ve mailed my feedback to GPO Box Not Interested in Melbourne via express post ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nothing vanilla flavoured about this team, which doesnโ€™t surprise me because you always manage to pull off a couple of ballsy moves. Obviously that man crush on Dane Rampe is still present. A distinct lack of Dusty Martin and an extremely high Blues to Tigers ratio is a definite concern. Itโ€™s almost like you think you will beat us Round 1!?


  4. Marchbank recently squeezed out of my team. O Shea there until JLT1. One quarter of JLT is not enough to encourage me that he will play round 1.

    Dow, sorry, but looks like better price growth from lower priced rookies. Same applies with LDU and Rayner.

    I think I’ll be carrying a lot of defensive rooks and 5 mid rookies this year. The defenders are in the right teams to be given a go.


  5. Thanks for all the comments, team! Danger’s pinged hammy yesterday has already seen a re-jig of the team. One of the perils of scheduling this post last week. Marchbank is out too. Still can’t find it in me to pick Dusty though. Prefer Titch TBH.


          1. If you have a rookie on the bench who scores very well in the first game yes (if you have the E on them). Effectively you may lose out 30/40 points in Rd1 but make it up very quickly when they return, especially if they are a huge scoring POD.

            With someone like Zorko in 2018, it was a 1 week suspension. Much risker with an injury.


  6. Ummm it’s different….good luck. Not game enough for that back line. Out of curiosity why Rampe and not Lloyd


  7. Great team Motts.

    I too have Mundy. nice POD , Proven SC player. Still playing plenty of midfield minutes. He is a lock at F2 for me.

    Dane Rampe is another I’m thinking about at D3.
    He comes into the cafe I run in Bondi. He looks super fit and I’m banking on him returning to his 2016 All Australian form.

    With another preseason to Melican and Grundy hanging around .I think Rampe will play on the 3rd tall or resting Mid.This should let him drift off and take plenty of intercept marks.He also has a raking left foot very handy on the smaller SCG.

    I currently have McGrath at D3 I feel he may just have a bit more upside. But who knows Rampe could be a great defensive selection this year.

    All the best for 2018. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Let’s all adddess the elephant in the room.

    You’re all trying to be nice to Mitts but the truth is that this team sucks and he is finally going to be knocked off his perch in our cash league!

    RIP Mitts!


  9. Always the Guru Motts ! Thatโ€™s why always fun seeing your reveals . Mundyโ€™s An interesting one . No Menegola ?



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