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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 16 2017


As always I’m very apprehensive about spending more than $500k on my starting defenders.  Laird looks the best value option over $500k and is capable of a 100 avg.  Howe might not have the highest average but he doesn’t miss too many games.  Expecting him to play a full year with (hopefully) a 95avg which would justify him being at D6 for the season.

Marchbank is in Carlton’s best 22 and I see his job security better than most DEF rookies.  Ditto for Thurlow.  With Bartel & Enright retiring, there’s a spot open for Thurlow and I believe he’s capable of going at a 85 avg.  Looking to upgrade to Doc, Heater, Simmo & Rance at some stage.



Danger, Pendles & JPK……pts & durability over the entire season……..Pendles is under an injury cloud every other week but he doesn’t miss many games.  If he’s named Rd1, he’s in!

Rockliff, Fyfe & Beams……..If they’re fit then I have no doubt that they will all finish as elite MIDs in 2017.  Aware of the risk, but there is such a huge upside to all three.



Despite the low numbers in the JLT Series, I’m sticking with Gawn.  You can’t ‘fluke’ numbers like he did last year and then disappear completely.  Wouldn’t expect Spencer to hold his spot too long after Rd1 (if he’s named).

Sandilands is potentially a Top3 Ruck and his value can’t be ignored with that starting price.  At the very worst, I’d expect him to average 95 up until the Bye Rounds then assess the situation (insert prayer to SC Gods here!).

Braydon Preuss is a tricky one.  If he’s not named for Rd1 then he’ll change to Strnadica, the permanent loophole option.  Just not sure on Preuss, don’t think he’ll see much game time.  Surely Daw will be given more opportunity ahead of him?



In my opinion, Dahlhaus & Macrae pick themselves.  Both capable of consistent 100+ games over the season and dual position status…..perfect!  N.Riewoldt, JJK & Buddy Franklin…….Over the course of the entire season, I think you’ll see similar averages.  It’s just a case of who will score higher early in the season.  Looks like I’ll go with N.Roo given his early run at the Docklands where he scores very well.

Roughead is in most teams and with good reason.  Back to full fitness and now Captain of the Hawks, I’d expect him to still be at F6 at the end of the year.

Still weighing up the whole Ruck/FWD ‘Swingman’ option.  Even as a Tigers fan, I’m not getting carried away with Nankervis‘ early form.  He had a better midfield at his feet in Sydney and was passed up by Naismith.  I’ll probably go all out and won’t bother with a back-up Ruck (for now).



Only really confident of Hampton, Florent & ‘Pepper-Pig’Taranto could still come in if he’s named for Rd1.  His selection depends more on the fitness of Stevie J & Deledio.  Other than that, there’s the usual disclaimer about Rookies and being named for Rd1.  Will be an interesting night at the selection table!


I need your help as much as anyone else that visits the site.  So please, tell me what you think of my line-up. Due to the time difference, I’ll be online later to answer any questions. Thanks, Coaches!



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11 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Schwarzwalder”

  1. Hey Schwarzy

    Pretty solid line up , but would question starting with both Marchbank and Thurlow.

    Rookies as you said up still up in the air , but Freeman will not play Round 1 so i reckon Pickett and Parfitt as mid – fwds will fit the bill as i reckon at least one of them will play Round 1. As you said you will bring in Taranto if named Rd 1. If he is McCarthy would be the one i replace of your 200k rookies to open Mid – Fwd swing as i reckon WHE playing on the wing will score more consistently.

    Talking about the mid – fwd swing set up you will need one in the Mids with 3 of your Fwds having the Rd. 11 Bye , but then again you also have 3 premo mids with the Round 11 Bye as well as Gawn. Therefore , i reckon for your Bye strucure you can only run with 1 of Riewoldt or Macrae as Dahl is a definite lock in my IMO. I would consider downgrading 1 of them to a fwd – ruck swingman , and probably use the cash towards strengthening the backline by offloading Thurlow.

    Good Luck for the year Scwharz , and i will see you on the SC field at some stage this year!!


    1. Thanks Ads……..Not too keen on Marchbank & Thurlow but I think their job security is stable compared to many of the rookies being thrown around. Swingman is always a handy guy to have in the team, but not necessarily from the beginning. Still not panicking with the Rucks, learned my lesson from last year. Read too much into pre-season form and went in undermanned in the Rucks. Was playing catch-up all season after that. Gawn/Goldy will come good again……
      Good luck TDA!


  2. Agreed with Preuss, don’t think he’ll get much game time. North play a very tall line-up, with Waite, Brown and Daw up front and Goldy solo-rucking – Preuss would be on the outside looking in, perhaps getting a gig if any of the aforementioned 4 miss a game.

    Think back to Dan Currie’s stellar Nab cup a few years back, didn’t get a gig and ended up only playing a handful of games for the club.


  3. Love the Rockliff pick! Been burned too many times myself, but as you mentioned he has huge upside. Always nervous when he’s in the opposition’s team.


    1. Rocky, Beams & Zorko…….when I look at the Brisbane list, I don’t see many players ‘stealing pts’ from those three. Unless someone can tell me who the next ‘breakout’ player from Brisbane is, I think those three will continue on with big SC numbers……


  4. Don’t mind your rookie set-up down back Schwarzy although I’ve dismantled my team and redone it with even less rookies than you have.

    I’m starting to think the rookies could be our undoing this season if they get dropped after a week or two.


    1. I’m worried that we will be able to summarize the rookie situation this year as follows: job security, scoring potential, price โ€“ pick two.


  5. Thanks Thommo!
    Like I said above, not so keen on Marchbank & Thurlow but I think their job security is solid. I see them as stable options compared to many other rookies that Coaches are banking on for Rd1.


    1. You’re spot on. I think we need to run more expensive rookies this year than we have in years.

      And now for the mad scramble when the team sheets are posted!


  6. Downgrading McCarthy to Pickett would get you within $200 of being able to upgrade Preuss to Witts, which would give you a bit more security in the event of Sandilands missing a game, without having to bring in Nankervis.

    How you find the extra $200 is up to you, but with a bit of tweaking it shouldn’t be too hard.



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