Team Reveal: Thommos Tribe

Written by Thommo on March 20 2017

Other Supercoach Talk writers, in particular Chips Ahoy!, made reference to team structure. As Chips said, you get no points for structure, but a great starting structure prevents donuts during the season.

So how do you decide on what structure is best?

For me, it’s all about the Nookie.

Or was that Rookies?

For two months now I have fiddled with structures, adding premiums up forward, down back or through the midfield and I have filled the gaps with rookies. Yet as the season draws closer, those rookies are falling away, victims of injury, poor form or team balance.

The best teams on the RMT thread are stacked with midfield guns but there are so many teams relying on rookies who may not be named in Round 1, or if they are named they may be dropped before significantly increasing in price.

That has led me to dropping any questionable rookies from the field and replacing them with fallen premiums or high priced rookies who are at least guaranteed a game.

If I am wrong and cheap rookies are named in Round 1 and have job security then I will simply replace expensive rookies and upgrade mid-pricers to extra premiums.

Behold Thommo’s Tribe 2017!


Premiums – I doubt you need me to explain the selections of Docherty, Simpson or Howe. I am rating them Top 6 defenders.

Rookies – Thurlow, Marchbank and Hampton are expensive but I believe they will all play for as long as they are fit. Otten and Vickers-Willis seem likely to play early but I question their long-term job security so I don’t trust them on my field.


Premiums – Dangerfield, Selwood, Treloar and Fyfe require no introduction. I believe Tom Mitchell will push his average near 110 points per match but I may still get cold feet by next week and use the $70k remaining cash to upgrade him to Josh Kennedy. I’ve avoided Pendles because achilles soreness may mean Buckley moves him out of the midfield for a few weeks. We know he can do it!

Mid-pricers – Like most pundits I see Beams as a worthwhile risk at $420K. I am not as certain on O’Meara so if enough midfield rookies appear I may still downgrade him and use the cash to bring in another premium.

Rookies – My kingdom for a reliable rookie! Powell-Pepper is a no-brainer but the bench spaces are all pure speculation. I believe Barrett and Pickett will play but I’m not sure they’ll score well so I don’t want them on field. Fox could be this year’s Papley as a mature age recruit at Sydney so watch this space!


Midprice Madness – Sandilands and Witts. I can cover one injury should Sandi go down but what if Witts goes down? Unless a rookie ruck surprises us all and plays consistently, who do you bring in for an injured Witts apart from using the Ruck-Forward switch?

If Witts and Sandi both play until their byes I will be ahead of the game. If not? If they both go down? What a mess!

If more rookies play than expected and I spare up more cash, the first player I’ll upgrade will probably be Witts!


Premiums – Dahlhaus has not left my team since Supercoach opened and Riewoldt has been sat at F1 for a while because I am not sold on Macrae and I like a tall wingman!

Mid-pricers – Roughead is an inconsistent scorer but under-priced. I was against selecting him until he started spending so much time in the midfield in the JLT series. If he continues playing in the midfield his scoring should level out.

Nankervis will stay as my F4 to cover my dodgy ruck line-up and I reckon he’ll score well as the Tigers’ solo ruck.

Rookies – Again I’ve dished out the cash for Hoskin-Elliott and Turner knowing they will play. Houston and Eddy don’t look like big scorers but they should be great bench cover and cash cows for a few rounds.

Am I happy?

Hell no, I feel really uncomfortable not having Gawn or Goldstein in my ruck line. If the AFL coaches come to the party and name a couple more rookies I will bring them in and use the cash to upgrade Witts to Goldstein or Gawn, especially if they are named as solo rucks.

Feel free to rate my team and tell me I’m crazy, stupid or whatever takes your fancy. 


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30 thoughts on “Team Reveal: Thommos Tribe”

  1. Personally not sold on the rucks in the slightest. Theres just so much risk there in the one line.

    Have you considered running Darcy Cameron or Pruess at R3 (if named) in that spot to reduce the risk in your rucks and then start with a mid rookie that will get games later in the season (e.g. Atley, Berry etc)? There’s no reason you cant just downgrade to strnadica later too.

    The forward ruck swing is also only as strong as your forward bench rookies and Houston and Eddy are hardly reliable. Ones a key forward and the other is not guaranteed to play many games.


    1. I have considered Preuss and Cameron but I don’t think they’ll play early. If they do I’ll swap them for one of the Port rookies rather than Strnadica.

      I don’t like starting with donuts in other lines because you lose cash generation.


  2. Could probably get a few more Blues into that backline if you really put your mind to it, Thommo. Reckon they might see a bit of it this year?


  3. Some thoughts:

    – Starting mids are almost identical to mine except for Mitchell (I have Parker instead)

    – Defence including bench very solid.

    – Rucks – probably the weakest link but if they give you an average of 85-90 between them until the byes, then you are sweet. If not, good game.

    – Forwards – a few mid-pricers as you say. Personally I’m staying away from Roughy (because he blocked me on twitter a while back) and you’d also have to hope for some decent price rises and harvest a few of these other cows before the byes IMO. Other option may be to downgrade one of the backs and upgrade to a premo in the FWD line (or even Witts).



    1. Thanks Weendog. I have considered upgrading Roughie to Kennedy. I’ll have cash if Stewart plays as I’ll downgrade Thurlow.

      Witts may also become Gawn if I like the Round 1 teams!


    1. The rookies being non-existent means we are all chasing durable guns who won’t need upgrading.

      Trading well and at the right time will be key this season.


      1. I agree. People are being forced into defensive picks and dealing with limited set of options. I would guess, only a guess, that as more people play and study the game there is more knowledge around of how to play it, which moves people towards optimal choices. Or perceived optimal choices at least.


  4. I’ve got exactly the same DEF except Howe. I’ve brought in Wellingham from WCE. Look at his price, look at his pre-season stats. Think about it. I smell a breakout.


      1. 117 (or so), 110, 89… that’s not bad! I’m willing to take a punt!! He might not be a true break out, but if he can average around 90, he is a good deal right now.


      1. From Footywire:

        Past Supercoach Average Scores
        Year Games Average
        2008 12 59.5
        2009 14 68.8
        2010 20 75.8
        2011 17 75.9
        2012 17 81.5
        2013 10 73.2
        2014 13 69.8
        2015 21 76.0
        2016 18 63.2


    1. I’m guessing you are joking Ike but if you are not I suggest you avoid Wellingham. He’ll play more defensively from Rd 1.


      1. Let’s pretend I was joking… gives me more credibility. But if SCT is the place where you can fly crazy ideas, where can you? Thanks for the input everyone!


        1. Not a crazy idea, Ike, more a possible pre-season trap. If they come off you will look like a genius, if not….


  5. Nice team Thommo, I especially like the Simpson and Doc choices.

    I had not really considered Witts until last week and really like the idea of him at R2. However, Nicholls is not on the AFL injures list … do you have any concerns Witts may be replaced by Nicholls as the #1 ruck sooner rather than later?


    1. I’m worried he may get dropped early.

      He is not really suited to the FW /R2 role. I think “Two Metre Peter”
      will get a game ahead of him.

      I’m thinking of going Sandi / Nank.

      With T Boyd (WBD) as cover for Sandi.

      He is awkwardly priced at $290.300.But I think he can ave 85 as R1 at the doggies.

      I hope to upgrade him early and keep Nank at F5 as ruck cover for the season.

      Good luck

      PS this is my squillionth ruck strategy. Hardest line to pick this season.


    2. I love a POD who is actually low risk like Simmo!

      Eade seems to prefer Witts to Nicholls but I’m not 100% sold on this ruck set-up yet. When Round 1 teams drop, I might well bring in Goldstein or Gawn.


  6. Nice team Tommo.

    I’m going a similar structure.

    I hear Heeney is back at training, should only miss round 1

    I’m going to roll the dice and pick him.

    Remember Zorko last year?


    1. Thanks mate!

      To be honest, I wasn’t sold on Heeney even before the glandular.

      Please don’t talk about Zorko or Motts will start gloating about his Zorko loophole!


  7. Don’t mind it at all, Thommo. Time will tell whether that Ruck move is genius or suicidal 😉 I’m not reading toooooooo much into the JLT form, still backing in Gawn for the season. My main concern with Goldstein is having Majak Daw in the team. Father Dougal will look into that later in the week, makes for interesting reading.
    Good luck, Tash! 😉


    1. Thanks mate. Good luck to you as well – we need to make sure we don’t suck again this year for our credibility!

      I like Witts more because he’s a rookie who will play rather than because I don’t rate Gawn. That said, I’m really likely to return to Gawn as R1 again.

      From memory Goldstein was actually not bad with Daw playing last season – averaged high 90s even with his dodgy knee.


  8. Nice team like the Riewoldt pick! Seen a few teams going with Jelwood in the starting line up and interested in peoples thoughts. From memory he has had interrupted preseasons in the past so one would expect a better start this year but some of the high free kicks turning into holding the ball may deflate is game day score? More than likely he is good enough to get the hands free and get a contested possession out of it anyway!
    Not sure who to go Pendles or Selwood?


    1. Pendles is more consistent but I wanted to have a couple of players with a Round 12 bye. Also I am a little worried about Achilles soreness for Pendles.

      I doubt the change in high contact rule will affect Jelwood much.



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