Team Review 2017: North Melbourne

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 14 2017

Roo Bloke is back for another shot at his Kangaroos’ Team Review……and has produced a slice of excellence for us to peruse……Thanks, Roo Bloke!


Hearts to hearts…


Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be hearing that too often this season. Could be a long one for the boys from Arden St despite our blistering start to the Ansett Cup. With a number of the older blokes gone there’s a lot of spots up for grabs and there’s bound to be a young player or two in the round one team. I bring to you an attempt at looking for the diamond in the rough.


DEFENDERS Position SC Price vs Syd vs Haw vs GWS Avg
Robbie Tarrant D 458,500 58 67 63
Jamie Macmillan D 438,500 92 98 90 93
Scott Thompson D 386,300 58 58 58
Shaun Atley D 353,400 70 90 59 73
Luke McDonald D 348,200 75 69 44 63
Sam Wright D 333,200 40 40
Aaron Mullett D 332,300
Lachlan Hansen D 326,400 35 35
Marley Williams D 309,100 79 55 67
Daniel Neilson D 123,900
Ed Vickers-Willis D 123,900 88 80 28 65
Mitchell Hibberd D/M 123,900 31 72 27 43
Declan Watson D 117,300 50 50
Nick Larkey D/F 117,300 5 5
Matthew Taylor D 102,400 54 54
Oscar Junker D/M 102,400



JLT1: 81% GT, 18:8 (K:H), 65% DE

JLT2: 79% GT, 11:5 (K:H), 75% DE

JLT3: 93% GT, 17:1 (K:H), 83% DE


Was a big wrap for him last season but he disappointed with only two 90+ scores leading up to North’s bye round. In that period North were looking hot but MacMillan on the wing/half back was looking like a plodder. After the bye North seriously struggled but J-Mac’s scores dramatically improved with tons in 4 of the last 8 rounds but this did include two stinkers. Seems a little bit up and down so it’s good to see a consistent pre-season. His JLT form shows a high kick:handball ratio which is what you want in your SC defenders. If he can score 90s+ like this he’s a steal at this price. Definitely in my calculations but maybe Callum Mills at a slightly cheaper entry point might be a better risk to take.



JLT1: 86% GT, 84% DE

JLT2: 81% GT, 100% DE

JLT3: 84% GT, 42% DE, 5 clangers


After JLT2 Vickers-Willis would undoubtedly have been in the round 1 team at Arden St but those 5 clangers in JLT3 would have been noticed by the selection committee just like it was noticed by all of us at SCTalk. A cheap rookie back who has the capability of scoring 80s means he’s gotta be a lock in your SC team IF he’s named in round one. Fingers crossed!



JLT1: 54% GT, 58% DE

JLT2: 85% GT, 80% DE

JLT3: 45% GT (missed 1st half), 60% DE


What does it mean that he played only the 2nd half in JLT3? Is that a positive or negative sign from Brad Scott and co? Factor that in and only 54% GT in JLT1 and it’s got me thinking that he’s just outside North’s round one team. He’ll probably be named as an emergency. Definitely someone to keep an eye on and if named worth a selection as his PPM is pretty strong.



MIDFIELDERS Position SC Price vs Syd vs Haw vs GWS Avg
Jack Ziebell M 514,200 81 52 58 64
Sam Gibson M 468,600 45 77 61
Andrew Swallow M 464,800 43 70 87 67
Ben Cunnington M 438,900 98 71 59 76
Trent Dumont M 415,000 96 116 75 96
Ben Jacobs M 282,900
Will Fordham M 123,900
Declan Mountford M 123,900 76 43 60


As a North person it hurts me to say this but we have no fantasy relevant midfielders. Dumont’s probably got the greatest scope for SC relevance but in a year where there’s so many discounted mids on the radar I’d strongly advise against any of these players.



RUCKS Position SC Price vs Syd vs Haw vs GWS Avg
Todd Goldstein R 588,400 94 56 75
Majak Daw R/F 378,800 45 61 53
Braydon Preuss R 123,900 70 95 45 70



JLT2: 65% GT, 14 @ 86% DE, 18 hitouts

JLT3: 88% GT, 11 @ 55% DE, 26 hitouts


Until Preuss came from the clouds to be in North’s round one calculations Goldy was one for the set and forget ruck strategists. He’s a proven SC scorer with a high ceiling and a good injury track record. When considering Goldy’s JLT formline JLT2 was simply easing back into things. In JLT3 he still didn’t play as the solo ruck that we’d want to see to safely lock him in but surely North has learnt from past seasons that the team works better when Goldy is playing as the sole ruck. Surely? IMO, I’d probably steer clear of Goldy. With North likely to lose more than we win and with Preuss and Daw looming on the sidelines he’s just not the lock you’d want from a ruck premo.



JLT1: 77% GT, 8 @ 50% DE, 29 hitouts

JLT2: 73% GT, 6 @ 66% DE, 27 hitouts

JLT3: 76% GT, 3 @ 100% DE, 8 hitouts


Flying into calculations like Relton at a buffet line, Preuss is an interesting SC selection issue. Definitely not an R1/R2 so it comes down to what you want at R3. Like many, at R3 I’m considering a likely non-starter with a heavy Sunday schedule like Strnadica. Based on that alone Preuss is unlikely to make it into my team but I know not everyone is a fan of picking non-starters. If cash generation is your game then Preuss is your man at R3.


** Sidenote: I hope North doesn’t pick Preuss. Think Goldy in the ruck and Brown, Waite and Daw as the three tall fwds is the best set up we could run with in round one.



FORWARDS Position SC Price vs Syd vs Haw vs GWS Avg
Jarrad Waite F 499,400 39 107 49
Mason Wood F 446,100 57 57
Shaun Higgins F 426,400 100 123 68 97
Ben Brown F 415,100
Lindsay Thomas F 343,300 37 64 85 62
Ryan Clarke F/M 306,500 41 16 59 39
Nathan Hrovat F/M 301,400 94 84 59 79
Taylor Garner F 261,200
Jed Anderson F 238,800
Corey Wagner F 206,700 40 42 41
Kayne Turner F 171,400 32 62 102 65
Jy Simpkin F 162,300 42 53 48
Sam Durdin F 123,900 68 44 56
Ben McKay F 123,900 51 34 43
Paul Ahern F/M 123,900
Josh Williams F/M 117,300
Cameron Zurhaar F 114,400 48 48


Shaun Bloody Higgins
JLT1: 69% GT, 21 @ 76% DE

JLT2: 85% GT, 24 @ 83% DE, 5 tackles

JLT3: 41% GT, 14 @ 78% DE (only played 1st half)


If his name wasn’t Shaun Bloody Higgins, Mr Never Again himself, we’d pick someone with a preseason of 100, 123 and 68 (did I say this was in a half of footy?). We wouldn’t even consider it, it’d be a lock. But this is Shaun Bloody Higgins and for the umpteenth season he’s bouncing around in SC conversations. Why do we do this to ourselves???? Has he conjured another way to burn us all? Is this the year he’ll burn us by playing consistently good football but none of us will have him? The numbers tell the story and I try and be as objective as possible on these matters. He’s $426K and listed as a fwd. He’s going to play a hell of a lot in the mids and could avg 90-105. I guess the question is, “are you feeling lucky?”. I fear I will end up including him in my team.



JLT1: 68% GT, 17 @ 82% DE, 2 goals

JLT2: 81% GT, 18 @ 66% DE, 2 goals

JLT3: 84% GT, 16 @ 68% DE, 0 goals


Before the drop in SC scoring in JLT3 I had Hrovat locked and loaded and ready to go. JLT 3 has casts doubts on things for me. If he has to get nearly 20 touches and 2 goals to score a 90 then he’s going to have some days down in the 50s and 60s. Very awkwardly priced for cash generation purposes so this is only for those who don’t mind a mid-price risk. Is he going to be a keeper? NO. Is he going to score highly enough to generate enough cash to help with an upgrade? I’d suggest maybe. He’s in the mix for a spot in my fwd line but I doubt he’ll make the cut. I suggest that you think hard about him before making your call.



JLT1: 85% GT, 6 @ 66% DE, 2 tackles, 1 goal

JLT2: 76% GT, 11 @ 81% DE, 2 tackles, 1 goal

JLT3: 83% GT, 14 @ 78% DE, 6 tackles, +3 FF, 3 goals


Improved with each run which is pleasing. His role in the side is fwd pressure so the 6 tackles would’ve gotten a big tick from the hierarchy. I feel that this type of player is not that SC relevant as it fluctuates too much. BUT, we’re not looking at him as a 21 game player this season, we need  to treat him as a rookie so the probable fluctuations can be looked over as long as he’s playing. More so, his spot in the team looks assured with Thomas and Higgins pushing for midfield time and Garner and Anderson without a JLT hitout. Pick him.



JLT1: 45% GT, 7 @ 71% DE

JLT2: 72% GT, 14 @ 50% DE


North’s first draft pick from last year’s draft so the club obviously rates him. Not sure if he gets a gig round one but he’d definitely be in the mix for a spot off the bench. Not sure about his JS with Garner and Anderson both a couple of weeks away from returning. You probably wouldn’t want Turner and Simpkin. Will probably depend on how many fwd rookies you need and which fwd rookies get named. Keep him in your calculations.


Give it up for Roo Bloke……..thanks mate!! – Schwarzwalder


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15 thoughts on “Team Review 2017: North Melbourne”

  1. Great write-up Roo Bloke!

    It really is Such a pity there’s no nice north premo’s, with the round 12 bye they would’ve been perfect.


  2. Top-notch Roo Bloke! You keep punters like me in the SC business. Comments on Goldy have saved me from making a bad decision. Good on you!


    1. Can’t see Turner scoring at the sorts of levels that Kerridge did last season but i think he’ll score enough to earn some cash. Hopefully he has a couple of big games in round 6-8 sort of period to really beef up his price before we cull him. Like i said in the article, the big question mark would be his position in the team when Anderson and Garner are fully fit but he’s probably at the head of that queue.


      1. Anderson is the biggest spud in the team if brad scott has a brain he shouldn’t be in the best 22 but Garner is a really good young player his just injury prone. I think turner will play at least 20 games baring injury. I also dont see turner being a kerridge because most of turners points will come from tackles or goals. (coming from a north supporter)


          1. Well a couple of north players have been in and out of my team like macmillian, hrovat and goldy.

            Firstly Macmillian i do like the look of him so far this year he has been taking more of a leadership role also his had a really good kick to handball ratio and last year he finshed really well with a couple of big scores, he could average 90+ but at his awkward price i believe tuohy is a better option at the pretty much the same price.

            Hrovat looks really good and will play most of north games but Jack steele looks like a better option only just 50k more.

            Goldy is the most likely north player thats gonna go in my team thats not at rookie price, Im just deciding between goldy and grundy

            ROOKIES: If vickers willis or hibberd are playing rd1 i will put them in my team. Im not sure with turner or simpkin it really depends on other fwd rookies available.


            1. I forgot to mention higgins its a massive risk i had him in but took him out because i already had too much risk in my line up, his gonna score well this year coz of more midfield time but with his history its not great. I had him in 2015 in his only good year for SC and loved him


            2. I think I’ve been waiting for McMillan to breakout for a couple of years. Got all the skill but seems to lack absolute desire, needs to do more than show up 1 or 2 games a year.

              Maybe with the big list change, he’ll stand up.


              1. Last year’s NM review featured a Macmillan write up and I think I also wrote about him in 2015. Last chance for him at being SC relevant. If he doesn’t step up this year he never will. I’m thinking I’ll back him in.


  3. As an Ardent North member here’s my take on a few North players:
    Higgins: more midfield time means more points. Full preseason and looks good > go
    Hrovat: will probably spend more time forward than midfield but plays a supercoach friendly style of game. Awkwardly priced but DPP could be handy
    Goldstein: Can’t go wrong with Goldy. Will be top 3 ruck by end of season. Lock him in.
    Vickers-Willis: predict he will be named round 1 ahead of Hansen for the 3 tall defender role. JS I think is pretty good.
    Hibberd: Buyer beware. Don’t think its his time yet but probably a good downgrade target later in the season. JS the main issue.
    Turner: Really hope he stays fit. Small forward role is his to lose whilst Anderson
    and Garner are unavailable. JS looks pretty good.
    Mcmillan: I’m tipping a break out year with more time spent up the field.

    I am tipping North around the 7-10 bracket.
    Our forward structure will be Waite Brown and Wood making Daw redundant and Goldy sole ruckman

    Great job Roo Bloke. More stats than Bruce McAvaney



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