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Thommo keeps delivering the stuff that will win you your League this year. His team reviews are some of the best SC reading going around this preseason. Get into it!


For a pleasant change, there’s a lot to like about the Demons. The midfield is young but it is taking shape nicely with recent draftees and recycled players, Jesse Hogan looks a rising star in the forward line and the club seems to have stability and a true direction. In addition, Paul Roos seems to have decided that all out defence didn’t work last year so he is pushing a more attacking style during the preseason.


For the Supercoaches the benefits are twofold:  Melbourne is looking to score more fantasy points per game and there is are a lot of value options. So let’s keep our eye on the Red and the Blue!



Round 13 bye shared with Geelong, GWS, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, West Coast



I’ll leave this for you to work out or wait for 2 weeks!




Nathan Jones (MID, Av. 108, 22, $581,200). Jones has done the heavy lifting for years and is now improving as Melbourne’s midfield does, lifting his average disposals, tackles and goals assists in 2014. It seems likely that Jones will hold his average or possibly even improve it with the emergence of the young midfielders like Dom Tyson.

Verdict: Unique option, probably unlikely to improve enough to pick him.


Dom Tyson (MID, Av. 94, 22 games, $506,200). Hands up everybody who traded Tyson too early? Did you also trade Langdon too early? I feel your pain: I still have scars from last season. Tyson managed an amazing break-out season that exceeded all expectations with the few coaches who kept him enjoying his final 6 week average of 114.  The only small black mark against his name was the 37 when Collingwood decided to tag him.

Verdict: Tyson can improve above 94 unless the taggers come knocking. Too risky for small upside?



Lynden Dunn (DEF, Av. 85, 22 games in 2014, $458,100). Dunn had a purple patch in mid-2015 with scores of 116, 144 and 149 from rounds 11 to 13 and his name has been mentioned in a few preseason Supercoach teams. However Dunn only scored over 90 in 7 of 22 games and had plenty of low scores, some even sub-50. His preseason scores of 97 and 42 show he’s back on the rollercoaster again.

Verdict: Too inconsistent for me.


Jeff Garlett (FWD, Av. 48, 9 games, $259,200). He has never been a huge scorer but priced at a 48 average, he offers definite value. At his best he has scored 78 in his last full season at Carlton in 2013.

Verdict: With few rookies around, may be worth a punt.


Heritier Lumumba (DEF/MID, Av. 78, 21 games, $417,000). Averaging 109 playing on the wing in his two preseason games to date, Lumumba is appearing in many a Supercoach team. He hasn’t averaged higher than 88 in Supercoach but he is durable and he did start 2014 with scores of 92, 91, 103, 100 and 107. Can he maintain the rage across a whole season?

Verdict: He’s in the Heath Shaw basket for me; I don’t want him but will likely select him anyway!


Tom McDonald (DEF, Av. 71, 21 games, $381,100). His 2014 statistics don’t excite me with some decent scores between 80 and 90 but only one above 100 (106 in a loss to Fremantle) and many between 40 and 70. However, he has started the preseason well with scores of 99 and 108 so far (although his 24 possessions against the Western Bulldogs seconds means little). If he performs well in Melbourne’s final NAB cup game, could be a smokey option for our backline.

Verdict: A risky option but worth watching!



Angus Brayshaw (MID, $212,300) Weighing in at 91kg at age 19, Brayshaw seemed likely to feature early in 2015 but to date he has played no preseason games for Melbourne. An elite contested ball winner in juniors, Supercoach seems likely to be his game so expect decent scores when he debuts. 

Verdict: Too expensive given his poor job security for now. 


Jesse Hogan (FWD, $130,400). From the limited time I’ve spent watching Melbourne’s preseason (I’m sorry but I couldn’t face two whole games), Hogan seems happy to work up the ground a bit and will earn a few touches even if he doesn’t kick goals. As an 18 year old playing 15 VFL games in 2013, Hogan averaged 15 disposals a game to go with 6 marks and 2 goals so this is likely his natural playing style. 

Verdict: Good job security, worth a spot even though his scores will fluctuate.


Ben Newton (MID, Av. 40, 4 games, $215,000). We all know the story; Newton was too good for the SANFL but couldn’t crack into Port’s elite midfield. He should be a walk-up starter for Melbourne’s midfield and has looked good in the preseason so far

Verdict: If he features in the final NAB match, you must have him.


Christian Salem (FWD, Av. 35, 12 games, $185,000). After 7 vests in 12 games, Salem is super cheap and as we have all seen, he is now playing that quarterback role that general equals decent supercoach scores. His Jekyll and Hyde preseason is a little concerning (scores of 40 and 132) but his job security is good.

Verdict: Unless you can find a better rookie, he’s a must-have in my books.


Aaron Vandenberg (MID, $127,900). Another NEAFL stud who looked good in limited preseason game time in NAB 1 but a head clash prevented us from getting another look at him in NAB 2. If he plays NAB 3 well, he seems likely to get elevated.

Verdict: My crystal ball says he’ll be elevated so if named in Round 1, jump on.


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14 thoughts on “TEAM REVIEW – MELBOURNE”

  1. Nice one Thommo! Pretty much agree with everything above. Lumumba is a lock for me as he’s a decent enough choice of a bunch of average defensive options and will have plenty to do! Salem and Newton are exciting, and potential upgrade paths to premiums later in the season.

    Vandenberg may have job security problems even after a round 1 selection as Vince and Howe are close to returning from injury. Vince would be midfield, Howe could be anywhere. Talk of them both playing a VFL practice match soon means Van might be left out. Can’t see him in over Newton.

    The exciting thing about the Dees’ new attacking playing style we saw versus the Dogs (at least for one half) is it’s largely Goodwin behind it all. This makes me a very very happy fan. 🙂


  2. As a Dees supporter, wholeheartedly agree they should be far more SC relevant this year. Lumumba, Newton, Salem and Hogan currently in my team with a watching brief on Vandenburg and even Tommy Mac. Reckon Tyson will up his average by about 8-10 ppg but doesn’t fit into my pure guns and rookies midfield at the moment.

    Brayshaw might be a good downgrade option later in the year but will likely be subject to many a vest. Roos has said rookies need to deserve their spot rather than be gifted games like under previous Dees regimes. The vest action that Salem and JKH saw last year points to the philosophy.

    Anyway, another great writeup Thommo. Cheers.


  3. Great write up thommo
    Melbourne are very relevant this year
    I want to select lumumba but don’t know if I can drive myself to do it
    Newton is a LOCK for me
    Don’t see vandenburg getting many games early
    Salem is in my side but if a cheaper fwd option shows up I’d get them


  4. Awesome write up Big fella, currently have Newton and VBerg locked, eyeballing Harry O he is very cheap option down back still not sure about him though, Same goes to Salem


  5. Jack Watts: “That’s where I’ll play and then maybe (rookie) Aaron Vandenberg can sort of mix and match a bit.” Was that a hint?



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