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Written by Motts on March 26 2015

Who was going to analyse the Kangas if not Roo Bloke? Here, RB casts a loving but clinical eye over the list to pick out the blokes that only an insider would know. Thanks for the excellent analysis, pal. 

A list that’s been building for a few years, a preliminary final last year and three big off season recruits in the last two years (NDS, Higgins, & Waite) has North Melbourne primed for a serious tilt in the next two years. 

In the space of a few seasons we’ve transformed from a young team with lots of potential to the 2nd oldest list in the AFL. Call me biased (I am) but this year could/should/WILL be a big year for North!


In SuperCoach I think there’s some MUST HAVES this year in the blue and white stripes.



Joel Tippett $228,400

He will play every week and he will rise in value but there’s better value North Melbourne options.


Jamie Macmillan $270,900

One of my three must haves from Arden Street. In rounds 1 and 2 last season he scored 90 and 75 before he broke his leg in round 3 and missed most of the season. He was rushed back in round 23 and contributed as a bit player in that game and the finals. His NAB scores were 93 (87% TOG), 71 (74%), 44 (61%). He will finish the season over 400K and will play every week. Unlikely to be a keeper even with our bleak defensive options this year, but he’ll be a good stepping stone to whichever defenders stand up as a premium option.


Shaun Higgins $410,900 (DEF/FWD)

Would you spend a bunch of money on a car with good design features but a lemon of an engine? No. I hope things are different for Missy this year but there’s too much risk and not enough reward. That is despite NAB scores of 136 and 101 in his two games.


Scott Thompson $422,300

Too up and down for me. Scores high and scores low. With the rise of Lachie Hansen last year into the role of loose man in defence, Thompson’s scores seem to have dipped looking at his 2014 score spread.

2014: 6 x >90 & 10 x <75

2013: 10 x >90 & 4 x <75

2012: 9 x >90 & 8 x <75



Trent Dumont $123,900

Played NAB 1 and scored 42. Unsighted since then. Unlikely to feature in the early rounds.


Andrew Swallow $500,600

I’ve read a lot of people discussing Swallow as being ‘unders’ this year. Taking out last year where he was getting back into the swing of things, since becoming a SuperCoach premo, his season averages look like this:

2013 – 103 (taking out his injury game)

2012 – 109

2011 – 112

2010 – 106

He’s currently priced to average 100 so he’s going to probably earn a little money for you but if you’re picking him, you’re saying he belongs in your final team and I don’t think he should be. In other words, go cheaper and get some cash OR go an elite mid.


Daniel Wells $361,400

Discounted due to an injury affected year, Wellsy represents real value. Ignoring 2014, his SC season averages over the previous few years were:

2013 – 96

2012 – 99

2011 – 104

Most people would think that Wellsy will average somewhere near the 100 for the season and if he does then he’ll generate $100K – $150K and he’ll help you step up to a premium or maybe straight swap sideways to a fallen premium. His NAB scores are pretty healthy when you factor in TOG, 75 (60%), DNP, 90 (72%).


Ben Cunnington $497,200

NAB scores were 80 (79%), 96 (75%), 100 (68%). This could indicate he’s going to be the main beneficiary of Levi [!] moving on to the Pies. His highest season average was 96 in 2013 but he’s a smoky to break through and average 110 for the season. It’d be a gutsy move, I’m unlikely to do it as I see better North options, but there’ll be some astute coaches putting their faith in Cunners.



Todd Goldstein $574,400

You know what you’re going to get with this guy in the ruck. Meets all the criteria. Lone ruckmen who racks up the hitouts and playing in a good team with good midfielders. Could be the #1 ruck this season.


Dan Currie $260,200

If Goldy goes down with an LTI (heaven forbid) Currie’s your man.

[Note: Majak Daw has not been listed as a ruck this year – Motts]



Jarrad Waite $491,800

Similar to Shaun Higgins’ write up, this could be a masterstroke from North or a glorious car wreck of an idea that Carlton fans will love to witness [You’re darn tootin’ we would! – Motts]. Will he belt someone? Will he get injured? Personally, I’m just going to cross my fingers and enjoy the ride. He definitely won’t be in my SC team though.


Brent Harvey $578,900

He’s way overpriced with all the DPP options floating around in the forward line. On that alone I’d look elsewhere and save the moolah.


Robbie Tarrant $144,700

For those that haven’t heard he’s listed as a forward but he’s playing down back. Always a bit of a worry with injury concerns but with NAB scores of 32 (75%), 83 (64%) and 59 (32%) plus Tarrant filling in for Grima who’s out with an LTI, he’s a lock in my book.



MacMillan and Tarrant are certainties to make my final team

Wellsy is incredibly likely as well.

Goldy is an obvious candidate and it probably comes down to too many North players for me that will likely make me look elsewhere.

Cunners could take a big step this season and avg 110



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17 thoughts on “Team Review – North Melbourne”

  1. Great review roo bloke also great timing as I was just about to do some study on wellsy
    For me I’m thinking either wellsy or rich at M6 leaning towards wells so what do you think he will average mate?

    Goldy is locked in I’m really not sold on Macmillan

    Tarrant could be very interesting would only consider him for a bench spot
    What is tarrants role?


  2. Thanks for the heads-up with Tarrant! Might be an option if Lamb and/or Lambert aren’t named for Rd1. Nice stuff RB!!


  3. Nice write-up Roo Bloke, great to hear a fans perspective of their team. Have toyed with McMillan briefly but currently out for me.


  4. Damn Roo B. why’d u have to go and do that…Decisions, decisions:

    TU: Go with Roo B. and pick J-Macmillan
    TD: Go with PA and pick B-Goodes


  5. Loved this write-up, RB. Jamie Macmillan is an interesting one. Only in 2.13% of sides at this point in time, so a definite smokie.


  6. Great critical review RB.
    Currently have Goldy locked and loaded and Macmillan pencilled in down back.
    Have Neale, Steven and Wells competing for 2 spots in the mids. Fantasy Freako talks highly of all 3 in the prospectus. Would you consider Wells over either of Neale or Steven?
    (Just saw Steven has signed on for another 5 years at the Saints.)



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