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Written by Motts on January 15 2016

Matteo steps up to the plate to deliver you the good oil on last year’s Runners Up. Thanks for going to the effort, mate! Much appreciated by everyone on the site!

2015 Revisited
Unless you’ve missed 2015 altogether you already know West Coast lost both Mackenzie & Brown at the start of the season. You also already know that despite no one believing we could play finals, we made it to the prelim finals…let’s face it the GF didn’t really count… 2015 was also a good development year. Dom Sheed was our stand out youngster, cementing a place in the team. Liam Duggan played 12 games, Jackson Nelson played 11, Tom Barrass and Fraser McInnes showed promise and Tom Lamb showed off his skills on debut.

Projected Best 22 in 2016

B        Wellingham Mackenzie Hurn
HB     Schofield Brown Sheppard
C        Gaff Priddis Jetta
HF     Darling McGovern Yeo
F        LeCras Kennedy Cripps
Fol     Naitanui Redden Shuey
IC      Sheed Duggan Hill Ellis

Fringes: Butler, Masten, Lycett, Lamb, Hutchings

Crystal Ball
How will the Eagles respond after their Grand Final humiliation? From all reports coming out of the club they’re hungry. Really hungry. Most players have come back from Christmas in top shape. New players have been brought into the team that will strengthen our weakest area (Redden & Jetta). Sheed, Duggan, Yeo, Sheppard, McGovern and Gaff are all set to take their games to a new level. My preseason call, Yeo to finish top 5 in the Brownlow medal. (Ed: Wow, massive call!)

Trades: Sinclar (Sydney), Selwood (Geelong), Rosa (Gold Coast).
Delisted: Newman, Powell, Maginness, Main
Retired: Waters

Trades: Redden (Lions), Jetta (Sydney), Giles (Essendon)
Draft: Partington, Cole, Mutimer, Allen & Snadden

The players of interest

Mitch Brown
Price: $133,900
2014: 43.53
2015 Average: 5
Let’s be honest, Brown isn’t going to start many games for your team…well hopefully he won’t start any, but if your like me and had Nathan Brown last season you’ll know why I’m suggesting you go for him. Once fit he will play week in, week out. As a team we are simply too short without him. Playing Brown and Mackenzie will free McGovern to play forward more. That’s something the Eagles are really keen on. Brown may only get you 40-60 points a week, but having an experienced player that plays every week is important for your bench.

Verdict: LOCK HIM IN.

Jeremy McGovern
2014: 82.46
2015: 79.6
McGovern is an interesting choice. For me right now it’s a pass. Too injury prone, plus no one knows where he will play or how it will affect his scoring. However I will be monitoring his preseason as rumour is he will play CHF and pinch hit in the RUCK which could improve his scoring further.


Elliot Yeo
2014: 65.46
2015: 82.1
With the many injuries we had last season Yeo was forced at times to play as a shut down defender, resulting in a lot of low scores. There were 6 games that Yeo was genuinely played in the middle, unsurprisingly those six scores were 119, 146, 111, 118, 129 & 92. Yeo will play midfield full time this season. Don’t just take my word for it. Adam Simpson said in the West Coast Year Book I just received that Yeo is made for the midfield and there’s where he will play this season, add in the fact he’s training with the forwards part time, I’d expect him to play Midfield and float Forward at times.

Verdict: lock. Lock. LOCK!!! (Ed: this write up and Matteo’s earlier prediction saw Yeo just slide into my backline)

Liam Duggan
2015: 42.6
One of my favourites to watch. This kid will be a superstar. I expect him to cement himself in the team. Is highly rated within the club, Simpson has commented that he has been a stand out so far this preseason. He has great disposal efficiency and if named R1 I would strongly consider. I had him locked until a bucket load of cheap Essendon players have possible become available.


Scott Lycett
2015: 71.8
Is now fit after suffering a groin all year. Not confident he will play every week at this stage.

Verdict: PASS

Dom Sheed
2015: 71.7
Will play every game bar injuries and should improve his average to nearly 90. But let’s be honest at his price there’s better value.


Nic Naitanui
2014: 90.8
2015: 103.9
Showed last year what he can do once fully fit. Will improve yet again as he gains more confidence in his body. Should average 100-120 by seasons end. For me at this stage I’m going S Martin over Nic Nat, purely for consistency.


Lewis Jetta
2015: 83.1
LOL…in my first draft that’s all I wrote but thought I better elaborate. Has turned up to preseason slightly overweight & unfit. Finished last in the 2km time trials held pre Christmas.

Verdict: PASS.

Chris Masten
2014: 84.38
2015: 88.8
With the improvement of our youngsters, plus Redden & Jetta, I feel Masto may be squeezed out of the team. Regardless if that happened or not he won’t be improving on his average. I would pick Libba, Crouch, Omeara and a pack of salt and vinegar chips all before Masten.

Verdict: PASS.

Jack Redden
2015: 95.5
Had Redden in my team for a while, the guy is a tackling machine, which we all know means points galore. A couple of injury setbacks means he’s no longer on my radar until at least mid year.

Verdict: PASS

Luke Shuey
2014: 99.90
2015: 97
Shuey is the hardest player in our team to rate. He should be a 110+ scorer. But so far his only 100 plus year came in 2012. The only reason I’d consider him is because he looks to have finally found some form in the second half of the year in 2015. His last 7 games read 98, 117, 117, 125, 111, 90, & 102.

Verdict: For me it’s still a PASS.

Andrew Gaff
2014: 87.91
2015: 103.8
Took his game to a new level last year and can only see him getting better. I would be wary of picking him in your SuperCoach team as his scores are too inconsistent. Drops under 100 if a hard tag is applied to him, which I think teams will start doing more and more.

Verdict: At his price there are better options. PASS

Matt Priddis
2014: 112.68
2015: 113.04
I would bet my last dollar that more people will have Joel Selwood in their team than Matty Priddis. But here’s the facts about this BROWNLOW medallist. His SuperCoach average since 2009:
104, 108, 114, 110, 101, 112, 113.
Since the addition of Simpson as coach, Priddis has floated forward more sending his scores upwards. His best game last season came in round 7, 196 points.

Verdict: I can not belive I’m about to say this, if you want a POD, pick Priddis. LOCK

***You will notice that I skipped all of this years draftees, don’t pick them, barring a whole heap of injuries, none will play.


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26 thoughts on “Team Review – West Coast”

  1. Great write up Matteo!

    Honest unbiased assessments made on the players you reviewed.

    Brown is probably the only LOCK for me , but will consider Priddis and Yeo.

    Only thing I would say you are a touch optimistic predicting Yeo for a Top 5 finish in the Brownlow. As a rule players don’t come out of nowhere and start getting votes off the Umpires no matter how well they play early on their careers.
    Dylan Shiel is an example of that from last years Brownlow.


  2. Nice write up Matteo. I won’t start with Priddis but as usual he’ll be brought in mid-season. Hopefully before he scores almost 200 this year!

    If I pick Yeo and he spuds up, I’ll hunt you down!

    As a Hawks member, can I just state that the GF does count ?


  3. as a fellow eagles supporter I must say, a very impressive review! I agree whole-heartedly with what you have written about duggan, there just seems to be something about him that makes me think this guy could become the next scott pendlebury. As for masten, while I too am finding it hard to fit him into the 22, I still feel that he is in favour with the coach, and maybe jetta being unfit as you said, might find it a little harder to get into the team as he might have thought. believe me, jetta is not a walk up start, and hes gonna have to work hard to knock masten out of the team, this is the guy who yearly wins the time trials, lets not forget. having said all this, the only supercoach relevant players in my eyes are yeo duggan, and potentially nic nat.


  4. I similarly predict big things from Yeo and while I hope to see him ranked in the top twenty players , I won’t be relying on the umpires ability to identify talent. I think McGovern will consolidate his defensive role this season and only sparingly be used as a swing man up forward . This will place M. Browne on the interchange and give C. Masten a regular spot.


  5. I also initially had Stefan ahead of Nic Nat, but I think I’ll start both now… Nic Nat after round 7 averaged 115 (would price him around 620k so he’s a bargain), not bad at all, and Stefan averaged something like 117 without Leue

    not yet convinced on Yeo, will consider but will be hard to convince me not to pick Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel and Smith as my premium back 4


  6. Can you elaborate on what was said in the WCE yearbook mate re: Yeo?

    I’ve been looking for some confirmation from Simpson of what his role will be this year.


  7. ***UPDATE***

    A couple of updates from training. I’ve been to a few training sessions to have a look at how the Eagles are travelling and spoken to a few mates that work within the club. Here are some updates on some players of interest.

    M Allen
    I did mention none of our draftees will play this year and I stand firm of that belief. However should Darling/Kennedy get injured, Allen would have no problem taking there place. This kid looks like a ready made footballer, he’s already been touted as a possible long term replacement for Kennedy. Keep an eye on him.

    J Nelson
    This kid is burning up the track. He is playing all over the ground through training, I’m telling you now, if named R1 you have to consider him. He was forced into a defensive role when he played for us last year. Should have the freedom to run now that we have less injuries. Monitor closely.

    S Lycett
    Since posting my article Scotty has had a phenomenal preseason. Is now 100% fit and ready to go. News that McGovern will not be risked in the ruck means that the Eagles will have to play 2 ruckman as they will not risk Nic Nat being burnt out. I still would pick Lobbe over Lycett, but would be a great POD. Monitior.

    J McGovern
    Still no news on exactly what role he will play. From what I’ve heard he won’t play ruck, but will be used as a FWD/DEF swingman. Mitch Brown has also been trying up FWD and down in DEF. One would assume they will rotate there positions. Monitor NAB Cup.

    Nic Nat
    Nic is burning the track! So much so that the club has had to slow him down a bit. Everyone I have spoken to has said the same thing, Nic Nat will be a beast this year! He is 100% fit and flying on the track. I’ve swapped S Martin for him. Lock him in!

    M Hutchings
    Very awkwardly priced and I will still pass, but thought I’d mention is over his groin issue and is training the house down. Is considered a best 22 player. Still pass.


  8. Thanks for the update Matteo..

    Putting Nic Nat on my radar but know I would be spending too much with Goldy/Nic combo which worked great last year..

    Lobbe is my 2nd, may have to pass up Goldy for NN this year.



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