TEAM Wrap-Up 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 31 2017

If you’re reading this then you were part of our TEAM, where all SCT Coaches can help mould the line-up………….

Final Ranking for 2016: 6753

Final Ranking for 2017: 24571

No Premierships (not even a minor!) and a big drop in the Rankings from 2016……..Disappointing year from the TEAM.  We seem to have missed most of the ‘season-defining’ moves that seperated the strong from the weak this year.  Final Line-Up as follows:


(More misses than hits this year, I’m afraid)


Sam Docherty – HIT

While Heath Shaw was also in our starting line-up, Doc was the one DEF you really needed from the start.  A 114 avg capped off another magnificent season.


Jack Macrae – HIT

Seemed obvious that he’d be a Top6 FWD with all his midfield time and he didn’t disappoint with his 106 avg (#1 FWD!!)


Heath Shaw – MISS

An original member of the TEAM in 2017, Shaw never really got going and was a welcome luxury trade after Rd16.


Michael Hurley – MISS

This might seem a tad harsh given he had a stellar year yet the TEAM brought him in after Rd18. We only got three of a possible five games out of Hurls and not many pts.


Jarrod Harbrow – MISS

Monumental miss……….I made the executive decision to bring him in as cover for the Bye Rounds only to have him suspended for drink driving.  Upon his return he crunched out two handy tons then didn’t score over 80 for the next seven weeks (including a lowly 21 in Prelim Final week).  Never again………


Tom J Lynch – MISS

As with Harbrow, the idea was that Lynch would give us some cover during the Bye Rounds.  While he did provide cover, his first two scores for the TEAM were 37 & 39.  Lynch only scored two tons for the TEAM with six scores under 85.  To top things off he missed the last four weeks of the season with injury.  Big mistake…..huge!


Adam Treloar – MISS

While he had some big days again this year, a Midfielder with a season average of 101 just isn’t enough in this competition.


Tom Rockliff – MISS

This was a season-defining move, just in the wrong direction unfortunately.  Before injury, Rocky’s average was 123 and he ended the season with 96.  To think of the other players we could’ve taken at that time………


Pendles to Selwood to Neale – MISS

Didn’t get much out of Selwood before he did his ankle then we only got two games out of Neale for a 44 & 93………who said conserving trades was a good strategy? 😉


I could probably nit-pick and make cases for more ‘misses’ but I don’t have the strength 😉  I’m still a fan of the TEAM.  Not only does it add an extra element to the SCT site, it also helps reflect on our own SC sides (future moves, best rookies and so on).  If you have any suggestions for the TEAM in future, then please type them into the Comments below.  Thank you all for your participation in 2017 and I hope to see you again next year!!




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1 thought on “TEAM Wrap-Up 2017”

  1. Thanks for running the Team again. I’m sure it’s a lot of effort and you do a pretty outstanding job at it!

    I think half the problem this year was that it was very re-active. The early week posts meant a lot of the votes were possibly not considered enough, so we were dumping players or bringing others in more out of passion

    Having said that, it’s never going to run perfectly no matter when the posts go up, but we’ll be better next year!



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