Teams R13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 15 2017

First of the team installments are in, cheers Chaos Theory & Dermot!

Thursday, June 15

West Coast v Geelong at Domain Stadium, 6.10pm AWST

West Coast
B: S. Hurn, E. Mackenzie, W. Schofield
HB: E. Yeo, J. McGovern, B. Sheppard
C: A. Gaff, S. Mitchell, T. Cole
HF: L. Jetta, J. Darling, D. Sheed
F: M. LeCras, D. Petrie, J. Cripps
R: N. Vardy, M. Priddis, L. Shuey
I/C: L. Duggan, J. Nelson, M. Hutchings, T. Barrass
EMG: C. Masten, S. Wellingham, J. Hill
IN: T. Barrass, T. Cole
OUT: S. Butler (Omitted), J. Hill (Omitted)

B: A. Mackie, T. Lonergan, J. Kolodjashnij
HB: T. Stewart, L. Henderson, Z. Tuohy
C: C. Guthrie, J. Selwood, N. Cockatoo
HF: J. Murdoch, R. Stanley, J. Parsons
F: D. Menzel, H. Taylor, S. Motlop
R: Z. Smith, S. Selwood, P. Dangerfield
I/C: J. Bews, M. Duncan, D. Lang, S. Menegola
EMG: W. Buzza, J. Cunico, T. Ruggles
In: R. Stanley, J. Bews
Out: T. Hawkins (Suspension), M. Blicavs (Soreness)


Friday June 16 at Etihad Stadium (7.50pm)


B: M. Williams, R. Tarrant, J. Macmillan

HB: L. Hansen, S. Thompson, L. McDonald

C: S. Gibson, B. Cunnington, R. Clarke

HF: K. Turner, J. Waite, T. Garner

F: M. Wood, B. Brown, T. Dumont

FOL: T. Goldstein, J. Ziebell, S. Higgins

I/C: N. Hrovat, A. Mullett, S. Atley, D. Mountford

EMG: J. Anderson, A. Swallow, B. Preuss

IN: D. Mountford

OUT: E. Vickers-Willis


B: J. Geary, N. Brown, D. Roberton

HB: J. Newnes, J. Carlisle, S. Gilbert

C: L. Montagna, K. Stevens, J. Billings

HF: J. Sinclair, N. Riewoldt, M. Weller

F: J. Gresham, J. Bruce, T. Membrey

FOL: B. Longer, S. Ross, J. Steven

I/C: L. Dunstan, B. Acres, J. Lonie, J. Webster

EMG: T. Hickey, J. Steele, B. Rice

IN: N. Riewoldt, L. Dunstan, J. Lonie

OUT: P. McCartin, J. Steele, N. Wright


Saturday June 17 at the MCG (1.45pm)


B: A. Rance, D. Astbury, D. Grimes

HB: J. Short, B. Houli, B. Ellis

C: K. McIntosh, S. Edwards, T. Cotchin

HF: D. Martin, D. Rioli, J. Castagna

F: J. Riewoldt, K. Lambert, S. Lloyd

FOL: T. Nankervis, S. Grigg, J. Caddy

I/C: D. Prestia, S. Bolton, C. Menadue, D. Butler

EMG: B. Lennon, O. Markov, T. Stengle


B: N. Smith, H. Grundy, H. Marsh

HB: Z. Jones, D. Rampe, C. Mills

C: I. Heeney, J. Kennedy, J. Lloyd

HF: G. Rohan, L. Franklin, G. Hewett

F: T. Papley, S. Reid, K. Jack

FOL: S. Naismith, D. Hannebery, L. Parker

I/C: W. Hayward, N. Newman, C. Sinclair, D. Towers

EMG: J. Dawson, S. Edwards, O. Florent

IN: G. Rohan

OUT: L. Melican


Saturday June 17 at the Adelaide Oval (4.35pm)


B: D. Houston, T. Clurey, J. Hombsch

HB: M. Broadbent, T. Jonas, H. Hartlett

C: B. Ebert, O. Wines, J. Polec

HF: S. Gray, J. Westhoff, S. Powell-Pepper

F: C. Wingard, C. Dixon, J. Trengove

FOL: P. Ryder, R. Gray, T. Boak

I/C: J. Neade, J. Impey, A. Young, D. Byrne-Jones

EMG: M. White, D. Howard, B. Ah Chee

IN: A. Young, J. Neade, D. Houston

OUT: J. Pittard, J. Toumpas, B. Ah Chee


B: D. Gardiner, H. Andrews, D. Rich

HB: S. Mayes, T. Cutler, M. Paparone

C: N. Robertson, D. Zorko, R. Lester

HF: L. Taylor, J. Berry, H. McCluggage

F: D. McStay, E. Hipwood, J. Barrett

FOL: S. Martin, T. Rockliff, D. Beams

I/C: R. Harwood, R. Bastinac, R. Mathieson, A. Smith

EMG: L. Dawson, A. Witherden, M. Close


Saturday June 17 at Metricon Stadium (7.25pm)


B: J. Joyce, J. Leslie, K. Kolodjashnij

HB: P. Hanley, S. May, A. Saad

C: M. Rosa, G. Ablett, D. Swallow

HF: J. Lyons, T. Lynch, J. Lonergan

F: A. Sexton, P. Wright, J. Martin

FOL: J. Witts, A. Hall, M. Barlow

I/C: S. Lemmens, B. Ainsworth, B. Matera, M. Willis

EMG: B. Fiorini, C. Ah Chee, R. Thompson


B: L. Plowman, L. Jones, C. Marchbank

HB: E. Curnow, J. Weitering, S. Docherty

C: T. Williamson, P. Cripps, K. Simpson

HF: D. Thomas, L. Casboult, D. Cuningham

F: S. Petrevski-Seton, J. Silvagni, Z. Fisher

FOL: M. Kreuzer, B. Gibbs, M. Murphy

I/C: M. Wright, B. Boekhorst, J. Lamb, C. Curnow

EMG: B. Smedts, N. Graham, H. McKay

IN: S. Petrevski-Seton, B. Boekhorst

OUT: L. Sumner, A. Silvagni


Sunday June 18 at Etihad Stadium (3.20pm)


B: D. Morris, Z. Cordy, J. Johannisen

HB: S. Biggs, E. Wood, M. Suckling

C: L. Hunter, J. Macrae, T. Dickson

HF: C. Daniel, T. Boyd, T. McLean

F: L. Jong, J. Stringer, L. Picken

FOL: J. Roughead, M. Bontempelli, M. Wallis

I/C (from): L. Dahlhaus, T. Campbell, B. Dale, L. Webb, T. Liberatore, M. Honeychurch, B. Williams

IN: D. Morris, T. Campbell, T. Liberatore, M. Honeychurch, L. Webb, Z. Cordy, B. Williams

OUT: M. Boyd, T. Cloke, F. Roberts, M. Adams, T. English


B: O. McDonald, Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta

HB: Michael Hibberd, Sam Frost, Bernie Vince

C: Jayden Hunt, Jordan Lewis, Nathan Jones

HF: Clayton Oliver, Jack Watts, Mitch Hannan

F: Tom Bugg, Christian Petracca, Jeff Garlett

FOL: Cam Pedersen, Dom Tyson, Jack Viney

I/C (from): Christian Salem, Jake Melksham, Sam Weideman, Alex Neal-Bullen, Jake Spencer, Ben Kennedy, James Harmes

IN: Spencer, Kennedy, Weideman

OUT: Nil


Adelaide, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, GWS Giants, Hawthorn



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53 thoughts on “Teams R13”

    1. The team doesn’t have Butler.. didn’t go that mid priced mad! Probably mistaken Butler (Rich) who was traded out a few weeks ago.


    1. Had him in my side for about a month, tonned up or close to it a couple of times had a poor game and hasn’t been seen since. Cashed him in for scooter who has probably taken his spot in the team.


  1. With Jack Steele out, and who knows what other nasty surprises awaits this evening when the teams drop? We need Brett Eddy to be named to save the day ( Ok, maybe not save the day! but his 50 points are better than a doughnut) He has been lost in the SANFL wilderness for the last 10 weeks. It is time to bring the kid home and give him some hope(and his 70,863 owners) This cash cow has been left to wither away. Call the RSPCA!, start a campaign! Save this little cow ( save our season). Let him fatten up as he should…so we can slaughter him and help buy that elusive premium.. No! No! (Don’t want any shit from the RSPCA). I mean we guide him out into the World of AFL, wishing him well…. but just don’t go large.


    1. You haven’t seen the last of Jasper Mcmillan Pittard, Hutta. I’ll tell you that much.

      I’ll be back.


        1. I’ve convinced Sam Powell Pepper to beat him up for me this week.

          Honestly, it didn’t take a lot of convincing.


            1. > Second year player.
              > Likes to be called Beast-Mode
              > His own captain called him out last year for ducking
              > Thinks he is God’s gift to AFL


      1. No clue but i can get 18 this week because of him so i think he will be worth it just for the one week


        1. Dug this up from the North website:

          The Roos take on St Kilda and Mountford lines up for just his second game in the royal blue and white stripes.

          The number 42 has averaged 21 disposals and seven tackles a game at Werribee this season.

          As confirmed earlier in the week, Vickers-Willis is out with a PCL injury, while Jed Anderson, Andrew Swallow and Braydon Preuss are the emergencies.


          1. Looking at it he has been picked over swallow so a good week should keep him as there are no players on the cusp coming back from injury i believe


      2. Roo Bloke!!?? Where are you? Need a comment on Mounford JS please.

        Will he hold a spot with EVW out?

        He may be the only way I can get 18 on the park this week…


  2. phew bolton and parsons survived! other good news is that gawn’s return postponed for at least another week which gives more time for greenwood to fatten.


  3. Geez, only got 16 as it stands so really want to turn Steele into Yeo/Macrae but can only do it if I go Myers to Mountford.

    TU – do it and get 18 this week and a top FWD premium
    TD – don’t do it, Mountford not worth it, just turn Steele into Buddy and play 17 this week
    Comment – other options for dealing with Myers


  4. Think I’m just going to have to cop a donut this week. The Steele out has really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons. No luck with Hibberd (North) or McInnes being recalled to plug the gap either.

    On the bright side, whilst I was previously on the fence re trading Fyfe out, I now take great pleasure in showing Steele the backdoor exit instead and putting him on the never again list after getting burnt two years in a row now…..what was Thommo saying yesterday about fool me twice….


    1. I’m not sure if Hibberd (North) is going to get a recall. His form hasn’t been super in the twos. He has games where he piles up the possies off HB but is inconsistent with his effort and almost seems allergic to the contested ball, issues that were there and made him look really poor at the start of the season. Unless he improves or North cop a tonne of injuries down back I think Hibberd is done for.


  5. Didn’t Get rid of Kennedy (WC) because I had 19 on field. Now with Steele and Boyd out I am so glad to take the 51 from Parsons, a donut and a wasted trade on S. Selwood. :(. Hope there are no more late withdrawal… Anyone with similar misfortune?


    In: D.Morris, T.Liberatore, T.Boyd, M.Honeychurch, Z.Cordy
    Out: M.Boyd, T.Cloke (soreness), F.Roberts, M.Adams (foot), T.English

    No changes



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