Tech League Trade Talk – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 18 2016

How are you travelling in Tech League this season?  Heading your League or lagging behind?

Who’s up for trade this week?  What to do with Sheridan?  Have you still got Jacobs?  Will Robbie Gray have a short holiday?  Wines & Cripps aren’t performing as we would’ve hoped either.  So many leaks and not enough plugs 😉

This is the thread to brainstorm with your fellow Tech League coaches!


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5 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk – Rd5”

  1. Traded Sheridan to Hall last week, and also brought in (St)Ruggles.

    F6 is an issue, with Pap, Menadue or Milera. Might wait until teams – if they’re all named I’ll probably sit on trades this week.

    Jacobs, Cripps & Wines should come good.


  2. Got DBJ in last week so have a bit of cash up my sleeve.
    Traded Byrne out in round 2 for Adams, should have traded out Boner but ah well.

    Sticking fat with Premos, they will come good…. surely??


  3. Honestly don’t know what I’m going to do here… seem to be having a bit more luck with this side injury wise though.

    Might correct some more rookies and give Wines and Cripps the season to sort themselves out.

    Jacobs –> Blicavs happened a few weeks ago… fair to say I was a tad flummoxed when that blew up in my face this past weekend.

    As for Sheridan… Orazio Fantasia has my attention as a sideways option on the upward trend and seeing as there clearly aren’t enough Lions supporters on the original selection panel I’d be inclined to grab Daniel Rich while he’s still at his starting price.

    True story… Stef Martin asked Rich when he regained consciousness on the stretcher… ‘How is Steven May?’


  4. Looking at possibly Cockatoo in, rather than losing my fwd/def dpp link.

    JJ needs to go too, so tossing up DBJ in for JJ and then buying a premo forward (Maybe Zorko, Zerrett or Buddy) versus premo defender (Maybe Rance) and getting Cockatoo or Lyons.

    Tough call which way to go at this stage.



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