Tech League Trade Talk – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 26 2016

While the Head To Head battles remain close, the different Tech Teams are starting to drift apart in their likeness.

Looking at my Tech Side, I see a number of ‘Gray’ areas.  While you have to hold Robbie Gray during this (hopefully short) form slump………how many more chances do we give Sam Jacobs (if you decided to hold till now)?  Is it time to move on Matt Crouch for an elite midfielder?  And now the Tech Leagues are also affected by the injury to Nat Fyfe.

What moves are you looking at for your Tech Team?  This is the thread to brainstorm with your fellow Tech Coaches……….


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4 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk – Rd6”

  1. Burning through the trades, down to 23 already. Will probably do the one this week in Fyfe. Hoping Weitering, BKen can at least hold their price a while, tonne up again, and push their prices up with another low BE. Need to sit tight and let the cows do their business.


  2. Already down to 24 trades but getting done by a couple of points this week makes me think I need a point of difference somewhere. Gotta go Fyfe to someone, maybe Parker, and then thinking Jacobs to big Maxxie.


  3. Jacobs is the big worry but I don’t have any cash to upgrade. The rookies still have cash to make and I still have three non-playing rookies on the bench. Despite that, I think I’ll just hold this week. Hoping Keays and Gresham can get a game soon……



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