Tech League Trade Talk Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 6 2019

Such a close Tech League this year with just a couple hundred pts seperating the Leader from 16th place………I know, ‘cos I’m in 16th place 😉  The Dangerfield injury could hurt a lot of Tech Coaches.  How are you planning for Rd8?


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6 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk Rd8”

  1. I thought trading Hawkins to Heeney a few weeks back would be a master stroke. I was wrong! The thing I love about my tech team is that I can actually make some of the trades I am 50/50 about or think a little bit outside the box, without having to worry about the consequences. Will be looking to bring in a few players flying under the radar in the next month to try and make up some ground. I’m looking at you Ben Cunnington!


    1. Sounds like a plan mate!

      Had an outstanding week last week, finishing top of the entire SCTGroup with a weekly score of 2317. Similar to your thinking DR, I traded in Cameron a few weeks back and he’s been awesome. Brought in ROB for Nank too. Cash and points!
      Bringing in Marshall this week. Danger and Whitfield when the time is right.
      Think I’m 3rd overall and unlike last year, have a heap of trades left!


      1. Awesome work mate! Fantastic effort.
        I also thought about Cameron, but couldn’t bring myself to do it after he knocked out Harris Andrews! It didn’t feel right lol. Has been a wonderful pick though.

        Think you have a good advantage by not having Danger. Plenty of tech teams have traded him in. Looking like you are in for a big finish AS! All the best mate.


  2. After bringing in Williams last week, it did massive favours with a large score. Putting faith in him that it wasn’t because of Whitfield.
    23 trades left coming into this round with 130k itb, Answerth is looking someone that will come in. Petruccelle should get the flick so I’d have 600k to use for a fwd line upgrade.


  3. I’ve started thinking a bit more on this week and that Danger scores does hurt me even when I don’t have him. Now he is really enticing but another rd13 bye player is driving me nuts. It might have to be a sideways trade or hope an injury occurs so I feel justified to trade him in.

    Macrae is looking really enticing next week and a strong chance to back in Dunkley this week.
    Would still have 122k left over and choosing the right player next week to downgrade and a Constable upgrade brings in Macrae if Dunkley came in this week.
    That would leave me with 5 premos out Rd12, 8 Rd 13 4/5 Rd 14


  4. Think I will be doing 1 up 1 down leaving me with 20 trades.
    OUT – Clark and Petrucelle
    IN – Answerth and FWD or MID Premo (Kelly the best but means 4 Geelong FWDs) so may go a POD option like Robbo



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