Written by Thommo on December 14 2018

The Team Picker has launched for Supercoach, so it’s time for us to start our research! I decided a nice, simple way to start analysing my selections for 2019 was to first check out the low hanging fruit, the ‘locks’ for our starting sides.

I consider these to be a gift from Champion Data, or the Supercoach Gods, and they make a nice Christmas gift for we Supercoach tragics. Almost as good as a 30m goal square…

On the first day of Christmas, the Supercoach Gods gave to me, Paddy switched to mid-forward D-P-P.


2018 Average: 121.7ppg

2017 Games: 21

Past Averages (2017 – 2013): 136, 130, 119, 106, 113

Bye Round: 13


Danger was a hot topic early in 2018, as we debated whether we should, or shouldn’t, start with him in our midfields after his interrupted preseason. In hindsight, the answer was obviously a no, as he missed Round 1 and then struggled to match his 136ppg average from 2017 as he spent a lot of time as a forward.

Given his slow-ish start, it was no surprise that Dangerfield copped a lot of criticism in fantasy football circles but the fact is, he wasn’t that bad. Sure, he didn’t match his past highs, but Paddy only scored less than 100 points twice for the entire season (94 points twice) and his average never dropped below 111ppg for the season. He even pumped out 187 points in the Supercoach Grand Final week!

For anyone but Dangerfield, this would be a successful season but simply put, Danger is a victim of his own brilliance.

If Dangerfield were only eligible as a midfielder, we would consider him a fallen premium for our midfields, but as a forward-midfielder, Dangerfield is the biggest lock of 2019.

And I’m not talking about a lock where 50-60% of coaches start with him. I’m talking over 90% ownership.

Barring injury, if you don’t start with him, you are not Supercoaching correctly.


Last season he missed a chunk of preseason and played 38% time as a forward and he averaged 120ppg. With Menzel leaving, he will again spend time forward but if he gets through a full preseason expect 120-130ppg.

Should we start with Danger?

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  1. I’m on the fence. At this stage of the pre-season everything’s possible, all options are on the table and it’s a time to try a few lateral options and work through what may happen from those ideas.

    Anyone 600K+ needs to be carefully considered IMO. They’re not a straight lock. Danger and a cheap rookie will be 760K-800K. If you can pick up a lesser premo, maybe coming back from a quieter season or an injury effected year for 500K and a better rookie for 200K that still leaves you with coin in the kitty for elsewhere.

    That said Danger is SUPER likely to be the #1 fwd for the season. If you don’t start with him he’ll be someone you’re always chasing and trying to work into your team. Do you want a league fixture to be without Danger against a coach that has Danger with a VC against a piddly, lower on the ladder team at Kardinia Park?

    Like i said, there’s merits both ways. Hmmmm…..


      1. Lol, I did read that last year’s SC winner didn’t even login for the season until two weeks out as overthinking it had ruined his previous seasons. I guess we’re all fu3ked then 😉


    1. Trust me, I’m really not over thinking it. I’m unlikely to do a first real attempt at a team until late Jan or early Feb.


  2. It’s back! Contemplating getting SC Gold. It would make a nice personal Christmas Gift that’s for sure. While I think on that decision, it is great to see the site back to it! Hope I qualify for an LOEC league this year! Can’t wait to start building my team and reading through all the banter here on SCT! Good luck to all the coaches that stumble upon this gold mine. May you all avoid major brain melting over the coming months until the official launch of the season! Happy Holidays y’all 🙂



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