The 2011 DPP’s

Written by Motts on March 12 2011

This was originally posted a few weeks ago. In light of Mzungu’s injury today I thought you may want to look at it again.


Massive props to Roo Bloke for providing this list.


Goddard            StK            633,700

Gibbs                Carl            508,300

Deledio            Rich            495,900

Scotland            Carl            461,200

Gilbee                  WB            456,700

Doughty            Ade            384,600

Carrazzo            Carl            381,300

Gram                 StK            376,800

Ladson            Haw            332,100

Broadbent        PA            326,500

McPhee            Fre            314,900

Greenwood       NM            311,100

Sheppard          WC            291,600

Armstrong      Ade            289,800

Austin              BL            202,700

Heppell            Ess            153,600

Harvey            BL            117,700

Nicholson         Melb            115,700

Jacobs               PA            113,600

Clarke X            BL            111,900

Buckley            Coll            110,200

Hine                  GC            110,200

Hibberd            Ess            103,600

Andreoli            StK            91,700


Gilbert             StK            450,500

Grundy            Syd            434,600

Stevens            Ade            391,200

Johnson M       Fre            383,800

Brown L            Coll            362,700

Murphy            WB            346,000

Hurley              Ess            337,800

McPharlin            Fre            337,400

King                        Rich            324,100

Salter                        PA            287,100

Henderson            Ade            283,000

Wilson C            WC            270,200

Menzel            Gee            261,100

Astbury            Rich            229,800

Post                 Rich            178,600

O’Brien            BL            175,200

Moore              PA            171,700

Smedts            Geel            118,600

Daniher            Ess            110,200

Markovic            WB            110,200

McKernan            Ade            110,200

Retzlaff            BL            110,200

Talia                        Ade            110,200

Hunter            Coll            103,600

Johnson            Syd            103,600

Shepheard            Fre            103,600

Weston            Gee            103,600

Ferguson            StK            91,700

McGovern            WC            91,700


Chapman            Gee            566,500

Didak                   Coll            504,300

Harvey B            NM            488,400

Pavlich            Fre            483,300

Goodes            Syd            458,900

O’Keefe R            Syd            440,200

McGlynn            Syd            434,900

Sylvia                 Melb            428,200

Staker                BL            426,200

Brennan            GC            279,500

Higgins            WB            379,200

Jetta                 Ess            378,700

Morton            Rich            375,100

Davenport      PA            373,300

Petterd            Melb            367,100

Dunn              Melb            364,900

Fyfe                 Fre            353,100

Dangerfield    Ade            340,100

Zaharakis        Ess            337,900

Steven              StK            304,100

Rohan              Syd            291,400

Duncan            Gee            281,600

De Boer            Fre            271,900

Osborne            Haw            270,200

Bennell            Melb            269,200

Morton            Haw            239,800

Hicks              Rich            220,600

Prestia            GC            148,600

Mzungu            Fre            110,200

Winmar            StK            110,200

McNeil              Syd            103,600

Smith I            Haw            103,600

Callinan            Ade            91,700

Schneider            Haw            91,700


Tippett K            Ade            329,300

Hale                     Haw            252,200

Petrie                   NM            216,000

Stanley            StK            203,700

Lobbe              PA            196,300

Tippett J         GC            125,700


Bradley            Fre            436,300

Trengove J      PA            255,800


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31 thoughts on “The 2011 DPP’s”

  1. hey great help with the DPP

    i know its early but would love some feed back either way on my side


    Goddard B, Gibbs B,Enright C,Gilbee L, Krakouer N,Otten A,Heppell revs:Jacobs B,Puopolo P,Duigan N

    Judd C, Pendlebury, S,Boyd M, Deledio B, Swallow D, Harris D
    revs:Gaff, A,Mzungu T, Atley S

    Cox D,Jolly D
    revs:Smith, Z, Cordy, A

    Riewoldt N, Didak A,Harvey B,Pavlich M, Higgins S, Petrie D , Krakouer
    revs:Talia D,Smith I, Callinan I


  2. would it be a fair comment to say that the more ddp players you have this year the better off you will be considering the byes. which would then save on trades for somebody missing a game. im leaning on having at least one in every posi. then will have to look over the season’s draw for some big holes i may have. particularly the early rounds…


  3. i wanna another DPP, thinking of removing Rischitelli and bringing in Slyvia, then i could swap him with Adam Goodes who’s in my front line.

    what do people think? is slyvia gonna be any cop this year?


  4. Ok Ok… Point taken. I just wanted to ask if anyone had any info on how certain players were travelling. Should I just ask any question on any thread? Only signed up today.
    P.S. I’ll be taking down this comp this year Motts Ha Ha


  5. Yeah.
    To utilise DPP I’ve got Kepler Bradley and Jackson Trengrove in my team….

    Calm down boys, I’m joking.



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