The 2015 Preseason Summary

Written by Motts on March 30 2015

What a massive preseason its been here at SCT. We have covered SuperCoach from every single angle imaginable. With the footy mere days away, I thought it’d be super handy if there was one post that summarised everything we’d done in the preseason with hyperlinks to everything so that you can find it easily.

It all started back on January 19 with 10 Awesome Things about SuperCoach in 2015.

On the SC front, Badger picked up where Big Sexy left off and has actually taken it to another level. His epic Rookie Review has to be read to be believed.

MJ put out a preseason summary spreadsheet summarising the stats of all players from the NAB Challenge that leaves everything else in the shade. One of the handiest things we’ve ever delivered!

With the help of some of our awesome readers (mostly Thommo) we reviewed the SuperCoach relevant players in every list in the comp, check them out here:

Motts and MJ revealed their teams (it was a little while ago so don’t read too much into them now). Mottsy’s Team. MJ’s Team.

MJ got published in The Hun with his excellent article titled The Search For The Next Elite Midfielder.

Bonsai! gave us some excellent analysis: A Historical Guide to Selecting Your Premiums for 2015.

We set up our awesome SCTTL League again where everyone starts with the same team. We also created our famous Chicks League again (which still has spots available if you’re a member of the fairer sex looking for some good competition!).

Our readers have been asking for and receiving advice on their teams in our incredibly popular Rate My Team posts. They’ve also been seeing if you’re keen to Join Their Leagues.

We rated the fixture for the first 6 games by team:

Father Dougal then chimed in with his own excellent analysis on Strength of Schedule 1 and 2. While Schwarzwalder looked at the first 6 games by elite players.

Schwarzwalder didn’t stop there, he provided some excellent analysis and amused us no end with his Ballsy Move posts:

MJ took a stern look at a number of guns in his excellent Under the Spotlight series:

And we had some great polls on (amongst many other things):

We asked you to gaze into your crystal ball and give us your predictions for 2015. Firstly there’s your SuperCoach predictions, then there’s how you think the ladder is going to end up looking.

And in between there’s been all the inciteful, witty, excellent comments from our wonderful readers!

Finally there’s the promotions we’ve been able to wangle.

SuperCoach Ring – a ring for the champion of your SCT league – you won’t find it cheaper than with the SCT discount code.

Golf Passport – if you love golf or know someone who does, the GP gives you discounts at courses all over Australia. And guess what? We’ve got a discount code that knocks 20% off its already cheap price!

Yep, it truly has been a magnificent pre-season. If you’re only just joining us now, what took you so long? Look at all the fun you’ve missed!

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Bring on 2015!!


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25 thoughts on “The 2015 Preseason Summary”

  1. I must say, it’s been a super enjoyable pre-season. Definitely one of the best that I can remember!

    I wanted to chime in and echo Motts’ thanks to our wonderful contributors from the community who have shared their wisdom and insights in both an informative and humourous manner. Schwarzwalder’s Ballsy Move posts were my personal favourites.

    Thommo was remarkable time and time again with his Team Analysis work. That man knows the AFL like the back of his hand (which is no doubt wrapped up in cotton wool after the RSIs he would be nursing right now).

    Father Dougal smashed it with his Strength of Schedule work. That table was super useful in picking my starting premiums mate, cheers.

    To everyone else who contributed by way of an article here or there, a post suggestion, interacting with the community, or simply swinging by – THANK YOU!

    Can’t wait to get into the real stuff. Bring on Season 2015, and go Tiges!



  2. Best SC site around

    I found this site a year and a half ago and I have improved so much in SuperCoach and have actually learnt the true way to get a decent SC side ( I use to just pick by the names I liked and picked a lot of what I now know is called a midpricer)

    So I’d like to say thank you everyone for all the help from all the admins to all the readers


  3. A lot of good reading Motts, nice work. Lucky I’m self-employed or I would have been sacked with the amount of time I’ve spent reading articles on your site.

    I did review Gold Coast and Port, did you want me to send the reviews through for your archives?


  4. What a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE pre-season! Big efforts from Thommo and Badger…..three thumbs up from me!! 😉 Special mentions to Father Dougal, Roo Bloke, PA and Motts for their recent articles, great stuff! And MJ for the MEGA spreadsheet……big props! Punters Club still kicking on after 18 months on our original $50, awesome!
    Good luck to everyone this season……hope you win many cups/leagues!


  5. Ripper stuff SCT community,

    I think i speak for everybody when i say “Can the real stuff begin now!”


  6. I know this is probably the wrong forum but now that the two pies have been suspended will this sure up a few spots for de goey, freeman etc?? Any pies fans comment?


  7. This page provides amazing advice.

    I need a D5, as I dont trust many of the young backmen.

    Could anybody please comment with their opinion?

    Geary or Macmillian ?

    Thanks 🙂



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