The 2017 SCT Champions

Written by Motts on August 28 2017

Blundstone Winners

  • LoEC1Yiorgakis (The Phat Side @ SCT)
  • LoEC2DaTBird187ย (CobraKai FC)
  • LoEC3Sean (Sean’s Mob@SCT)
  • Chick’s LeagueLisa (The Amazons)
  • SCTTL2Ezy (KrakouerFat@SCT) – 48,885 points

The SCT Group Winner Prizes

  • 1st ($500 courtesy of Catta) – Wognuts (Wognuts@SCT) – 50,871 points
  • 2nd ($100ย courtesy of Ratticus)Jeremy (WeDoNotForgive@SCT – 50,842 points

The SCT Cup

  • 1st ($300 courtesy of Raj, Harbour Heroes, Double D and Motts)Nathan (Power rangers)
  • 2nd ($50 courtesy of an unnamed Dees supporter) – Michael (Bunchakhuuunts)

Congratulations to every single one of you. And commiserations to all our Runners Up.

Please email me to arrange collection of your prize – motts at supercoachtalk dot com.


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7 thoughts on “The 2017 SCT Champions”

  1. Thanks everyone involved in this great site. It’s about my 8th year coming here to read the daily write ups. Something to read while I’m waking up to my cup of coffee. Thanks to catta for his generous donation.
    It’s been a pretty long couple of months sitting in 1st place. I haven’t really had a big gap open up the whole way. I’ve had Selwood and Lynch on the bench and had no trades for two weeks. I thought Jeremy had me when Buddy went bonkers and Merrett and Fyfe went large.


    1. Worthy winner, Wognuts!

      Congratulations on winning the overall at SCT, commiserations to Jeremy but a very worthy supercoach that kept you honest right to the very end.

      May I add, this is all because Wognuts put the letters @SCT to the end of his team name. For those that don’t or haven’t in previous years, it’s well worth it as it gives the SCT site more coverage & you get rewarded $$&$$ if you finish 1st!

      Congratulations to all the winners, you’re dam good at SC if you can win one of these leagues….the SCT site has some of the best super coaches in the country

      Enjoy the off season everyone, take care & catch you all in 2018

      Cheers Catta


  2. Absolutely thrilled to win, been another steady year, with great assistance provided by so many people. Special shout out to Schwarzwalder who seems to do so much and was in our League. Already looking forward to next year.



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