The 2017 SCT Dead Team League

Written by Huttabito on March 21 2017

Father Dougal has been flat-out busting myths left, right and centre over the last week and unfortunately this has left him just short of time to get ‘The Dead Team’ up and running. Never fear, for I have taken the reigns this season to give him some respite because lets be honest, a man has gotta rest!

Playing is simple. Attached at the bottom of this post is a spreadsheet for you to fill in and email it to ‘sct dot dead dot’

Please fill out your details on the instructions page so we know who to credit the win to!

The rules are easy. You have a salary cap of $9,000,000 to pay for 6 defenders, 8 midfielders, 2 rucks, and 6 forwards. We’ve thrown out the last $1,000,000 as you get no bench cover in this league. A player goes down, they’re dead! At the end of the season, I will add up their total scores for the year and whichever team has the highest total, wins.

We are rolling with no captains again this season, it makes for a much more interesting and closer competition.

The deadline (no pun intended) for entries is 7:20pm AEDT Thursday March 23 – the moment that ball is bounced to commence the start of the AFL season, entries will be closed.

I am also going to enter a Dead Team as well and I will be emailing my submission to Motts personally before the deadline, just to ensure no cheating on my behalf!

I will not be checking the submitted teams until entries have closed so I don’t get a gauge on who others have selected, so if you make a mistake and need to resubmit, please make sure you clearly state so on your re-submission.

The winner will receive the honour of being elevated into the SCT Hall of Fame. How’s that for a prize!?!

Most importantly though, have fun! Good luck, Coaches!

Excel Download: Dead Team Submission Sheet 2017

P.S. Remember anything is possible in ‘The Dead Team’ as last years winner, Roo Bloke, had Kade Kolodjashnij, Sam Gray AND Elliot Yeo in it. Talk about Hall of Fame worthy.


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29 thoughts on “The 2017 SCT Dead Team League”

  1. I’ll be sending a team in. What kind of strategy works best for this? With no need for cash generation, and with durability and job security at a premium, should I be looking at some mid-pricers here?


          1. Aaaaah that bloody dot!

            T/U if you thought Huttabito would be a stickler for punctuation

            T/D if you thought Huttabito would not be a stickler for punctuation.

            My entry has been emailed.


    1. Just use the drop down box. Worked a treat for me Huttabito.

      Then again i do love a good spreadsheet so maybe this plays to my strengths.



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