The 2017 SCTTL Team

Written by Motts on March 15 2017

Behold Coaches, the 2017 SCT Tech League Team!

The theme this year was Midpricer Madness with no player to be priced above $500k. Mission: Accomplished!

Anyone playing in one of our SCTTL leagues MUST start with this team. The only decisions you need to make are: who plays on field and who will be captain and vice captain. Once Round 1 has finished you are free to trade to your heart’s content.

I will be emailing all those that expressed interest in joining one of our SCTTL leagues with league codes. If you haven’t already done so and still want to be part of it, email me by the COB Friday (motts at supercoachtalk dot com) and I’ll sort you out.

I’ll advise the SCTTL Group code in the Psyche Outs of each of our leagues. The SCTTL winner will be the coach who finishes at the top of that Group. And to the winner will go a magnificent pair of boots courtesy of our good mates at Blundstone and Hawker.

It must be noted that anyone who plays in our SCTTL Leagues technically cannot win the $50k main prize because they will be fielding two teams. Its up to you how you deal with that: you either accept it, or you start managing a team for your mum/wife/neighbor/hamster/whatever!

Any questions, feel free to post them in Comments.

Look forward to taking you all on again!


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17 thoughts on “The 2017 SCTTL Team”

  1. Brilliant team Motts. It has all the risks that I’m unwilling to take. Hopefully my daughter can save all my stupid trades for this team and be captain sensible with my main team.


  2. Getting a lot of applications to join. None of our leagues are finalised yet so there is definitely still time to get involved. I’ll be sending out league codes after Friday once I know who wants in.


  3. My first thought is… urgh. How bad does a team look without danger.

    Yet, strangely enough I could be starting with 14 of these players in round 1 depending on named teams.


  4. My wife has joined up The Grannies@SCT

    I look like having 11 of these players in my starting team. In all honesty after a bit of hard trading at the start it should be a stronger team than last year.


  5. Toyed with so many of these players already – will be good to follow them outside the main team. Great idea Motts!



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