The 2019 SCT Brownlow Competition Report

Written by Motts on September 25 2019

Our deepest gratitude goes out to The Death Adder for the incredible amount of work he did managing the Brownlow Competition for the site this year. He spent a full day analysing the results yesterday and has now even put this write-up together. You’re a legend mate, thank you!


The Annual SuperCoachTalk Brownlow Competition was run and won a couple of times yesterday!

After a dramatic count that had 6 leaders and a last minute recount it was Thommo who took out the honors by 2 votes.   Two time winner Catta and David Pridham came equal second.

Congratulations on winning the Brownlow Competition for the first time Thommo and gaining another induction into the SCT Hall of Fame!

Apologies to Roo Bloke who had the misfortune of being announced the winner due to an oversight at the end of a tiring count in which his top 3 was awarded the maximum 100 points but with no Fyfe he should have only received 70 points.

There were a record number of entrants this year with 51 entries! A total of 28 entries achieved the maximum 100 points with their top 3 picks.

Thanks to everybody who entered the Brownlow Competition.  After it was started by Roo Bloke in 2012 it was great to keep the competition running again for another year.

Cheers TDA


1st            Thommo 662

Equal 2nd Catta, David Pridham 660

Equal 4th Alza, Luke Rosenstengel 659

Equal 6th Abs, Rogue Reardo, Nathan Scoble ( The Apprentice ) 658

9th Simon Berry 657

Equal 10th TDA , Zac 656

12th Jason Valles 655

13th Stewy The Swan 654

14th Number Juan 652

15th Cooper Ward 651

16th Michael 650

Equal 17th Chillo, Liam Clarke 648

19th TJ Army 647

Equal 20th Huttabito, Matt W 642

22nd Gunboat Diplomacy 639

23rd Hynsi 638

24th The Far Canal 637

Equal 25th  Salamander, Roo Bloke 634

27th Motts 632

28th B-Harvs 627

29th Trudge Triumph 624

30th Hung Nguyen 623

Equal 31st All Saints, Nateo 621

33rd Terang Bowler 620

34th Bruce P 618

Equal 35th Kid81, Alf Art, Jimmy Dee 617

Equal 38th Louise, Lisa The Amazons 608

40th Casey McDonald 607

41st Zim 606

42nd Faybz 594

43rd Reece 592

44th Shark Crab Mung 564

Equal 45th Willy Guns, Darrell 559

47th Black St.Boy 555

48th Paul Devergier 551

49th Pops Daughter 545

50thRach 516

51st PieFan64 489


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10 thoughts on “The 2019 SCT Brownlow Competition Report”

  1. What a chain of events lol. Ups and downs, friends and enemies, winners and losers!

    Fun initiative nevertheless. Ty, TDA and SCT.

    Happy with 22nd for a first crack on my part as well.


  2. That feeling when you realise that you would have tied for first….if only you hadn’t forgotten that Dylan Shiel plays for Essendon now. You fool, Chillo!

    Congrats to Thommo on his umpire-like mind. I always knew he were twisted, but I never realised how much.


  3. I’d say it wouldn’t have happened in my days of running the comp but a small error in the data with large consequences is almost my specialty. 1st to 25th though, what a slide!!!!

    Brilliant stuff to keep the comp alive TDA. Bravo.



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