The Ballsy Move: Part Four – Forwards

Written by Motts on March 30 2015

Schwarzwalder returns for the last time this preseason with the epic finale to his Ballsy Move quadrilogy (if its not a word, I’m making it one). Fantastic work, Schwarzy. Well done!

The last instalment in the series and I am balls-out running low on new adjectives 😉  As always, don’t freak out if your favorite
players make the list.  If you’re keen on them, don’t let this shambles of a write-up deter you (except for Cyril…..stay away from Cyril!).  And again, please correct me if I’ve overlooked something important.

It’s no secret that the Key Position Forwards are very inconsistent in terms of SC output.  Buddy breaks the mold a bit there.  Most of us are aiming to get the most Dual Position Players into our forward lines as possible.  More midfield rotation means they’re seeing more of the ball, simple.  So I’ve concentrated on those players for the forward line and have narrowed down the
ballsy moves to three.  If you have the following players, then your grenades must be ready to explode!

Brent Harvey (NTH) $578,900

2011 – Average of 101 ppg from 22 games
2012 – 96 (22)
2013 – 104 (16)
2014 – 108 (20)

Boomer is a freak!!  He’ll be turning 37 in May.  That’s an age where most (ex-)footballers are letting themselves go while jobbing it as a boundary rider for TV or radio.  All going well, he’ll be joining the illustrious ‘400 game’ club during the year with names like Tuck, Bartlett and possibly Fletcher.

I remember floating the idea last year that Harvey was a top 6-8 forward.  ‘He’s too old’ they said…..’He’s past it………..not
SC relevant…….there are better options!’ they kept telling me.  And I listened to them……and picked Wingard around the byes instead of Boomer Harvey.  That move cost me around 250 pts and possibly a GF berth in a few leagues.

I don’t have SC Gold (yet) but looking at the RMT thread and to a lesser extent our ‘Ideal 22’ thread, I don’t see the name Harvey mentioned too often.   Why is that?   ‘He’s too old…..he’s past it……not SC relevant……there are better options!’  At
36 years old, Harvey had his best ever SC season.  Second best average for a forward, only a few points behind Robbie Gray (who we all want in our sides).  Harvey is still one of North’s most damaging players.  Most experts are tipping North
for the Finals, possibly even a top four finish.  So you’ve got one of the most experienced players in the game, coming off one of his best seasons, in a team expected to finish high up the ladder.  And we are still doubting his SC relevance?  Who are we,
mere mortals, to question Boomer’s hardware?

As Roo Bloke pointed out in his (excellent!) detailed review of the Kangaroos, Harvey may be overpriced to start with.  If he drifts down towards $500k during the year, you can be sure I won’t be making the same mistake again.  Not in many
teams, no one looking at him as an upgrade target, big POD…….and therefore, a ballsy move!  Even while reading this,
you’re still thinking: ‘He’s too old…..he’s past it……not SC relevant……there are better options!’  Am I right? 😉

Balls Rating:  He’s the POD in plain sight…….Undercover Brothers!!

Cyril Rioli (HAW) $497,400

2011 – 100 (16)
2012 – 99 (20)
2013 – 88 (13)
2014 – 93 (11)

At the beginning of these articles, I’ve stated that I’m not trying to deter anyone from their starting choices……….I have one exception and his name is Cyril Rioli.  For the sake of your precious 30 trades, I am intentionally trying to deter you from taking Cyril.  Not only in your starting line-up, but altogether as an option during the season.  Happy for Cyril to prove me wrong but I’ll hold my trades in the meantime, thank you!

Come Round One every year, Cyril is either recovering from a hamstring operation or preparing himself for the next one.  Perhaps I’m being a little harsh on the 25 year old. After all, he has played 130+ games in his seven years of AFL.  Since 2012 he hasn’t strung together more than eight consecutive games.  In other words, you burn trades getting him in and again on the way out…….take at your own risk.  The only reason I could think of starting him would be as a fast cash grab & upgrade before his hammies go twang!  (Even in that scenario, it’d mean hoping for a 110+ average to make it worthwhile).  It’s not even a case of IF anymore with his hamstrings, rather a question of WHEN. Surely someone will open a betting market on it soon enough……

Balls Rating:  I don’t even have a balls rating, it’s beyond ballsy, I think it’s a bat-s**t crazy move!

Dale Thomas (CAR) $406,600

2011 – 109 (19)
2012 – 96 (17)
2013 – 79 (5)
2014 – 75 (20)

Mick Malthouse’s favorite son would be the one of the first-picked forwards if he could reproduce that 2011 form.  That’d
be absolute gold in our forward line.  Just look at that steady decline in SC output since 2011.  I know about the ankle troubles and adjusting to a new club, but he just seems a shadow of his former self.  If you’re considering starting with him, then
you must know something the rest of us don’t. That’s a spicy meatball!!

Balls Rating: Dirty Bushwhackers!!

If anyone is going into the season with all three, then like the Great Wall of China, your Maracas can probably be spotted from outer space 😉  Who are your ‘ballsy’ forwards and why?

Big thank you for reading!  Hope you enjoyed ‘The Ballsy Move’.  And who knows?  Maybe it helped your line-up in some
way.  Thanks again!!

P.S.  Working on a ballsy TEAM at the moment.  I’ll post it in comments when it’s finalised……….


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20 thoughts on “The Ballsy Move: Part Four – Forwards”

  1. Great work with the whole quadrilogy of ballsy moves Schwarzy!!
    Look forward to matching up against you this year in Assbeatsclass.

    All the best and Good luck for the year Schwarzy and hope you pull a off a few big cahones moves over the year.


  2. Great work with the whole quarilogy of ballsy moves Schwazy!!

    All the best and good luck this year and hope you pull off a few big cahones moves.
    I look forward to matching up against your team in Assbeatsclass.


  3. I agree with the Cyril assessment – friends don’t let friends select Cyril in supercoach.
    And I think it’s about time we stop considering Franklin as a KPP. He spends almost as much time on the wing as he does in the forward line these days.
    Nice work Schwarz.


  4. Garlett? A Ballsy move or just a total Ballsup?

    Bennell? The man always comes out with something. Will it be Balls out or Brain out?

    Wingard? How’s ya risk-o-meter? Wilting or well hard? 2013 his highlight reel was as popular as Paris Hilton’s.

    And for the crackerjack connoisseur… Travis Cloke. You will need a set of Jatz Crackers the size of gym balls to take him on board.


  5. So here it is, the balls-iest starting line-up to fit inside the salary cap. I present to you…………..THE SHORN SHERRINS!!

    DEF: Shaw, Lumumba, Higgins, Haynes, Goodes, Brown (McIntosh, Saad)
    MID: Ablett, Stevie J, Dangerfield, Griffen, Judd, Van Berlo, Cockatoo, Anderson (Heeney, CEY, Miller)
    RUCK: Mumford, NicNat (Read)
    FWD: B.Harvey, Rioli, Ziebell, Daisy, TBC, Clark (Tarrant, Lamb)

    This team is entered and ready to go. For the sake of ballsy-research purposes, we’ll see how well it performs during the year. The cash cows aren’t all necessarily ballsy moves. I’ll need some cash generation to bring in more ball-breaking trades during the year. But I think you’ll agree that Van Berlo & Cockatoo are ballsy moves as opposed to Newton & Cripps. Barring injury, I’ll hold these guys as season-long keepers and try to bring in more ballsy moves during the year.

    I can enter up to ten leagues. So now you have to ask yourself… you want to take on Coach Crawf? Or Robbo? Or would you rather Captain Cyril and The Shorn Sherrins? If you need someone to fill your league then leave the code number below……..I’ll enter the first ten that pop up.


  6. Well my team is called sizzling Cyril so yep 5 year running he is in there again.

    Sometime he has to repay the faith.


  7. Hey schwarzer. I would like too have your balls in my league. 611853. Lots of new fish and collingwood supporters, reckon you can go all the way



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