‘The Ballsy Move’: Part Two – Midfielders

Written by Motts on March 24 2015

Schwarzwalder’s back with the guys in the midfield that he reckons you’d need a sizeable  beanbag to pick. Go for it, mate. Great article. 

Again, this comes with the preface that I don’t want to deter you from your favourite player.  But the old Bojangles need to be swinging freely when selecting some of our midfield this year.  I could probably list about twenty players for various reasons.  I’ve cut it down to a final four.  Feel free to correct any stats/info I may have overlooked.  


Gary Ablett (GCS) $734,600

I’m not even gonna bring up his stats.  We all know who he is and what he can do………He is the SC God!!  The questions have arisen once again about his fitness and ability………many are losing faith.  This religious debate has plagued SC Scholars over many years. 

I decided to consult the Good Book when researching here.  You know…..the one written for, by and about Gaz around 2000 years ago?  It states (Mark 16:16): ‘Whoever believes will be saved…….whoever does not believe will be condemned’.  The problem with religion though, it can cloud judgement in the face of logic.  

The Little Master has been carefully managed through the pre-season with little to no ‘impact’ training.  He himself is questioning his faith in the holy shoulder, deciding to pull out of the Suns vs Lions game last weekend.  With that price tag, you want him as Captain in your SC side.  You want him to be pumping out the lazy 140+ scores early.  That’s just not going to happen if he’s sitting in a forward pocket or on the subs bench for the first few Rounds.  

I can understand both sides of the argument here.  For the record, I think it’s a ballsy move EITHER way.

Balls Rating: Get a priest to anoint some holy water on those dangly bits of yours!


Patrick Dangerfield (ADE) $567,600

2011 – Average of 80 ppg from 22 games

2012 – 119 (22)

2013 – 113 (20)

2014 – 106 (22)

Travis Cloke took his average from 98 (2011) down to 81 (2012).  Lance Franklin’s average went from 115 (2012) down to 90 (2013).  

What do they have in common with Dangerfield?  Contract talks!!  It’s been well publicised that Dangerfield’s contract runs out at seasons end and the rumor mill has been in overdrive about possible future destinations.  

Many forum members on the site also state that Dangerfield is a notoriously slow starter each year.  His first four games over the last few seasons only strengthen that belief:

2011 – 112, 71, 60, 104

2012 – 93, 92, 99, 91

2013 – 63, 107, 84, 120

2014 – 107, 73, 99, 87

Will the constant trade talk affect his SC output this season?  Can he crack the Top 10 Midfielders again this year?  Will you put your Two Amigos on the line?

Balls Rating: Like the Poms say, Bollocks the size of Big Ben!

Ryan Griffen (GWS) $530,700

2011 – 108 (22)

2012 – 106 (20)

2013 – 116 (20)

2014 – 99 (19)

Has always had the potential to be an elite premium, especially highlighted during the 2013 season where he reached some monster scores early on (over 130 on seven occasions).  He slowed down a touch towards the end when he started getting the hard tag.  Still hard to ignore those numbers though.  

SC output dropped last year after an interrupted pre-season (back injury).  Then there’s the fact he walked out on the Bulldogs, the club he captained and played 202 games for.  

By all reports, he’s enjoying his footy again at GWS and has given himself every chance of having another elite season.  

Questions arise due to the stacked Giants midfield (Treloar, Ward, Greene to name a few) and where Griffen fits in there?  Will he cop a hard tag?  Will the quality midfield around him steal too many points off him?  Will his back injury flare up again?  Is he a season-long keeper?  Is he too expensive to be a stepping stone to an elite premium?  Can his privates withstand the pressure?

Balls Rating:  ‘Itchy and Scratchy’, a constant worry for your nads.


Chris Judd (CAR) $486,900

2011 – 116 (22)

2012 – 104 (17)

2013 – 99 (18)

2014 – 91 (12)

A mate of mine finished top 150 last year.  His tip for this year: ‘Get Juddy (early)!’  Granted, he is a patriotic Blues Man but the two-time Brownlow winner has had an uninterrupted pre-season and showed good signs in the NAB games.  

The Blues play their first seven games against Richmond, WCE, Essendon, StKilda, Collingwood, Brisbane and GWS.  He’s priced at a 91 average right now.  Pushing that up to 100-105 isn’t out of the question.  That’d enable an upgrade to an elite (or fallen) premium.  

We all love the way Judd plays his football, regardless which team you support.  He’s 31 years old now though, an age that sees the soft tissue injuries become more prevalent.  

There’s the famous incident from last season where Judd pulled his hammy after only a minute of game time.  Will his body hold up long enough to upgrade him to a premium?  Different options around that price have been bandied about on the RMT thread (Swallow, Neale, Steven).  Judd could provide a large POD if you have the plums about you.  

Balls Rating:  A calculated set of goolies.


If you’re starting with 1-2 of these guys, then you’ve got a hefty hackysack about you.  If you‘ve gone with three or more, then those boulders of yours must be affecting your daily life in a negative way.  

Love to hear your feedback again.  Who meets your requirements as a ballsy move in the midfield and why?


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27 thoughts on “‘The Ballsy Move’: Part Two – Midfielders”

  1. Schwarzwalder – fantastic thought provoking write up. All of the above except for Judd have been in my various teams. GAJ & Griff currently out & Danger is in my team for the moment – hopefully Brad Crouch injury makes coach put Danger into the guts from Rnd 1.


  2. So is Bennell getting a writeup in the Cojones of Steel forward line? HE’s gotta be joining Cyril and Buddy there.


  3. Good write up mate, Ablett is going to be an interesting call for many. Currently not in my side (crazy writing that). Griffen and his back don’t give me confidence either. Judd was a bolter in this line up, you just never know but more so it made me take notice of Carlton’s relatively easy start . Yarran/Simpson down back looking more plausible for me due to their run.


  4. Brilliant stuff again.im of the thought that Dangerman might go bananas this season to try pump up the $$$ geelong are going to offer him!


  5. If you have all four of those midfielders in the article then you must be suffering from Elephantiasis of the lower regions! Anti chafing cream would be a must!


  6. For those of you who arent starting with Ablett (im one of those), who are we rolling with @ M1? Rocky for me. Was locked in @ M2 from day 1, but now moves to M1, Fyfe M2.


  7. starting with three of the four griffen remains on the never again list though, he been there for three seasons and that’s where he will stay! ablett a definite worry just play waiting game for now. dangermouse a crow that’s where he will stay……..for this season anyways damn it



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