The Big Sexy Machine ’11

Written by Big Sexy on March 24 2011

Pre-team announcements tonight:
BACKS – Goddard, Deledio, Gibbs, Enright, Hurn, A Otten, Duigan
Emergencies – Hibberd, Puopolo, Toy
MIDS – Swan (C), J Selwood (VC), Chapman, Boyd, D Swallow, Harris
Emergencies – Heppell, Smith, Irons
RUCKS – Cox, Jolly
Emergencies – Smith, Keeffe
FORWARDS – N Riewoldt, Franklin, Goodes, Higgins, Dangerfield, Krakouer, Richardson

Emergencies – Michie, Darling, Matera

32k left in the bank.


Derickx removed from R4 position last night when he wasn’t named, so Keefe is temporary at this stage.
Jolly may change tonight in the re-jig to free up cash.
Chapman may change to Pav
Rookies will obviously be reviewed
I understand a lot of you won’t like Krak, Stranger Danger and Missy Higgins in the same forward line…. But hey, that’s my roll of the dice.
I may also add Petrie to that Forward line tonight with Tippett in the R4 possie, as I’m not confident with ruck coverage.

Now, tear it apart 🙂


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15 thoughts on “The Big Sexy Machine ’11”

  1. Nice Team Big Sexy, just a point correct me if Im wrong I would put Duigan as an emergency then if you are happy with his score slap Toy on the field tomorrow.


  2. Well yeah… Works for me if Gibbs brings home a 150 as captain… may as well apply it to the emergencies as well!


  3. Yeah, when I brought Petrie back in, I switched Smith and Keeffe for JTip and MCurnow from Port (coating another 5k or so – not using an emergency in the tuck anyway so if one misses going to cop a donuts anyway unless we are notified before hand.
    Meant that Cam Richardson went to Fwd Bench for Retire scoring-wise, and I lost Jack Darling on the bench – have Matera and Tapscott.


  4. Not sure if Enright will score highly with a new coach & cant trust Chappy with injury so go with Pav.

    Apart from that looks a very even team & not really full on G n R


  5. Have been computer less since mid Tuesday. Been freaking out about my SuperCoach addiction!! Fortunately it’s only a partial lockout and fortunately i’m pretty settle on my selections.

    Good to be back … let the shenanigans recommence.


  6. I captained Gibbs last night who walked it in with 133 giving me 266 if i play a GC player as Capt. Question is, do i run with my 266 or do i gamble and play swan or pendles as capt against Port??



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