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Written by Big Sexy on April 4 2012

Well if I had a dollar for every person who’s asked to have a look at my team this pre-season I’d be a millionaire…… well, I’d have about $8.73.  Anyway, here it is in all it’s glory.  Pick it apart, I wont take it personally (much).

My Aim:  League win.

Notes about my team:

a. I always wanted Swan instead of Pendlebury…… for more reasons than I’m prepared to list and am still very confident with my decision though will admit defeat in round 1….. but it’s still early days.

b. I wanted Bower or Clarke to de-risk my back line.  I had Bower all preseason, and changed to Clarke during on of the partial lock-outs…. Clincher was no Leon for the season.  Still not sure which way will work out best.

c. Lake.  I’m not fussed by his low score in round 1.

d. The only personal rule I broke was to keep one player who wasn’t playing….  Pfeiffer – as he’s a mature age pick up in a poor team and should get oppotunity in first few weeks and I didn’t want to waste a trade bringing him in.  I just hope the fact they won doesn’t delay his debut.

e. Happy with Ruck strategy.

f. I’ve taken a gamble with Watson.  I thought about Mitchell and Swallow, but have never had Watson and feel if he can stay injury free will deliver a 100 every week with occasion 150.  Time will tell with this one.

g. No Bye strategy other than having a diverse rage of players across teams and will judge trades accordingly leading up to Byes.




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29 thoughts on “The Big Sexy Machine”

  1. Looks a solid team BS apart from enright and fisher, I just feel for that price there’s better value. Forward lines almost exactly the same as mine except I have dangerfield over phiffer and went an extra rookie in defence


  2. Great team BS. 4 good choice of prems in Def, Mid & Forwards. Rookies will all become cash cows including 2 of your rookie rucks who will turn into a Cox, Sandi or Kruz by the bye. Best of luck except for when i play you in LOEC1 league!


  3. Didn’t know which thread to put this in but are we going to have betting threads this year Motts, BS and Duck?


  4. Nice team BS . Agree with Matteo ..Have faith in Fisher less confident in Enright this year for some reason but you know your team better than us I suppose as a Cats man. Broughton,Shaw and Newman didnt tear the house down as alternatives in Round 1 anyway….

    The rest of your team is very similar to mine with the exception of Swan /Murphy….

    Good luck


  5. Nice team BS IMO your backs a bit of a worry with fisher and enright but if they get back to the form that we know than can produce it could pay of for ya.I like ya mids selection pretty solid i was gonna put Watson in my team but his hammies worry me but im thinkin he might be a gould upgrade for me.
    103 Ruck strategy is a risk IMO but so far so good it seems to be working atm.
    Like your fwd ine almost identical to mine I think ya spot with ya rookie choices all over the ground. What was ya rd 1 score?


  6. Wow it’s eerily similar to my team…

    B- Goddard, Deledio, Carrazzo, Malceski, Thompson*, Clarke, Lake, Ellis and Boumann
    M- Ablett, Watson, Hayes, Dangerfield, Magner, C. Smith*, D. Smith and Shiel
    R- Mumford, Giles, Redden, Stephenson
    F- Fyfe, N. Riewoldt, Goodes, Martin, Hurley, Porplyzia, Kennedy, Hall and Smedts

    Wow 22 of the 30 same players!

    *traded in this week

    I wish us both the best of luck!


  7. Not sure where to put this, but just noticed the following tweet from last year’s SC winner.

    Playing russian roulett (6 premo BAC+Lake) 6 premo FWD+Porp and mid Ablett, Couch(d.smith), Magner, c.smith, kennedy, shiel..#fingerscrossed

    Also mentions he’s started without Franklin!


  8. Hey BS, you probably don’t want to give too much away but are you planning on giving Lake another shot and leaving him on the field? I’ve also got Ellis and Mohr and am not sure who to bench this week.


  9. Evening all
    Been in Sydney today so haven’t been on the site much but couldn’t resist critiquing El Sexi Grande’s side.

    Enright’s age and achilles problems will make you rue selecting him.
    Fisher over Birchall an interesting one – out of those 2 I woulda taken Birch
    You’re trusting Jobe’s hamstrings to hold out – I don’t but that’s just me
    Strong otherwise but lack of D/M DPP noted
    1/3 strat – standard. If Mummy can stay on the park he’ll be good. Hasn’t played 22 games in 3 full years of footy (18, 19 & 17 games)

    You didn’t mention how many $ you had left.

    One last thing to mark you on – your ability to size a picture inserted into a post – #fail


  10. Nice team B.S! Well balanced on all positions.
    Definetly capable of hitting better numbers than your round 1 score. Enright is too good to repeat last weeks score and Fisher will hit his stride so your team will only get better.

    I’m still torn on whether I should’ve gone for the 1 prem 3 rook strategy. But If there was any year to try it, this season would’ve been the best.
    Redden & Giles look like they’ll be gettin high scores early in the season & their value will skyrocket fast and the big O at least has JS.
    Plus that extra cash youve saved from that strategy can go to gettin another premium or an upgrade on a rookie once his value goes up.

    Too late for me to try it due to my lack balls but I do wonder how my team would score if I had that set up.


  11. Clarke to Mohr
    Ledger to Smith…
    i’m not doing the trade this week, but if next week smith and mohr put in solid performances and ledger and clarke don’t show any promise, it’s happening.



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