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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 22 2016

Wowee…….what seemed fairly straight-forward coming into Rd4, proved to be extremely tricky.  Well done if you selected Nat Fyfe as Captain last week despite the promise of a heavy tag from Ben Jacobs.  His 141 would’ve given you a 20pts advantage over opponents with Captain Goldstein, 32pts over Capt. Ablett & 42pts over Capt. Dangerfield.

But enough about last week, I’m sure we all want to put it behind us.  We have a piece of good news regarding Captains for Rd5!  If you have Sam Grimley (ESS) or one of the M.Kings from Melbourne as your loophole options, then you can use the Captains Loophole on anyone this weekend (apart from Pendles, but he’s not exactly lighting up the track).  Melbourne play on Sunday night & the Bombers play on Anzac Day Monday.  No warnings in the write-up this time round, you could literally pick any of the Super Elite!  Now……who to choose?  As always, we have many familiar faces at the Captains Table this weekend.  Again, they’re listed in order of appearance, official times are in AEST:

Sam Mitchell (HAW), Friday Night 7.50pm – Sammy has been my smokey tip twice already this season.  His form is so impressive at the moment that he is getting his own personalized chair at the Captains Table.  The Extractor was at his extracting best against the Saints in Tassie, amassing 44 touches for his score of 141.  He is currently the 3rd highest scoring player in Supercoach……..and everyone still tells me he’s too old and too slow.  130, 144, 97 & 141 in the opening four Rounds of 2016.  Back against him if you dare………

Dan Hannebery (SYD), Saturday Afternoon 1.45pm – Just keeps producing tons.  Four games, four tons and the first against Collingwood was from just 50% Time On Ground.  Whether it’s in&under or on the fast break, Hanners was everywhere against the Crows last week.  He picked up a lazy 38 touches for his 129 SC pts.  Last three against the Eagles: 60, 145 & 119.

Gary Ablett (GCS), Saturday Twilight 4.35pm – Yep, I’m going with Ablett ahead of Goldstein in this game.  (Although Goldy does get an honorable mention below!)  But when you see Ablett’s recent record against the Roos, you’ll understand why.  Cast an eye over Ablett’s last five encounters with North: 118, 141, 153, 188 & 139, it makes for good reading!  Arguably not as dominant this season, but still more than capable with his average of 125.8.

Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Saturday Night 7.15pm – Don’t know why I’m looking forward to this game.  Is Danger going to get booed?  Do the Power fans even have reason to boo him?  He didn’t even play for them……surely not.  Anyway, Danger has already pumped out some monster scores this year with 162 & 154.  His last three Showdowns resulted in 121, 119 & 119.  Anything could happen………

Nat Fyfe (FREO), Sunday Afternoon 2.15pm – 27 touches and four goals made a mockery of my ‘Ben Jacobs tag’ prediction from last week.  Despite being shut down by White in his last game against the Blues (92 pts), his previous two encounters with Carlton produced 171 & 138.  Well done to the 4000 Coaches that traded Fyfe out after Rd1.  After 157, 115 & 141 from the next three games, I’m sure they’re all trying to find ways of getting him back in a.s.a.p.


Honorable Mentions

Todd Goldstein (NTH), Saturday Twilight 4.35pm – Has raised the bat in all four of North’s games against the Suns with the most recent being a 148 last year.  172 & 121 over the last two weeks has Goldy primed for another big tilt this week.


Smokey Tip

Max Gawn (MELB), Sunday Night 7.10pm – There’s just a certain X-Factor about Big Maxy.  172 (63 hitouts!)  while rucking against Goldy two weeks ago followed by a 105 in the Dees win over the Pies.  He’s in good form and coming up against an underdone Maric and an underperforming Richmond.  I’m expecting big numbers from Big Maxy!


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23 thoughts on “The Captains Table – Rd5”

  1. Danger/Ablett into Fyfe for me this week I reckon.

    A question too guys, for SC Draft, could someone who’s playing it give me an explanation as to if the Captain’s Loophole works similarly to SC Classic?

    Auto-Emergency is on in my Draft league, and I’ve just straight up picked R.Gray as my C for the first 4 weeks (can’t complain apart from last Rd) 😉


    1. Depends how the commissioner set it up. If they allowed rolling lockouts, then yes you should be able to VC loophole.


    2. Cliffy, keep in mind auto-emergency is on in our league – meaning that the lowest scorer off your bench will come on and his score will count – so if your lowest scorer gets a 50, you might loose points by using the loophole!


      1. Very good point there, El Greco.

        Might turn out to be a real burn having to wear the lowest scorer off the bench just to get like a 140-150 score doubled, it could even be lower than 50 after all that the lowest scoring player off the bench gets.


  2. I won’t have a chance to loophole this week so I am putting all my eggs in the Nat Fyfe’s proverbial basket.

    As of 1pm this afternoon I will be off camping in the wilderness without any phone reception whatsoever.

    What a wonderful thought right? Oh it would be if it weren’t for Supercoach!

    While I am kicking back in front of the fire sinking beers, any thoughts of zen will be stripped away from me as the horror of having to rely on a whole host of mediocre rookies sinks in. Not to mention the injury sh*tstorm that is more than likely to hit after I escaped relatively unscathed last week.

    “How’s the serenity?” my fellow campers will ask. I’m sure they’d think twice about asking such stupid questions if they’d known that I’d put my faith in Michael Barlow…


    1. I’m doing a 6 week Cape York trip in Aug/Sept. I’m already stressing about the lack of internet access already…..


  3. Quick question re loophole. I have Nic Nat, Goldy and Wyatt. As Nic and Goldy are playing early can I EMG Nic and put Wyatt on field to give me a C option if I need it. I’m sure I can


    1. As NicNat plays first have him on the field with the VC on.
      Wyatt on the field with the C.
      Goldy on the bench with EMG

      If you’re not happy with Nicnat’s score quickly swap Goldy with Wyatt and put the C on him before the NM game starts.
      If you are happy with NicNat’s score, no need to change anything.


    2. Understand what youre saying Tebs but I think Matteo might be thinking for Wyatt to be an option for C for other VC and C options. This is what I did last week with Brad Crouch.

      I had Brad Crouch on field and Darcy Parish as my only emergency on the bench. Even though Parish played the same time as Danger (My VC) I was able to utilise Crouch as my C option if I wanted to take Danger’s score. I didnt want to take it so I put the C on Goldstein.
      So basically I set up as if I was going to take Danger’s score with the option of taking Goldstein’s

      If its a bit hard to understand I will use this week as an example with Ablett and Fyfe as VC and C respectively

      Nic Nat on the Bench as Emergency, Wyatt and Goldstein on field

      VC on Ablett, if he has a great game then I put the C on Wyatt and forget about it
      If Ablett has a bad game then I put the C on Fyfe
      The switching of the C can be done on Sunday well after Nic Nat and Goldy have played because Fyfe and Wyatt havent been locked out yet

      If its all too complicated dont worry about it but was my only way of captain loopholing last week


  4. I keep looking at Hanner’s scores and thinking “Why didn’t I captain him?” So i’m going to VC him this weekend and C Danger. No idea what threshold I should have to loophole him though. 120?



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